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  1. GT4 Was playing Time Spliters: Future Perfect for PS2
  2. I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last weekend with my girl. This is my favorite place to hang out in Northern California park wise. Edit.... Click on the link below for the higher res version. Broadband would be wise but a 56k will work if you got time to spare. SCBB_1.67 MB: http://sm2designs.com/SCBB_Huge.jpg Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the goodness!
  3. Feel free to post your Christmas tree's as they go up this season. Edited to get ready for Christmas 2008! The Menefee Tree 2005
  4. My favorite part of this phone is the hi-res screen that shows off wallpapers and logos really well. Cingular LG C1500
  5. Freelance graphic artist/illustrator/photographer.
  6. Crap that doesnt sound very good. Let's try that again without the hot linking: I just had some..... From Tripod To Bawls Energy Drink
  7. It's going to end up being a very kick back evening for sure. My bro is back in town from Kentucky so were going to drink till his jet lag kicks in, then Im going to drink a bit more. 8)
  8. What I have lined up for about an hour from now.... Sean- This is gonna be the the super bombizzle.
  9. Maybe we could show the folks here at TPR the finer parts of Sacramento like Del Paso Heights, Oak Park, Orangevale, and RanchoPORNdova. This post has inspired me to take the new camera out tomorrow to shoot a random as hell TR of the other end of Sacramento. Cool post dude, gotta love how tiny, (yet cool) downtown Sacramento looks.
  10. Awesome combination and a frosty mug. 8) Newcastle & Pale Ale!
  11. Thanks for the pictures, I can't wait to get out to SFOG this summer. 2006 is going to be an amazing year for new rides. 8)
  12. Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated.
  13. So my girl just purchased a Nikon D50 for me a few days back from butterflyphoto.com as an early B'Day present and I was looking for some feedback from some of my fellow photographers on this board. I know the 18-55MM Nikkor lens is not going to cut it for what I want to shoot so my question is what lens do you guys, (and girls) think I should pick up to get the most bang for my buck Zoom wise, (price isnt much of an factor.) Other then that does anyone have any general feedback on the camera? I've read about 1000 reviews and it's always nice to hear from people that are shooting the same sort of stuff as me, any thoughts/opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sean-
  14. I have front seat POV of SFMW's V2 I shot with my big ass camera a few years back. I'll dig it out and get you a link.
  15. This came from Screamscape just in case some of you guys didn't see it. Take it for whatever it's worth as usual. Sounds about right to me based off the size of the area they're working with. I have a ton of boring pictures of spray paint markers I can post if anyone is interested that shows the area the new ride should end up near.
  16. Not young Robb but this picture of his head fit nicely with the Big Boy photo.
  17. Does Marine World run ghost trains too? They do down here in Georgia and I've never seen a park anywhere else do it, and I can't help but think its the most annoying thing about SFOG. I've never seen Roar do this BTW, but I know it was having some issues early on in the day so maybe that's why it was running one empty, one full. Last but not least Roar is in need of some serious off season retracking, and lots of love. It's running more then a bit rough at this point, (a jackhammer comes to mind,) and re-rides are way out of the question till next year.
  18. Nice to meet you guys btw, it's a small world no doubt. Thanks for posting the TR, it was a decent day out at the park, even by SFMW standards. Sean "The Menefee" Menefee (BTW stalkers rule!!)
  19. Living in the Northern half of California makes me really appreciate small parks for this very reason: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 8)
  20. New Castle Brown Ale, (my personal favorite,) followed by a Red Stripe.
  21. ^ Bingo A family addition could be something like a mouse coaster as well so don't get all freaked out just yet. Some of you guys forget that the park really isn't there to cater to us and our thrill seeking trips. The reason SFMW did so well this year was because of the addition of Ocean Discovery, so why wouldn't they go that way again? I mean we all saw what a great investment in thrill rides Zonga was for the park, so you think they're in a huge hurry for another used headache? Just sit tight folks cause I'm sure the park has a few cool additions for us in 2006.
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