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  1. My favorite movie for nearly two years has been Kick-Ass. Everything about it is great, the actors, soundtrack, action sequences, comedy, shock factor.... I just can't stop watching it, even after all this time!
  2. I've never had a headbanging problem on Mantis, but it does hurt my legs a bit. I still enjoy it though.
  3. That's a very nice looking screen. I can really see myself walking around in it.
  4. ^I actually kind of felt the same way. Though that helix could get pretty rough in some spots
  5. Thanks, R.D! I put up a shot of the Arrow layout a while back...it's nothing special, but here's the post. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47259&p=1108650#p1108650
  6. This has been my favorite song for a long time. I just love it.
  7. What do you think of this layout? It's a big Dinn woodie. And since I've been showing just layouts lately, here's an area that's (ALMOST) completed.
  8. The park really does come alive at night, especially with the addition of Windseeker.
  9. The due date kinda snuck up on me. I've got winter break now which means a lot more free time...
  10. My highlight was definitely catching both Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick as complete walk-ons!
  11. South of the Border in South Carolina. That place is just miserable in every aspect.
  12. I know I was never in any real danger, but I was riding Apollo's Chariot once and I (as usual) tried to keep my restraint up as high as possible while the ride ops were checking the train. I was pretty surprised when the op didn't lower it at all, he only pulled up to make sure it was locked, and when I went down over the first drop, I flew SO high up out of my seat, I was actually worried. That was the only time I ever purposefully pushed my restraint down into a tighter position!
  13. You definitely should keep working with that! It looks great.
  14. You can see one of the main midways, part of a ride similar to Wildcat at Cedar Point, and most importantly, the queue to a drop tower ride that's themed to a haunted manor in the 1500s. (Ignore the glitches. I'll eventually make a topic)
  15. ^What makes you say that? I'm excited as to what they do with the area and how it'll look under construction. It'll feel good when I see them tearing up all that dreaded asphalt! (Assuming that's what their plans are...)
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