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  1. Saw 2012 & A Nightmare On Elm Street!! I almost peed my pants!
  2. Pepsi tastes much sweeter than Coke & a few other brands!
  3. Also, I've won some other fanstastic prizes including a new sleek X-Box 360 & a trip to Universal Islands of Adventure!!
  4. One of my nearest major shopping centres, Golden Grove Village is likely to close it's doors forever due to competition arising from the upgraded Tea Tree Plaza!
  5. I entered a competition 2 weeks ago & won a new Panasonic 3DTV!!
  6. Tonight, I'm going to have a NIGHTMARE!!
  7. ETSA will be planning on building a new sub-station in Thebarton! This will greatly improve the power grid and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre is getting an enourmous lighting rig for next year's Iron Maiden concert! The sub-station will also improve the tramline's power!
  8. And remember that a crime in an MMORPG can be as serious as in the real world.
  9. Perhaps it's a 'Drifting Coaster'. The Drifting Coaster was featured on RCT3 Wild! But it has inversions so it couldn't be a drifter. The track is black so I think it would look similar to Rock N Rollercoaster!
  10. Or worse, let it get torched by arsonists. Maybe when the park is levelled out, I think it might not be used as storage for used rides, like Old Indiana Fun Park.
  11. Which coasters will be sold to other parks and which coasters wil be scrapped?
  12. Due to popular demand, Sizzler family restaraunts are returning to South Australia, the state I'm in!! Looking forward to trying their food again and remembering my past!
  13. "This is the Australian Broadcasting Commission of Adelaide, and we're reminding you that we're on the move to our new HQ at Keswick. We will be switched off for a few weeks as we move all our broadcasting equipment from the Collinswood site. Thank you everyone for understanding this announcement. Goodbye & we'll see you soon at the new Headquarters!"
  14. On this year's Halloween night, All Terminator films will be premiering on Channel 7!
  15. I'm seeing AC/DC at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre tonight! It'll also be broadcasted live on Triple M!
  16. Last night, I saw the latest Happy Tree Friends episode, 'See You Later Elevator' on the Australian Broadcasting Commission of Adelaide, which will moving to it's new headquarters in the next 3 years! It was very gross, but funny seeing childish looking critters getting seriously hurt, injured, tortured & torched! http://www.happytreefriends.com/index.php/clips/see-you-later-elevator/
  17. I've heard on the Triple M News that there's been a nasty arson attack on the Port Admiral Hotel! It was one of Port Adelaide's oldest hotels and has been closed since 2006 because of safety concerns! RIP Port Admiral Hotel! (1849-2010)
  18. My beloved father, David has became very ill and he's in hospital. If he dies, I'll be leaving TPR for a while as I'll be in mourning and also, a very busy man doing chores that my father normally does such as cooking.
  19. One way to escape from prison is to crawl through an underfloor air conditioning duct and hide in a confidential paper bin and wait for the truck to take the bins out with you inside one of them!
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