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  1. MySpace has underwent a redesign and also has improved their restrictions! That means that I can't upload some of my remixes to my account because of WMG!
  2. My father bought me a new formal suit & smart shoes for me to wear when going to formal occasions such as wedding anniversaries & funerals!
  3. I liked RCTMart! I'd be dissapointed to see it go. But don't worry, it isn't the end of the universe! Should anyone upload RCTMart work elsewhere, ask permission first!
  4. Saw an episode of Dexter on TV and there was lots of blood and swearing!
  5. A fireworks display, known as 'The Big Bang' has been cancelled because not only it coudn't find a sponsor, the fire service did not agree to issue a permit for safety resons.
  6. My father is going to the UK next week and will be away for 'bout 7-8 weeks! So that means that I'll be a busy man, doing chores like my father usually does. Also, I'm going to Sydney with my brother for NYE and make my 1st ever appearence on TV!!
  7. I've started a new Dailymotion account! http://www.dailymotion.com/ryanthescooterguy
  8. How old were you when Astroworld first opened on June 1 1968? I wasn't born in the 1960s but my father was almost 12 years old!
  9. I'm getting a pet soon! My mum's not going to tell me, but it's going to be a squirrel!
  10. Only the maddest mother would pull me away from the PC while I'm in the middle of something important!
  11. I beg your pardon, but honest, I won't make things up again. I promise.
  12. I'm sorry, I was a bit careless. Merge into the Say Something Random Thread!
  13. One of my favourite rides, Sky Flyer which is a tower swing collapsed at a fair in Melbourne! The lifing cables that raise the sweeps up the rotating tower snapped as it started moving and all riders, which were children plunged to their deaths. I will not be riding another version of this ride until it has been retrofitted!
  14. As MySpace now allows videos to be uploaded, there are a few restrictions. For example, I tried to play my 1st MySpace video but it contains music that has not been authorised by WMG! The Warner Music Group is protecting it's original master tape recordings from falling into the wrong hands!
  15. Do you create music sometimes? Check out my Blue Monday remake created on Ableton Live 8! http://download936.mediafire.com/yj0zgclkf8lg/lp79uhsxk4q39pv/Blue+Monday+Remake+%28preview%29.wav
  16. I'm having pork stir-fry for dinner again! I wish I didn't even go against this 2+5 philosophy!
  17. I wish Intamin still made original replacement parts for that coaster! We could put it up for auction on eBay. It's another one of Intamin's early makes. SFMM's Flashback is already gone forever and it's the only hairpin coaster!
  18. Saw the Mary Poppins Musical at the Adelaide Festival Centre!
  19. While I was in the cinema before Paranormal Activity 2 started, I saw a preview trailer of 'Family Guy - The Movie'! But it'll be rated R18+ in Australia.
  20. After seeing Paranormal Activity 2 yesterday, I woke up today, only to find that my Lego models got knocked off the shelves by of course, paranormal activity and broke into a million pieces! Now it'll take about more than a month to reassemble them!
  21. I'm seeing Paranormal Activity too this Halloween!! I'm going to a drive-in cinema with my bro & a few other mates!
  22. I can't get Trainz Simulator 2009 to work! It only gives me this error: Does this mean that it's corrupted?
  23. “We're sorry to disturb you but unfortunately, we have encountered an interesting problem on your website. While Six Flags appreciates your interest in and support of Roller Coaster Tycoon, your publication of this content infringes our copyrights & trademarks in breach of federal law. Your activity also has the potential to cause substantial harm to Six Flags and leaves us with no choice but to take steps to protect its intellectual property rights.”
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