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  1. BGW's FaceBook has stated that Griffon will not operate for the remainder of Christmas Town due to weather.
  2. I didn't say souvenier cups. I know. I just don't understand why people still insist on getting a soda for five dollars. Even if you only visit the park once in the year, ten dollars and free refills on the day of purchase is cheaper than bjuying soda in the long run.
  3. ^Actually, Six Flags has a good deal on soda as far as the Souvenier Cups go. I've always liked this policy *awaits massive flame from others* Yes, other parks such as Kings Dominion have lockers and can keep up the capacity, but this policy weeds out those folks who insist on packing up their house and taking everything they own with them to an Amusment park for a day. Patience are a virtue that I possess in most cases, but when people are practicly undressing themselves in the station as they put their hats, glasses, shoes, and everything else in the locker it becomes a tad annoying.
  4. ^^Without going off on a whole SFA fanboy enraged tangent, I feel SFA has the potential. I mean you look at the coasters and S:ROS, and Wild One are great. Joker's Jinx is pretty good, and the others are "meh". The park had the addition of Thomas Town this year, and that's a start. Hopefully sometime in the future it will recieve a more "thrilling" addition, but hey, it's a start. As far as the Great Escape, it's a GREAT park. I freaking loved it. It's odd, and inexplicable, but it doesn't feel like a Six Flags Park, but rather a nice, small, family owned park. Which is exactly the problem. It has no business being a Six Flags Park. It's a great park, I love it, I'll probably try to visit it once a year, but it's not the same type of park that exists in other Six Flags properties. There's no major coaster (Comet's the closest the have to a MAJOR coaster), there's no real draw to the park. Lake George is a resort area in the summer, but The Great Escape isn't a park that anyone would go out of there way for. It's a nice park to visit if you're in the area, but it doesn't have the major attractions that draw big-time crowds that Six Flags is usually associated with. I guess, in the long term however, SFA and The Great Escape are the most likely of the Six Flags parks to be closed and/or sold off. ANYWAYS... I see Robb's points. Although "Coaster Cuts" may be the worst idea the Theme Park industry has ever come up with, it seems Six Flags has been making massive cut backs recently. WIll pakrs be next? Soon? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  5. It was actually a fairly busy 2010 year for me, conquering some of the best coasters I've ever ridden such as Bizarro at SFNE (my new No. 1), El Toro at SFGADV (my new No. 2), and Intimidator 305 at KD (my new No. 3). I also enjoyed some of the classics like the Jack Rabbit at SFNE, the Cyclone at Coney Island, and the Comet at The Great Escape. Anyways, here's the breakdown: -Six Flags America (x4) -Busch Gardens Williamsburg (x3) -Kings Dominion (x2) -Busch Gardens Tampa -Chesapeake Jubilee (fair) -Coney Island -The Great Escape -Islands of Adventure -Six Flags Great Adventure -Six Flags New England -Universal Orlando
  6. Christmas Town is open all week. Has Griffon even opened at all yet this winter? I know it's cracked the 42 degree mark once the past week or so, and it's only supposed to top 42 once this week (43 on Wednesday).
  7. ^Motor-World has a tiny little Kiddy Coaster. Other than that, BGW is the closest park with a coaster (Va Beach has the world's most pathetic amusment park somewhere on the boardwalk) at roughly 40 minutes to 60 minutes away depending on traffic. It works out though, I don't know too many people who don't have BGW Passes.
  8. Deja Vu @ SFMM Time: Deja Vu Clone, known for it's downtime Expired: The Deja Vu clones are known to have been SBNO for period of time. Houdini: Six Flags MAGIC Mountain has the only Deja Vu left operating under that name at a Six Flags park. Huh? Huh? Athens: Goliath Aerosmith: Dueces are Wild Mickey: Disneyland is about an Hour and 15 minutes away. Boomerang: The Coaster is Vekoma's Giant Inverted Boomerang (GIB)
  9. They were really good with line jumping the times I visited this year. Even having local police lead the offenders (who became rowdy and aggressive) from the park in handcuffs. In another note, I got an e-mail asking me to rate Fright Fest. I gave it pretty low ratings. I mean there were a few decent scares, but when you only have two mazes, one of them shouldn't be upcharged . I hope there are some improvements next year for Fright Fest. I don't expect the park to upgrade to a HAUNT or Howl-O-Scream type event within a year but for starters: -NO UPCHARGHE MAZES!!!111oneoneone!!! -More mazes. Maybe just one more? Please? A lot of the buildings in Southwest Territory have potential. -More Scare Actors on the path. I saw three roaming the entire park. That'd be my start. Hell, cross off the last two, JUST NO MORE UPCHARGED MAZES!
  10. ^Agreed... also the black bikini underneath the white shirt was a bit of a let-down during the rain. Anyways, I haven't had that much fun in a while. Hands down the best part of the movie, when the dino was at the lake, and it picks up one of the frat kids, and the kids goes flying into the lake. My parents thought something was wrong with me because of how hard I was laughing.
  11. As this movie comes to a close I'd like to say: I'm prediciting several Oscars next year.
  12. A word of advice, from SyFy: If you ever find yourself and two of your peers being chased by prehistoric creatures, and discover an abondoned tower in the woords, be sure to close the door long enough that two of your peers can scramble up the ladder. Then, it's probably best to open the door and let the very thing you are fleeing from inside with you. This has been a message from SyFy.
  13. This movie made me cry. When the dino threw the frat boy into the lake I just... this movie is simple great.
  14. Vests are coming back in style folks! You heard it from SyFy first!
  15. This is just incredible. I am already anxiously awaiting Ice Quake.
  16. Regardless of whether or not they transform it into some mega coaster/dark-ride, something does need to be done with that ride. It had more down time this year than any ride in the park, and it's closure was almost a daily occurance.
  17. For once I'm going to go SFA Super-fanboy here and just say: they got shafted. They finally had a nice addition, a fun addition, with lots of really cool theming. It lasted a year, and now they get to completely makeover the area... AGAIN. Oh well, hopefully they can do something interesting with it. Dear god plase don't let it become "Crane Drop", "Train Ride", or "Bus Ride".
  18. 1. Wooden coasters who have survived for ages. With so many parks these days going bankrupt, and with so much theme park history dissapearing, it neat to see the older coasters. (Insert Big Dipper Joke Here) 2. TPR, honestly, theme parks wouldn't be the same without all the jumor, inside jokes, and fun that happens on this site. 3. Coasters with lots of airtime! Best feature of a coaster! El Toro, Bizzaro (SFNE), Intimidator, and all the coasters with great airtime!
  19. The thread on GLT is an interesting read. I am still puzzled however. Is she sugguesting she is failing Calculus, yet passing English? EDIT: ^Why are you puprosley trying to enrage her? As much as we all know this project has been entertaining at times, there is no reason to make a deliberate attempt to make someone mad. Be the better person in this case.
  20. Thank you, thank you so much. Just when I thought this project couldn't be anymore entertaining, I discovered these words of wisdom... and haven't stopped laughing since.
  21. Wow, twenty five years? I am NOT justifying his stupidity, or what happened, but doesn't that seem a tad harsh? It was an accident, an avoidable one for certain, but still an accident. I don't feel he should walk away cleanly, but would five or ten years max seem more reasonable?
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