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  1. It looks, to me, that there is a word faintly visable, in the area I've drawn the circle around.
  2. Looks like Bitten is the 4th confirmed Maze, and the 2nd returning from last year. In an unrelated note, Hurricane irene is bearing down and making a close call for Virginia. The Outer Banks have began evacuating, and while latest forecast tracks would spare BGW the brunt of the storm, it's certainly going to be a weekend to avoid the park.
  3. This photo posted via Hal Geluk (one of UOHHN's accounts) stating, "Hit the HHN jackpot today…One of my sources tell me this will be at one of the houses!!! YESSSS HHN ROCKSSS!!!"
  4. SFA confirms it's NOT Iron Wolf for 2012! Look for SFA's comment, about 3 comments in
  5. The final "game" has been released for take a chance. SPOILER ALERT The game can be played by picking the pink card. It deals with Norway, and shadow people.
  6. It's rather interesting. I'm still working it out, as I keep losing all my tokens :<, but so far I've got three of the books; Frankenstein, Faust, and The Rime of the Mariner (which has an extra "e"). At first I thought that each book was linked in the sense the main protagonist made a deal with the devil, then I found Frankenstein. But now, it appears, the connection or link between all three is that the main protagonist makes a decision he later comes to regret. In "Faust" he makes a deal with the devil which turns out poorly, and in the Rime of the Mariner, the Mariner kills the Albatross, which sets up the rest of the book. Frankenstein's mistake should be fairly obvious in the sense he created the monster. The last two books are The Vampyre, in which the main protagonist makes an oath he later regrets, and Wuthering Heights, which is about fate and poor judgement. This could also be the theme for the overall event, poor choices; fate. There is numerous evidence to support this including HHN Twitter, and the site for HHN in itself. One card, seemingly provides two hints, perhaps one being for a scare zone and the subsequent for a maze. The green card will first display a questionaire for a utopian society, and then a game relating to establishing proper connections, which is a matching game using the elements of fire, water, air, death, and life (if I'm interpreting them right). There is a clear link between all the other card options. Blue is a poster for Baltimore (Edgar Allen Poe) and then a game with books. Purple first displays two posters recruiting for a war, and then a game dealing with ammunition. Orange first displays a coin, seemingly a piece of treasure, and then a game relating to ships. Anyways, here's my thoughts; -Blue Card = Maze relating to poor judgement? Still working a more clear connection on this one. -Green Card = Maze/Scare Zone relating to a utopia, that isn't what it seems. Maze/Scare Zone relating to the four elements? Memory? -Purple Card = Maze themed to war/destruction. -Orange Card = Maze themed to pirates/sailors. -Light Blue Card = Maze that has something to do with a cemetary. The name "Elizabeth Hawthorne" also appears. Still working!
  7. As it would turn out, there's a maze in Festa I missed. Glad to see clowns coming back to Festa.
  8. New confirmed Scare Zone. It'll be fun to see some sort of demented carnival/clown theme return to Festa! Picture on the site.
  9. http://news.yahoo.com/2-men-sue-calif-amusement-park-over-slur-191106533.html First off, America at its finest. Filing a lawsuit, two years after the event. Second, it sounds like some teenager in the park being a jackass like teenagers do. Suing the park seems unecessary. Sticks and stones.
  10. I'd love to hear what the GP had to say. "We're all gonna die!" or "I heard, 37 minutes ago, somebody died on every ride in the park, and that's why they're closed now."
  11. I really get tired of the complaining about the complainers, because honestly, I haven't seen that much in the way of complaints (in recent times). Sure, the same poster who has been on an anti-SFA rampage for years is bitching about the ride, but he's bitched at the slightest movement from the park. Honestly, all your post does to me is scream I want attention. When people start complaining about how horrible getting a new ride is, and how awful poor SFA is getting treated, come back and I'll support you. But I really don't see the point in going into an Ancient Mythology Epic about complainers when there's one person who's been complaining, and he'd complain if SFA got an Euro Fighter, just for the sake of complaining.
  12. Went to Illuminites for the first time tonight, I really enjoyed it. The shows were a bit cheesy, but the atmosphere was wonderful!
  13. It's even better when they suggest it for other parks. "You should build a ride like Kingda Ka"
  14. I agree 100% with the original poster. This tragic sould recieved a scrape on one of WC/BGW's rides, and ALL they did was offer free tickets? BLASPHEMY! The slide should have been torn down on spot. We just can't stand for these slides giving people "scrapes". The next thing you know that sneaky pavement might try to give people burns. And you wouldn't believe the stories I've heard about those dasterdly staircases!
  15. Catacombs is now confirmed for Howl-O-Scream; http://howloscream.com/williamsburg/homepage/haunted-houses/catacombs.aspx
  16. Agreed, but god forbid the park doesn't get some insane hypercoaster that does loops, while giving you a foot rub and massage, the locals will bitch about how neglected the park is. ROAR! really does need an overhaul. It has the potential, it just hurts.
  17. Ignorant GP, gotta hate em. They're throwing pennies, using cell phones, and breaking a whole host of rules. Yet of course, they'll be the first in line to sue Disney for the slightest boo-boo, or if they get their feelings hurt.
  18. I know that. I just don't see where one gets the idea that KD has "2 fantastic wooden coasters".
  19. Did they build a new wooden coaster in the off season or am I missing something...?
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