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  1. RMC has built 7/8 of their coasters for Six Flags parks, which is quite interesting. Granted they are building a massive coaster in Wildfire, but currently have nothing else planned for 2016. Unless RMC can come out and do business with companies other than SF I dont see them overtaking GCI as the primary Wooden Coaster supplier of the world. Gravity Group is still probably the best wooden coaster builder in terms of quality and have done most of their business overseas in the last 4-5 years. GCI is probably going to start doing similar, simply because there is a lot of business available overseas and probably at a higher mass than there is in the US/NA, now that they have the resources and reputation that GG has/had.
  2. Wow, this is actually really nice, shame you didn't finish it. There were a lot of great ideas here especially the space mountain and the middle east section. Would love to see you build more, check out http://www.nedesigns.com/ if your interested in seeing more RCT stuff and getting more feedback on your work, I'm sure the people there would love to see this.
  3. That helix looks super nice, as always, great great work.
  4. Very good for a first park. I like the colors and objects your using quite a lot. Continue to work on your buildings and coaster layouts though, that's the most difficult part of RCT.
  5. I would focus on adding detail to your path, currently it seems like an afterthought. Always use double wide path, at the least, and try to add fences or some scenery around it. The rides look cool though, the double B&M coaster is interesting.
  6. Absolutely incredible. Might I ask, what is the deal with the green color? Wouldn't it be white or gray IRL?
  7. RCT2 and its not even close. Second is RCT1, NL (if you count that), then everything else...
  8. Can't wait to see this finished, probably one of the best coaster models I've seen. The track is just so smooth and crisply built.
  9. The overview looks cool, too bad your using mobile and are forced to have potato graphics. I imagine it would look sweet with some good lighting and 128k texture packs.
  10. Some of the Soak City midway Witches Wheel Hope you enjoy!
  11. The supports are top notch, to bad the lack of a backbone on the turnaround kind of ruins what is an incredible screen.
  12. Roller Coasters and Minecraft just dont mix.... something like Disneyland would work much better. Got to applaud you for the effort however, it would be cool to see more of this.
  13. The Triple Thrill pack on Steam and Good Old Games are both under 10$.
  14. You need to use Map Object Manipulation in 8Cars to use them properly, essentially, make a land tile that has one of the corners down, and lower the road piece around it. Its kind of complicated, but once you learn how to do execute it, your paths will look much better.
  15. ^You might want to make those signs higher, they look super super low. Also the ground near the curved road is messed up, not sure what happened.
  16. You don't need to post pics of a parking lot, there's nothing really special about that. Keep working so you can post some more interesting shots.
  17. ^Thanks and fixed, It worked fine on my end, so I would never have noticed.
  18. I think you would benefit from trying to build more realistic layouts, fantasy layouts are nice, but never really that impressive or appealing. I would check out http://SSCoasters.net if you haven't already, its a community dedicated to Knex roller coasters. They would be much more supportive and helpful in you Knex coaster building endeavors.
  19. The layouts are nice in their own right, however realism and a sense of scale is severely lacking it seems. Try and look at some real life layout and replicate their style and flow in game, practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to this.
  20. Don't crop your screens in paint. Still love this, so glad that this was continued at a high level.
  21. I think you would be better off doing something other than playing RCT3. Well, maybe just if you are over the age of 13.
  22. Here a screen of some of the booths located on the midway.
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