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  1. Haha, you should see all the folks over at MiceChat throwing fits over that commercial. Disney internet fans are boreder line nuts in most cases, but it is kinda fun to check their boards every now and then for entertainment value.
  2. I’m not the biggest fan of park food but there are a few things that I REALLY can't pass up on when I visit certain theme parks. So the point of the thread is to list one or a few food items you just can't pass up on no matter how hard you try. My girl just got back from a quick Knott’s & MM business trip last week and she hooked me up with liquid gold......Knott's Berry Punch. 8) I mean I hardly go out of my way for any type of food or drink but I think I would drive hours on end just to get a few packages of concentrate to bring home with me. So yeah, I know the thread is a bit random but let’s see what you guys can come up with.
  3. They have been running it off and on with three trains all season. As far as I know 2005 is the first time it's been done in a few years though. BTW so I don't have to start another thread about it, I uploaded my first set of SFMW FF pics over at sm2designs.com. You know you really want to check out the amazing SF Halloween “bush” theming right? Anyways, glad to see you had a good time at the park. Thanks for the trip report. Sean-
  4. My collection of TPR goods: I finally got my collection hooked up nicely. Thanks for the quick shipping you guys, it's much appreciated. Expect a review over at NCC and my own site within the next week, I Just gotta work out the details with the rest of the people that will be writing it with me. My girl and I are heading up to Reno tomorrow, then MW or PGA on Sunday, so Im planning on catching the DVD's in the car to pass the time. Sean- (BTW checks in the mail, and thanks again for all the prompt service.)
  5. I have a bunch of pics from last years event as well, I just gotta work on posting them up later this evening with a huge update Im working on. The combination of Bonfante and Santa Cruz in a weekend is hard to beat IMO. Some of you guys should really add this park to your summer trips if you ever get out to California, it's very unique. I've got a truckload of pics from SFMW's FF and the 2005 California State Fair going up so I'll post up a few TR’s and link to the rest of the photos soon. Sean-
  6. <----Is so glad my brother moved to Kentucky over the summer. Now I have free lodging and Holiday World within a decent driving distance.
  7. I looked over the forum and didn't see this, so please forgive me just in case I missed the original thread. From the Daily Republic http://www.dailyrepublic.com/articles/2005/10/06/business_top_stories/biz01.txt Six Flags Vallejo bucks trend, makes bucks By Christine Cubé VALLEJO - It appears the rollercoaster ride of low revenue and the possible sale of Six Flags Inc. has no effect on attendance at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo. That's because the theme park expects to see a boost in operational profit at the close of its 2005 season, according to the University of the Pacific Business Forecasting Center. Six Flags Marine World is an exception to the current situation of the struggling theme park company, which posted a $177.3 million loss from operations nationwide last year. In fact, the Vallejo park will be up $5 million compared with the 2004 season with revenue of about $59 million this year, said the Business Forecasting Center, which received its information from park officials. Six Flags Marine World kept mum about the center's findings. Historically, Six Flags officials are shy to discuss specifics to financial or visitation figures. "I can't comment on (the center's) material," Marine World spokesman Paul Garcia said. "It's our policy not to speak on the financial earnings of the park." If the center is accurate, Vallejo's share could be $2.4 million. Mark Mazzaferro, public information officer with the city, said Vallejo receives 20 percent of the season profit from Six Flags Marine World. The park hosts about 2 million visitors annually. "We're averaging about $2 million a year from the park," Mazzaferro said. "Historically, the park has always been pretty profitable. "It reflects a good, regional theme park, where you ride a ride and learn something at the same time. You go to Paramount's Great America, ride a rollercoaster, shake hands with Yogi and go home. At Six Flags, you can pet a manta ray - there's a whole lot of education. Compared to the typical theme park, it's not typical by any means." Six Flags began running the park in the late 1990s. The city owns the park and the funds go directly into Vallejo's general fund. Six Flags Inc. (NYSE: PKS), which has corporate offices in New York and Oklahoma and 30 North American theme parks, began the discussion to sell itself to the right buyer in August. It came as a result of the largest shareholder Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins football franchise, seeking changes to Six Flags' management by proposing an ambitious plan to acquire a bigger stake in the company. The season at Six Flags Marine World ends this month. The park now is celebrating a month-long Halloween promotion called Fright Fest, which includes haunted mazes, live shows, costume parades and pumpkin carving. So far it's been a hit with the locals. "We had some good numbers this weekend," Garcia said. "We've received many die-hard fans of Halloween." Reach Christine Cubé at 427-6934 or ccube@dailyrepublic.net.
  8. You guys made my day with that one. Thanks for posting that pic, my whole Typography class laughed their ass off with that one when they brought my screen up on the overhead.
  9. Same here, I can't quit getting on stuff that scares the devil out of me though. I'm one of those hates heights, but will ride damn near anything type park/coaster fans. I always hear people talk about breaking their fear of heights and I really just don't see that happening ever. You just learn to deal with it I guess. Coasters are no problem for me no matter how tall they are. It's those drop towers that really, REALLY , still bug me.
  10. To this day Hi-Miler scares the crap outta me every time the State Fair comes around. Something about the crooked lift, and the employee’s with sledge hammers smashing the lift hill to re-align the track before we dispatched from the station. For whatever reason we keep getting on year after year, it's funny in a scary sorta we might die way. Sean-
  11. Great stuff for all the early morning TPR folks, (2:08 a.m. here and I can't sleep. This won't help much. ) Damn you TPR, damn you to sleepy hell. Thanks Robb.
  12. Good deal, my girl and I are still working our way through the first 5 you sent dude. I think we can hold up till then.
  13. Hey Robb, Any update on if the new DVD's have shipped yet dude? The updated info looks great and I was just curious cause I've been outta the internet loop this week.
  14. Im in Sacramento, CA (Citrus Heights to be exact) so my home park would be Six Flags Marine World. PGA's about 2 hours away, and SCBB is another half hour past that.
  15. I ordered all 5 DVD's for $100 bucks and it's a great deal when you buy in bulk. Now with the pre-order on the new DVD and a shirt for $40 dollars the deals keep getting better. Thanks for the hookups on the great prices, I'm really looking forward to this years DVD. Sean "Glad he got to pre-order this year, and even scored a sweet TPR shirt to boot" Menefee
  16. Click the thumbnails for the full size image. I was reading through the business section this morning in the Sacramento Bee and came across this little article and timeline about Six Flags money issues. Not much that we didn't know already, but it's still a decent read. Sean- (BTW make sure to click the picture when it loads up in imageshack to see the full size version. The text looks screwy if you don't.)
  17. I dropped by Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last weekend for some beach bums and Dipper action. It ruled to say the least, but hippies on bikes smell like ass.
  18. Looking good at the Mac lab here at school now. Back to the wonderful world of Quark I go..... 8)
  19. No problems here with the main site, just getting the re-direct link you posted when I log into the boards, (it took me to westcoaster for whatever reason the first time I clicked but Im not having the issue anymore.) So far so good dude.
  20. Sounds like a good promotional idea but I would feel Scion's love more if they flew me to Disney World or something instead of SFMW. This isn’t much stranger then PGA renting out the park to eBay last month though. SM-
  21. Great to hear they passed on the SLC, even though everyone knows there’s always room for another Vekoma. I haven't had the chance to get to Kennywood going on 4 years now so new a B&M coaster with an original layout would be huge incentive to get out to the park in the future. It sucks being stuck in California but college tends to eat up my HUGE monthly budget ya know. Anyways, thanks for the info and the link. BTW, first post over here at TPR. I finally migrated to greener pastures it looks like. Sean-
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