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  1. ^ In that case I feel it is a double zero g roll, followed then by a loop de looooop and finally ending with a pair of corkscrews. The GP will love it, regardless of how many laws of physics and logic it defies, amirite?
  2. I went to a formal dance today, my Junior Ring Dance. I did a lot of dancing and then they finally slowed things down for a few songs. Even though me and my date were only friends, that slow dance we had together was hands down... no competition the best moment of my life.
  3. *cue whining from SFA Fanboys about the park being "shafted" again.* It's an interesting move. To be honest, it seems rather sudden. For example, Thomas Town at SFA only opened this year, and they are already re-theming it? Why would you start a long project, which not to many people particularly cared for, just to re-theme it all the year after you finish?
  4. ^Why bother? When it comes to amusment parks, you have four groups: 1. The Enthusiasts 2. The Ignorant 3. The Non-Enthusiast/Non-Ignorant 4. Kids When it comes to people posting on sites on the internet, unless it is specifically geared towards enthusiasts, ignorance reigns supreme. There's no point preaching to the ignorant. Just don't let it bother you.
  5. ^ Agreed. WHat I liked about Coney Island when I went there this year was the feeling, the atmosphere of the place. And while a bit of clean-up and ensuring nobody is scared for their life when visiting is necessary, I don't understand the plan to turn Coney Island into some mega amusment park/classy beach district. That's just not what the area is.
  6. http://www.amny.com/urbanite-1.812039/evicted-coney-island-mainstays-lawyer-up-1.2448966
  7. This "gem" was on Kings Dominion's Facebook page. I mean, no... just no. itz a l00p!!!11!1!
  8. ^But everyone KNOWS a Three MPH difference totally destorys the ride! I mean I went from "OMFG TOP TEN RIDE!" to like "Taxi Jam" quality. I don't want to ride InTRIMidator-305!
  9. Maybe it's the enthusiast in me speaking, but is it possible to be scared of Nessie, but not of multiple launches? Anyways, I see what you mean by the "mild thrillseekers" but BGW has traditionally had its coasters geared towards bigger thrillseekers, so when you had BBW there, it served as somewhat of a buffer coaster. In retrospect, that could be a wise marketing move for BGW, if it does turn out to be family oriented. Looking at the park right now you have Sesame Street for the younger thrill seekers, and three coasters for the older thrill seekers. Nessie stands out because 48" doesn't classify a coaster as family friendly, but yet, I would not call it an "extremely thrilling coaster". So, yeah, right now you have a few flats, and a few 3-D movies for the moderate thrillseekers, but no coaster. Especially with Mach Tower next year, Busch Gardens is going to need another "buffer coaster" for those who have outgrown Sesame Street, but haven't quite reached the point of the other coasters.
  10. Not necessarily. The park will build what it feels can attract the most guests. Busch Gardens recently added the "Sesame Street Forest of Fun" which appealed to little ones and families. So, if they feel a "family coaster" with a height requirement of around 42" is what will attract the most guests to the park, than yes, a coaster of similar intensity will replace BBW. However, I don't really see a coaster with multiple launch sequences being a family friendly ride like BBW was.
  11. -Six Flags America x4 -Busch Gardens WIlliamsburg x2 (Christmas Town still to come) -Kings Dominion x2 -Universal Orlando -Islands of Adventure -Busch Gardens Tampa -Coney Island (Cyclone + Deno's + Ghost Hole) -Chesapeake Jubille (County Fair with a few credits) -Six Flags Great Adventure -The Great Escape -Six Flags New England I recieved at least one new credit at each park. Still planning to go to Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg sometime in the next two to four months.
  12. NO!!! I may be the crazy one of the group, but I enjoyed greying out. I thought it was a neat experience. But as somebody said, the parks have to cater to the GP, not us enthusiasts. I'm pretty sure most people who greyed out thought they nearly died. Still, I enjoy I-305 the way it is. It should be interesting to see what develops, but I gurantee you they are responding from millions of GP complaints. "Yeah, you need to fix your coaster because I nearly died when it went around the first turn. I was like so scared. Maybe you should add a loop or something to fix it, but I nearly killed myself riding your stupid ride."
  13. The line for Intimidator is usually fast moving. It was at the very front of the que, and that was about a fifteen or twenty minute wait.
  14. The crew running Griffon yesterday were my heroes. They dispatched the trains in intervals of 19 and 25 seconds. <3
  15. At Busch Gardens for the final time of the season today. I've heard some pretty stupid stuff, but I was just floored when some kid, who is obviously failing his Physics class, proudly proclaimed "This one [Da Vinci's Cradle] is really good because they only have a rope holding you up so you go faster." The look on my face, my god. I left the ride stupider than when I got on, it was just...
  16. Fright Fest @ SFA; Better than I was expecting. HAUNT @ KD; FREAKING AMAZING!!!11!1 Howl-O-Scream (x2); Not great, but not terrible.
  17. Wow, are you the world's fastest molester? I mean, how do you molest somebody within a maze without anything happening until yu exited the maze. I mean, that's not something that just casually happened. "The maze was pretty good. The scare actors were lacking a bit, but I stopped and molested somebody in one of the rooms before being on my way, so I got my money's worth."
  18. Not food stalls! Oh no! And Games?!?! Where else can I give money away in such a short period of time?!?! In all honesty, SFA could use another small to moderate sized coaster (a wild mouse, for example(, but they are certainly not neglected.
  19. GP, FAQ: Q1: How many times do we go upside down? Q2: Do my feet dangle on this ride? Q3: is this ride safe? Q4: Did you here someone died on here thirty minutes ago? Q5: What do you mean I can't bring my giant stuffed animal on the coaster? Q6: Do I need a locker? Q7: What's the big red/blue/green/etc. coaster over there? Q8: Is this coaster steel or wood? Q9: Does this coaster go underground? Q10: Well if I ride with my 36' child, can he/she ride the coaster with a height requirement of 54'? Why Not? Speaking of which, i just heard someone comment at KD, "I really liked the coaster where you go underwater! I thought I would drown at first!"
  20. +5 I was at HAUNT at KD and a mom was carrying a girl, who was obviously very frightened. They were in the Feary Tales section when a Dead Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" popped up and started following them. It was a really good scare, but the mom than elbowed and hit the "Alice" character before screaming at her. It just irks me so much. If you know you have a child who does not deal with the whole HAUNT experience well, why the hell would you take them there? And than blame the scare actors. It just makes me boil.
  21. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/22/arts/22haunt.html?pagewanted=1&_r=3&partner=rss&emc=rss
  22. Wooden coasters are awesome for the airtime they give! If I had one complaint, it's the seat dividers. Yes I get that it provides a more comfy ride for some, but for me, it just leaves me squished and being thrown into the seat divider.
  23. I had just come off my second or third ride on I-305 at Kings Dominion and some girl proclaimed "It was okay, but they really should add a loop." Basically, the following sums up GP logic: "No loops = horrible, Loops = OMG! ORGASMIC EXPERIENCE!" I've seriously heard someone proudly proclaim "That big Red Coaster [i-305] isn't as good as that Green and Orange one [Anaconda] over there. It would be great, but it's only fast, it didn't go upside down".
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