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  1. I'm definitely looking forward to the reactions from unexpected riders as we head into the drop section. Should be fun...
  2. This was actually the first time I heard about this. I'll be going to Kings Dominion tonight!
  3. ^Yup, Magnum's line is completely empty (well, more so than usual) in the beginning of the day. I got at least 7 rides in before I just decided to do something else!
  4. The same could be said for Hydra at Dorney Park, I hit my head pretty hard against the restraints quite a few times. From my experience, a rattle is pretty normal on a B&M Floorless.
  5. Grizzly is the kinda ride you absolutely hate when riding it since it's a little rough, but right when you get off, you know you wanna do it again.
  6. ^My next one should have it's own topic very soon! That's about all the pictures I have for this one though. Anything else is either not worth showing, or you've already seen it.
  7. i305 is still smooth in any seat, but I do notice some slight vibrations in the back.
  8. Intamin Rattle is more of a vibration and wouldn't be considered rough at all. I hadn't even heard of the term, or even thought of coining one, before I heard it in this thread. It's barely noticeable.
  9. The rattle really is nothing and not a big deal. Much more tolerable than the B&M Rattle.
  10. I could talk all day about how much I love Buffalo Wild Wings.
  11. Also, this article will probably interest you. MF vs. i305!
  12. In all honesty, they are completely different rides. MF is more "majestic", with gradual airtime and graceful transitions that still show off the speed but don't overdue it. i305 is mean, with forceful airtime and transitions at 90mph, and is one of the most intense rides on the planet. Whatever type of ride you prefer, really.
  13. I actually have a funny story about Maverick, involving my GP cousin. We went up to go ride Maverick, and I told her that it was the newest coaster at the park. Her expression was surprised, and she said "But it's so small!". And she definitely was not willing to wait in the 1hr 30 minute line, but she did anyway after my persistence, and throughout the whole line I was just convincing her that it'd be worth it. Finally, when we loaded the trains, she just had this completely bored look on her face as it dispatched and we approached the first hill. But when the train accelerated up the hill, her face changed from bored, to a little frightened. And all she said was "Uh, Whoa...." as we approached the 95-degree drop. By now, she definitely had no idea what to expect. And so Maverick gave it's usual kick-@$$ ride. When it sped into the break run, I looked over at her and her mouth was open in shock. She just yelled out "That was so awesome!" and she was willing to wait in the huge line again for a second lap! To GP that haven't ridden it before, Maverick does kind of look like a family coaster...of course their opinion quickly changes once they are strapped in! (For the record, I do not think it's a family coaster!)
  14. Tdub: I was inspired by Storm Runner/Cheetah Hunt at the time, and so I just threw it together. But thanks! CC9: Thanks! I'll probably end up getting some inspiration someday, who knows.... --- Here is one of the bridges, with a building that was supposed to kind of be an entrance to a kids' zone. Here's a close-up of the Giga. Only first hill supports were ever completed. And here's an overview of the waterpark. What do you guys think? -Braztaz
  15. Big screen. Would you rather be stuck in a room for a whole day watching horror movies, or comedy movies?
  16. Having that happen on a first date with someone! What's worse than dropping your phone in a puddle?
  17. Nope, I don't have a smart phone. Are you reading this on an Apple product?
  18. ^You know, I was thinking the same thing. Flipping through the channels and randomly seeing a show/commercial on roller coasters is so much better than just going on the internet. It's always a nice surprise.
  19. That looks great! I wasn't too excited for this ride, but now that it's starting construction, I'm getting pretty excited!
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