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  1. And now what was it again: 2 pairs of saussages, a bottle of bread, a loaf of bananas & a jar of socks, 27 cabbages, a packet of milk, a kilo of vinegar to feed the dog?!
  2. Watch Nanny 911 for free! http://www.cmt.com/videos/nanny-911-402-the-balsamo-family/1609750/full-episode.jhtml
  3. WARNING: Downgrading Internet Explorer is dangerous and will 'stone' your computer, calling for an exspensive overhaul.
  4. I just can't belive it's not spring, It's an extended winter that'll be followed by summer! 2010 could be the year with no spring!
  5. Dad took me to see Iron Maiden in concert!! One of my favourites was "The Number Of The Beast" I wore earplugs as the music was loud as thunder!
  6. Today is my 20th Birthday!!!! And I got 3 cards & a Lego Container Truck!
  7. If people are offended by a bum joke, then obviously YouTube is still stuck back in the 1980s.
  8. The weather in my suburb is really nasty! I guess too many people asked for rain! 2010 may be Australia's first year with no spring.
  9. My mother is not very intellegent. She used to be during her thirties!
  10. Tomorrow, it's Australian Father's Day! I'm going with my dad and a few of his mates to see a footy match at the AAMI Stadium!
  11. I contacted Nintendo about the NewGrounds videogame parodies and this was the response: "Trademark infringement indeed. We'll see about that!"
  12. In February, my YouTube account got suspended due to copyright issues. For example, Mondo Media claimed that one of my custom Happy Tree Friends videos is copyright infringement. I suppose this had to occur, given to that kind of galaxy we live in. We use YouTube as a video hobby, but you would think with the way people act it was a meaning of life. Well, you have had a good run. If you want YouTube videos like mine, you can make your own. Why can non-copyrighted be mistaken as infringement?
  13. You will do no more work in this area until you are a smart intellegent person.
  14. I'm sometimes afraid of some jet planes and earth tremors. They make me think that an atomic bomb has gone off, or a volcano is about to erupt below me!
  15. I'm a little afraid of what would happen on 12/21/12...
  16. Been to a new music store called 'Grove Records' and bought a few LPs including: A limited edition copy of Rose Royce - Car Wash on translucent blue 7" A 12" single of 'Passion' by The Flirts from 1982, distributed by 'O' Records
  17. Do you remember Buddy Baker's Sign Song? "Gas, Car Wash, Subway, Don't Walk, No Parking, Tow Away Zone, Uptown, Downtown, First Avenue."
  18. Every wise person knows that you can't trust trouble!
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