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  1. Some sayings from Supernanny: "You can leave early, but you're going to bed and you're not getting no snacks" "Don't ever dob me again!" "I'll give you something to cry about!" "Stop making fun of me" "I had to go into the time out today. Poo-poo." "You don't treat people the way you're treating me, especially your parents" "Get away from me, you animal" "I don't want to get a time out" "Look, Mun is not smart!"
  2. Only 15 Days to go until my 20th Birthday! But I don't know what I'll be getting this year and I don't know where I'll be going for a special treat either...
  3. Fact: Chain-infringing is illegal. Don't try it! Case Closed.
  4. Does anyone know how to embed a Vimeo video onto here?
  5. I bought Rayman 2 on Playstaion, as well as a toy Linfox truck & trailer.
  6. The original Aussie croc hunter, Malcolm Douglas has died, aged 69, in a car accident See: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/wa-adventurer-and-conservationist-malcolm-douglas-dies/story-e6frg13u-1225928290992 Curse you LandCruiser clutch!
  7. Well Happy Birthday! My 20th birthday is next month!
  8. My brother makes tunes on Ableton Live 8, and so do I! Check out a few of my tunes that I produced last year! 1. Golden October (a re-arrangement of Pat Methney's 'Slip Away' from 1989) 2. Super Duper Scooter (contains samples from 'Helpless' by the Flirts from 1982)
  9. Watched '2012' on DVD yesterday and it was very scary! My dreaming turned to be a nightmare of of the same thing! Afterwards, I was so scared that I rushed off to my parent's room where they calmed me down!
  10. Unfortunately, RCTTown.com is not coming back. We are never taking any risks with this as the trademark owners will take us for everything we have. I'm sorry, but it's just the way it's going to be. RCTTown.com has officially left cyberspace & won't be returning. Even a disclaimer (e.g. I do not own, operate or sponsor Six Flags in any way) would sometimes count as trademark infringement.
  11. Only a Human Traitor plays with non-genuine ride parts!
  12. Next month, I'm going to be 20 YEARS OLD!! My 20th birthday plans would be going to this years Royal Adelaide Show, a meal & a beer at the New Walkers Arms hotel, or MAYBE a trip to my birthplace, Darwin on the Ghan!
  13. Yesterday, I bought the 2005 Guinness World Records 50th anniversary edition from Goodwill & from the Holden Hill Book Exchange, an original copy of the 1982 edition of the Motoring Guide To Australia. I originally had another one of this copy at home but when I was young, I tore off a few pages out, as well as it's spine, which was naughty. Now the one that I bought yesterday is in neat condition with a bookmark & no missing pages!
  14. GASM also had a sister coaster, Shockwave, which was blue instead of red. But that was taken down in 2002 and scrapped 2 years later!
  15. Err, you haven't included ALL the .dll files in the SV6 Fixer zip file.
  16. I think that Superman is having a tunnel added on the launch track, just like it's Australian sister! Everyone is now sick-to-death of hearing the very loud noise of the cars roaring along the track!
  17. RIP Scream Machine! Genuine parts for Arrow coasters these days are becoming scarce & very expensive to obtain! More comedown pics please! It's still alive in RCT2 though!
  18. (June 29, 2010) - In Shenzhen, China, Ecoventure Valley theme park became the site of the deadliest amusement ride accident in history when a space shuttle simulator malfunctioned, killing six people. The indoor ride, called Space Journey, consists of 12 cabins that spin and rise to the top of the dome, where there is an 80-foot screen showing images of the universe. Each cabin has the capacity to hold four passengers. Witnesses said that there was a loud noise, smoke filled the air with the smell of something burning, the lights went out, and machine oil started spraying. They said that some of the 44 riders on board were ejected from their cabins while the cabins were crashing into each other and falling 40-50 feet to the ground. According to one witness who survived the catastrophe, "All the cabins but the one we were sitting in were destroyed. Some people fell onto the rail and some fell on the ground. Some people died instantly and were just hanging dead in their seats." Most riders were unconscious and rushed to area hospitals once rescue workers broke into the ride and evacuated them; at least ten were reported injured, five of whom were hospitalized in serious condition. The dead included two men and four women, ranging in age from 24 to 48 years old. Ecoventure Valley is a theme park located at the Overseas Chinese Town East tourist resort. According to a park spokesman, Space Journey was manufactured by Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Rides Manufacturing Company. A ride description posted at the park's website reads: "By taking an aircraft simulator, you can personally experience the 2G acceleration of gravity in the time of rocket launch. The dome in the diameter of 24 meters vividly reproduces the scenic wonder of the vast universe so that your dream of flying to space appears to come true." Park officials said that the accident was the result of a mechanical malfunction, not human error, and that the manufacturer should take the blame. Civil authorites said they believed a mechanical malfunction caused the ride to lose its balance and collapse. The park, which opened in 2009, has been shut down while all of the rides are inspected. The Shenzhen government is investigating.
  19. RCT Town went down again! http://www.rcttown.com/ Heres the message that was on the homepage: This site has been down since 1/25. After 3 1/2 months of downtime It seems the site is back. I'm sorry to say the staff that helped run this site refuse to help out anymore. This forum will remain permantly closed until the site owner contacts us. We could all lose everything on here if the site dissapears!
  20. Perhaps it was a bug in the control system... There are many more SCAD towers around the States that had similar accidents.
  21. DownloadHelper for Firefox has now been patched!
  22. Hopefully, there will be some updates for the FireFox plug-in software... Not just the Warner Music Group prevents their music being used on YouTube, It could be a subsidary label of WMG (e.g. Atlantic, WEA, W.B. Records, Warner Stragic Marketing, Warner Dance Music, etc.)
  23. Does anyone use a YouTube video downloader plugin for FireFox? I have DownloadHelper but I can't download certain types of videos due to copyright restrictions!
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