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  1. I live in Westminster, about 20 minutes away. I've been on record breaking coasters and ones that everyone seems to love, but I always hold a spot in my heart for Elitch's.
  2. While I am disappointed that the new rides are a little lackluster for the thrill seeker, I am glad to see Elitch's growing and getting a more well-rounded ride collection. The newest ride was Ghost Blasters which opened four years ago, so any new ride is a plus in my book. Like what was said before, families are the parks largest market so these new additions fit very well if you ask me.
  3. Cyclone (Astroland): 1927 Cyclone (Lakeside): 1940 Runaway Mine Train (SFOT): 1966
  4. Jordan looks like an amazing place! Incredible and beautiful. I can't wait for more pictures! That's a tiny little spinning coaster.
  5. Aside from my home parks (Elitch Gardens, Lakeside, Water World) I also plan on visiting; - Carowinds - Six Flags Great America - Lagoon - Worlds of Fun I also hope to get up to Breckenridge and Glenwood Springs for their alpine coasters. There is also a Screamin' Swing in Glenwood Springs that swings over the edge of a mountain!
  6. I love Arrow shuttles! - Four pops of ejector airtime! (two each way) - The intense positive forces of being thrown into the loop. - The unexpected drop of the backwards launch. - I don't even mind climbing all the stairs to get to the top.
  7. I suppose that the park could tear down one of its 5 picnic pavilions for more room.
  8. Does "360 degree shows" mean that the park would be expanding the current arena into a complete circle? If so, that would cut into the space where the Flying Coaster used to be and make putting a new ride there difficult. I also remember seeing this picture in the IAAPA update thread... A new water slide at the park is looking very promising.
  9. I always thought that RnRC at WDW and Disney Paris were a Vekoma LSM clone, the same as Xpress at Walibi Holland?
  10. So I am visiting my extended family in Valperaiso, IN this upcoming June and have struck a deal with my parents that I can borrow the car for one day and visit a theme park. I have never been to any parks in the area and would like to keep my driving time to 4 hours maximum each way. So which park would be worth my time and could be more or less covered in a day? Thanks!
  11. Multilevel go karts? I have never heard of that before. I guess I'm going to Florida this year.
  12. Is that shuttle coaster taller than average or is the lift just really slow? Regardless, it looks like a lot of fun.
  13. If it is owned by PARC Management, why haven't they done anything with it? If it still is salvageable, any one of their theme parks could use it, as they all seem to be a bit lacking in the coaster category.
  14. The Roundup at Lakeside in Denver but only because a huge spider decided to call that ride home and spin a web near the center of it. It seemed like it would fly off that web at any moment and smack me right in the eye.
  15. - Favorite new coaster Titan: SFOT. - Favorite new ride Zoom: Lakeside. - Most memorable park moment Hyperventilating while in line for Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside because a colony of 2in. spiders decided to move in and weave webs between the bushes above the line. - Most memorable coaster moment Screaming at friends that my eyesight was leaving and I had drool all over my face the first time we went on Titan: SFOT. - Best ERT session Riding Sidewinder at Elitch's 5 times in a row in the back seat. No one was in line, the park the just opened, and we booked it up those freaking stairs. - Least favorite coaster That opened in the decade? Flying Coaster: Elitch Gardens. Of all time? Rattler: SFFT. (Whoever designed that ride hates spines and wants to see them die.) - Least favorite ride Rock-N-Rocket: SFOT. - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced Pax Loop 500 and Vekoma Stingray. - Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced. Vekoma Big Air. - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!) I just recently joined TPR so all of it has been awesome! - The decade's biggest flop Flying Coaster: Elitch Gardens. Buying a FACTORY NEW coaster and closing it after four years just doesn't seem to make sense even if the ride sucked. - The decade's biggest success. Top Thrill Dragster: CP - The best meal you've had at a park Employee Cafeteria when I worked at Elitch Gardens. - The worst meal you've had at a park Stale pizza at Lakeside. (Bring your own if you visit there.) - Best park turnaround Being my home park is Elitch Gardens, I have seen tremendous improvement since PARC took it over. Is it the best turn around? Probably not, but I don't have much knowledge about other parks. - What was the biggest trend of this past decade? Fighting to be the tallest and fastest.
  16. 1. - It sounds like an awesome idea. I haven't been on TPR for very long, but it seems like a logical step for the website to take. 2. - I cannot think of other things to add. 3. - It sounds like an exciting thing to belong to. It would also make a nice gift for your theme park fanatic friends. 4. The cost is defiantly something to consider. I consider myself lucky if I can scrounge up enough money to visit my local parks every summer. 5. - If there was extremely detailed descriptions of everything that would be offered in the final membership package, I might consider joining. I've got to watch my pennies.
  17. I got: New Super Mario Bros. Wii A couple sweaters A bracelet A digital camera It's weird, since I've officially become an adult, I've stopped getting boat loads of video games every year. But I like this stuff better, more thought in them.
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