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  1. I'll try another hand at this game. Maybe this time I can grab something without it being placed in there deliberatley for me! I won't get it, but still...
  2. Migrate to Florida. It's what all the cool kids on the East coast do.
  3. http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_tampa/breathtaking-broadway-performers-bring-a-new-spectacle-to-busch-gardens Hours of the show can be found on the park's website under Park in "Hours & Show Times" under the "Plan Your Trip" tab.
  4. Busch Gardens Europe is 40 minutes away, I have season passes. Kings Dominion is 2 hours away, I do not have season passes, but visit twice a year. Six Flags America is 4 hours away, I have season passes.
  5. Loch Ness is really mild. I mean considering there's little to no head banging on an average day, and considerably less headbanging than other Arrows on a bad day, I'd say it's not that far a jump. Plus the only real element of thrill are the two inversions, and there are other coasters out there that have a lower height restriction that still have inversions. For example, Superdooperlooper at Hershey only has a minimum height requirement of 42". I don't understand why every thinks Nessie is such an intense ride.
  6. TBH I haven't notice anything change. They're certainly bringing on a new generation of thrill rides by introducing the launched coaster to Busch parks, but there's been no major difference. Nothing has really changed in my opinion.
  7. Haha I just watched that. You guys know that you don't get anything for the balls, right? Just the ones with prizes in them. Kill me now...
  8. GUESS WHO WON!!! Thanks to the awesome dude who pitied me being in line for seven hours and stuck a ball in my claw! Maybe he just heard me screaming and cursing, as I'm fairly certain everyone in my neighborhood did... Either way a prize is a prize! Good luck to everyone else.
  9. My New Year's kicks off in a few weeks. Going to Florida to visit Universal, Disney, Busch Gardens Tampa, and make a few credit whoring stops along the way at all the tourist traps!
  10. I had to find this thread to vent my frustration with ignorance. In retrospect, being an enthusiast has made my life more difficult around the GP. Anyways, the chorus at our school went to Disney in Florida over Winter Break and this kid responded "Disney sucks, they only have one roller coaster." to which I corrected him explaining Disney has six coasters. He asked me which ones and I named them, to which he responded. "Those aren't roller coasters! They don't go upside down! That makes them train rides!"
  11. 1. Any Mind Eraser Clone. 2. HURLER!!! 3. Grizzly, it's been really rough lately... 4. Roar! at Six Flags America 5. Gwazi 6. Rolling Thunder
  12. ^I'm fairly certain if they tried to destroy Nathan's, a milita would have started up to storm the site and put a stop to it.
  13. I have seen the business/alley. I'm not saying it was nice to look at, or a success, but Zamperla totally handled this the wrong way.
  14. ^^It doesn't matter if they were evicted or not. The eviction case was in court. The case is yet to be resolved and thus Zamperla's decision to destroy the business was totally and entirely wrong.
  15. Hurler. During the off season someone needs to cover it in gasoline and watch it burn! What a horrible excuse for a coaster. No amount of re-tracking can save that ride, and I don't feel Cedar Fair is willing to give it the "Texas Giant Rehab"
  16. Coney Island was a world class resort for 50 years! It was, but it's not anymore, and attempting to make it something it's not is a blunder in my opinion.
  17. 1. Hard Rock Park. 2. SAVE TEH BIG DIPPER (Not the "scam" campaign, because so far that has brought more publicity to the cause than the "real" one.) 3. Six Flags New Orleans and the whole debacle there. 4. Luna Park and Coney Island (Park was a success, but the locals quickly went against it when it started demolishing parts of Coney Island. NOT a good idea. Coney Island is not meant to be some world class resort, it was nice the way it was.) 5. The "re-tracking" of Hurler. (The ride was closed at the start of the 2006 season for "re-tracking" and I think it might actually be rougher now...)
  18. May is the beginning of the busy season for Amusment Parks (unless you include the one or two weeks of Spring Break). I can't gurantee you, but I would bet money they would not refurbish any rides during April, refurbishment is more likely for January/Febuary.
  19. 1. El Toro and Intamin Pre-fabs 2. Sleek and sexy new Vekoma restrains like those at Morey's Piers. 3. More year round "Haunted" attractions (Ghost Ship, Haunted Castle, etc.) 4. PRINCE DESMOND! I am easily satisfied. That is all.
  20. A FREE SET OF OVENS!!! How did Six Flags pass up this incredible deal?!?!?
  21. To be totally honest, I've visited Busch Gardens at least once a year for about five years now. Big Bad Wold was good coaster, but it wasn't even my favorite in the park. I've always preffered Apollo's Charriot to Big Bad Wolf anyways. In fact, it was just this year I understood why everyone loved Griffon so much (I've never cared much for Dive Machines). Was it a good coaster? Yes, of course. But all these people like "WTF HAPPENED TO BIG BAD WOLF!!!oneone11!? IT WAS LIKE THE BEST COASTER IVE EVER RIDDEN EVER!" need to get out of the state of Virginia. Or at least up to I-305.
  22. this is feeling more and more like they are getting the park ready for a transition, maybe Robb hit on something. I said it before, I'll say it again. TGE is an awesome park. It has a great atmosphere and I loved it the second I got there. It is NOT, however, a typical Six Flags park.
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