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  1. http://www.wgrz.com/news/article/128357/37/Two-Violations-Issued-Following-Fatal-Roller-Coaster-Accident
  2. I quite enjoyed Catacombs last year, though I hear I was one of the few!
  3. ANY Space Shot. I can do coasters of all shapes and sizes, drop towers, and rides that spin you upside down for 30 minutes. But dammit, I'm horrified of Space Shot type rides.
  4. When was your most recent visit to SFA? I've gone last year and this year. It's not as bad ad everyone tries to make it sound. Yes, it's a bit more ghetto than KD, and it's by no stretch of the imagination a Busch Gardens, but it's not THAT bad.
  5. I was overjoyed when I saw the site! Keeping us in suspense though, only announcing one scare zone. Spiders... god... I hate spiders! Glad to see Monster Stomp Revamped back, it was a good show last year! Other than that I'll be staying tuned to see what new haunted houses are this year! Hoping for some new mazes, as the past few years have seemed to be recycled almost. We already know at least one new maze is taking place in the "Europe in the Air" Queue!
  6. Great American Scream Machine also closed during the season. Although, closing water ride in July stings .
  7. Was at the park today. Other than the typical breakdowns associated with Summer at Six Flags, not much to report. However, Cyclone was running different this year. That ride, has the single most insane moment of airtime I've ever experienced on a coaster
  8. We were told during "TPR day at Busch Gardens" that they have access to the Festhaus Park for HOS.
  9. Busch Gardens has disabled comments on their FaceBook page due to overwhelming amounts of spam and inappropraite content.
  10. From Darien Lake's FaceBook, discussing how "unsafe" Ride of Steel was because "you are lifted out of your seat";
  11. Why the hell would you interview a 14 year old girl about a roller coaster? She did a great job of making it sound unsafe, which is what's happening on Darien Lake's FB as well. In time of tragedy, I suppose it's human nature to look for someone/something to blame. And I suppose what better to blame than a roller coaster? Still, it's unfair, and ends up hurting people who recognize that the coaster is safe, as more and more of the GP masses (those guys who make up almost all of a park's profit) start calling for Over the Shoulder Restraints, which they somehow think are safer, and claiming that rides are "unsafe". I just wish people would accept that accidents happen sometimes at amusment parks, and not try to pin the blame on the coaster/ride.
  12. It baffles me how many people don't know the difference in airtime and "slipping out of the ride".
  13. Haha, been to Ocean Breeze a couple times. This trivia contest sounds interesting, and also, nice TR!
  14. SFNE's FaceBook wall is getting spammed up with, "Omg, I heard you're removing Shipwreck Falls for Deja Vu? NO!"
  15. Guys, you're all wrong. The Dippin' Dots guy told me that what happened is that one of the workers from Mach Tower dumped the waste from the ride's site into Trapper's Smokehouse. In that waste were the brakes to Mach Tower, which reacted to the fumes at Trapper's causing the employees to get sick and also for Mach Tower to not be open yet.
  16. I still think the funniest thing is when the GP insists their restraints came undone during the ride, and claims the ride is unsafe, like this;
  17. Busch Garden's Williamsburg's FaceBook; And from King's Dominion;
  18. That really was a great event! The backstage tour was one of the coolest things I've done at a park, and the ERT really was "exclusive".
  19. Thanks so much for my awesome Bag of Crap! It was really an awesome treat, and a joy to open. This looks interesting! Oh my gosh! TEH BIG DIPPER! My coffee tables are blessed with the dryness of 1,000 suns! I'll never misplace my bags now! Unless I happen to be at LAX... Not one, not two, but THREE Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween stickers! In addition, a Madagascar postcard in case I ever visit Singapore! Park maps, I always love these! More park maps Seaworld Australia! This was probably my favorite map! Just in time! I lost my last TPR Pen slaying dragons, and my mints were all consumed in an effort to impress the ladies... who don't find coasters as beautiful as I do.
  20. Our tour guide "Josh" for the Behind the Scenes tour. I don't know if anyone else confirmed Josh's claim with the Dippin' Dots guys...
  21. *sigh* This girl had an accident. It's a shame, it really is, and I'm so sorry for the parents. But to claim the ride needs seatbelts, or a "cage" is just beyond nonsense. The girl was 12, she should have known standing and leaning over the edge wasn't the brightest idea. And the shame of it all is that the park will suffer, and changes could potentially be made to the Ferris Wheel, all because some parents found a sue-happy lawyer and tried to get rich off their daughter's unfortunate death.
  22. Just paid for this day, it sounds awesome! This'll be my first TPR event, can't wait!
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