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  1. My dad won't take me to see Despicable Me because I'm 20 years old and dad recommends me to watch movies that are meant for my age. An average 20 year old person watching a movie meant for children is ridiculous.
  2. I deliberately jumped off a moving tram at the St Kilda Tramway Museum and fell over & grazed my right arm!
  3. Although not YT related but I tried to watch an episode of Nanny 911 on Sling but the videos don't work. http://www.sling.com/video/show/167013/81/Episode-5---Valenti-Family Does anyone know the cause?
  4. 107.1 SA-FM's SkyShow fireworks display has been axed after a court battle with the SA Metropolitan Fire Service! "A fire ban is a fire ban & we cannot change it" said one of the firefighters.
  5. Next month, I'll be going to Sydney on the Indian Pacific with Mum & Dad! It'll be my 1st ever interstate trip on a train! It is much quicker than going by car, although much slower than going by plane.
  6. Parents can't live with 'em. Can't live without their money...
  7. I used to be fat 'bout 6 years ago as I ate KFC & McDonalds every week. Now that I've been using my faithfull push scooter & walking to public places & the local bus stop from my home, my jelly-belly subsequently went down and now I'm a tall skinny boy!
  8. Cutting corners on trailer safety is dangerous & simply not worth the risk on the highway.
  9. If you put a fart bomb through an industrial paper shredder, the machine will raise a stink!
  10. As of today, the site will be closed indefinitely until the owner contacts us.
  11. Soft Drink Wars: Coke vs Pepsi Fanta vs Sunkist Lift vs Mountain Dew Sprite vs 7up
  12. What I've also got from Nintendo on my 20th birthday is 6000 Wii Points to spend on the Wii Shop Channel!!
  13. I may look like I'm an American but I'm really in Australia! My school portrait when I was about 5-6 years old!
  14. The reality is, coaster wars or not, the re-location of a wooden coaster happen so infrequently. In the past three decades I can only think of: Zippin Pippin (2011) Little Dipper (2010) Meteor (2007) Starliner (2007) (and gone again by 2010) Mr. Twister (Kind of) (1999) Arkansas Twister (1992) Wildcat (1991) Skyliner (1987) Wild One (1986) Phoenix (1984) That's only 10 coasters in 30 years. According to RCDB, they say that about 90 woodies have closed, been demolished, or are SBNO in that same amount of time. The ratio of a woodie being saved and re-located is not very good. Haven't you heard about Astroworld's Texas Cyclone? That's demolished years ago.
  15. Saw Terminator 2: Judgement Day on Ch7 and I just shivered at the scene where someone was wacked in the face with a katana sword.
  16. Saw 'The Blues Bros' on Blu-Ray! One of my favourite scenes was the mall ram-raid scene, which was an attempt to 'demolish' the defunct Dixie Square Mall in Chicago! Do you remember Dixie Square Mall? It's been abandoned since then due to lack of funds.
  17. Where were you during the 9/11 atrocity? I was on holiday in Queensland staying in a condominumim and it happened only a few days after my 11th birthday. I saw it on Sky News Australia.
  18. My dad just won a travel auction and it's a trip to Kangaroo Island on the Sea Link ferry!
  19. I couldn't get my new Pokewalker accessory to register & connect to my new Pokemon Souldsilver game. Has it been owned by someone else?
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