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  1. That may be the single most amazing coaster train I've ever seen. Well done on posting that awesome picture.
  2. *200' steel coaster, isn't that almost like Superman? Maybe Superman being taller, but still... *140' tall stand up coaster, Batwing. Went laydown, rather than sitdown. *120' tall Ferris Wheel, that would be neat, but where would it fit in the park? *a Wild Mouse style coaster, way too many of these in existence. It would never achieve the same status as SROS or any of the other coasters. It would essentially "just be there". *a water flume type attraction, PBR.
  3. Would have liked more pictures of Thorpe, but a nice TR nontheless .
  4. Luna posted another picture on Facebook. Looks like things are going up fast now. 19 days.
  5. It's just the type of ride. While the crew does sound very rude, it was this way when I was there last Sunday too. It's just the design of the ride .
  6. For me it's either SROS at Six Flags America, in particular, the last few bunny hills. The last hill on Apollo's Charriot at BGW is also pretty awesome.
  7. I keep waiting for them to dump the ride and build a GCI in its place. Agreed. First of all it's really rough. No amount of retracking could prevent the massive spine alteration that ride provides. Second, and last, it's not a popular ride at all. Even on the most crowded days, I have only ever seen the line at the bottom of the stairs(about 10 minutes max). In all honesty, it would be better to just replace the thing, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon .
  8. I just had a quick question regarding the Events organized by various coaster enthusiast orginzations(ex. SFGAV Coaster Celebration). I have the time and the money to participate in some of these events, and they look like lots of fun, but how many teenagers(16) show up? I know the rules regarding the official TPR trips(with the waivers and what not), but for the ones that are not sponsered by TPR, how many teenagers show up? I just feel I would be unwelcome .
  9. The Great Chase at SFA. The ride-op just gave me this look like "Are you serious?" and wound up sitting another kid with me. That was a hard credit to earn too. The kid I was supposed to be the "responsible rider" of tried to climb out, and since that ride isn't designed for anyone above the age of like five, I kept slamming into the sides. My stomach still hurts from that ride .
  10. I notice Six Flags always beats the sponsers to death with ads. Like for example at Six Flags America they have big "Snickers" advertisments draped over "The Wild One" and "Stride" advertisments lining the sides of the "Mind Eraser" que. It just seems to me that they need to lighten up on some of the ads. Advertising on say streetposts and trashcans and etc. is one thing, but it's an entirely different level when you start advertising on coasters.
  11. Just saw an update from Luna on Facebook: Someone was also nice enough to post this picture:
  12. I actually liked Batwing. It's a pretty fun coaster... that is when you're not stuck on it after it goes down
  13. Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Universal already have a deal with Marvel for their parks? Also, the Looney Tunes theme works much better than something like "The Outer Limits" or "The Adams Family" ever would. Finally, as was said before, just because they cleared half of their debt, doesn't mean they are in any position to go signing major deals with movie stuidos, and such.
  15. If you go to an amusment park and complain about the noise... you are obviously not in the right place. Enclosing Joker's Jinx is the LEAST of their worries. Like someone else sugguested, use the barriers they use on high-ways. Dueling Dragons at Universal uses sound barriers and sand due to the nearby high-school.
  16. Well it's quite obvious they're attempting to clean up the park a bit. They still have a long way to go, but they are slowly working their way there. It was empty today, especially considering there was an "Iyaz" concert. The only two coasters running more than one train were the two wooden coasters, which in an ironic twist, I did not see a full train dispatched on. The ride-ops are now supposed to hi-five people after checking the restrainsts. Sometimes it was fun, but for the most part unenthusiastic employees just made it depressing. By far the most enthusiastic was on ROAR, Joker's Jinx, and Superman. They really need to pick up the dispatch times on Penguin's Blizzard River. This was the longest wait all day, because of the time it took the ride-ops to load each boat. The park has MAJOR technical issues. I was actually on Batwing when it broke-down. Fortunatley the ride-ops were really cool and talked us through the whole ordeal. It was fixed about fifteen minutes later. Skull Mountain was down almost all day, I did however manage to make it on. Mind Eraser also went down for a period of ten-fifteen minutes. The game table operators were something else. I mean there's pestering, and then there's being straight-up rude. A group of teenage girls was passing one game table when the employee said "How you doing girl?" and when she didn't respond he said "Oh I see, just ignore me. Can I get a hug girl?" The prices are awesome. The refills all day cups are an amazing value, especially on a hot day. The souvenier popcorn buckets for $4.99 are a good value too. The food/drinks are the same as everywhere, but what got me was the price of t-shirts, which were $10 everywhere. That was awesome. Other than that, I loved everything. Some awesome coasters, and a nice little park. Like I said, the potential's there, but the park still has a bit of work to go. Bottom line is there's "potential" but it's just "not there yet".
  17. ^Actually season passes are too cheap for the park, considering you get every Six Flags Park included, AND Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags America. Reasonably, there are 4 Six Flags parks you could do, without ever having to leave the east coast area(notice I said area). Fifty follars is reasonable for SFA alone, but for all 14 parks... it's not so hard to see why they're struggling.
  18. "I'm having my birthday party at Six Flags! Awesome! "Yeah, besides, I need a haircut anyways." What?
  19. How crowded does Great Adventure get? Like on a Saturday, how long is the average wait for a coaster =/?
  20. ^^It's not overreacting. Regardless of whether or not an employee is trying to joke, you don't call someone a "loser". That's not funny. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Flash Pass at Six Flags not free such as that of Disney? So what right does that employee have to call someone a "loser" because they pay extra money, money that in part pays that employee's salary, so they can skip a few lines?
  21. I'm going to SFA Sunday, so here's hoping my experience is good. It's not my first time at the park, but my first time since about 2005. Joker's Jinx was my first 54 inch coaster, and I can't wait to ride it again. Never rode Two-Face, so I'm out a credit, but oh well. Anyways, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, and I'll tell you all if an employee calls me a loser for what appear to be... quite various reasons.
  22. Nice TR! Some interesting orb photos, and it sounds like some nice EVPs! I'm into a lot of that stuff myself. Ever tried Old House Woods in Diggs County, Virginia?
  23. To be honest I am not seeing how they plan to have all this up and running in what is it now, thirty one days? I mean honestly, if they can do it, I would love to visit this park sometime this summer. But with thirty-one days until opening day, all they have is a large patch of dirt, and some pipe instillations.
  24. Oh thank goodness. Now I don't have to subject myself to grueling pain in a desperate attempt for a credit. I heard so many negative things about the ride, with the fact it was SBNO. I am not the least bit suprised or shocked, nor am I upset to see this one go.
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