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  1. Its a shame this isn't getting more attention, as its probably one of the most difficult coasters to model, due to the elements and layout. The quality of this model is quite impressive, and I can't wait to see it complete. Wonderful work.
  2. This is very impressive, cant wait to see more of the layout.
  3. I like what you have, and this is coming from a RCT3 hater. You're doing a good job with your path and breaking it up so it doesn't look straight and boxy, I dont really know much about current RCT3 so I cant really say much else.
  4. Some more progress has been made, here is a screen of hte pretzel shop and patio area near the Magnum Station and Queue. Another screen showing the entrance building located in Challenge Park along with the underpass and service road. The second screen is unfinished, foliage needs to be added and the go kart track will be replaced with a custom built version.
  5. Looks cool, shame you only have micro knex, it really limits you with things like this because they are so weak. Nice release mechanism though.
  6. Looks pretty good, glad you were able to come up with a solution to the tracking issue; the buildings are nice too. Although, why is there a Starbucks sign over the bathroom?
  7. This will be a full recreation of the famous arrow hyper coaster at Cedar Point, it will also include some of the midway and challenge park surrounding the coaster. With that being said, here's another screen showing some progress I've made.
  8. Interesting concept, layout seems cool, elements are done well. Nice work.
  9. If you compare it to other Spotlight or Gold parks, its not even close in quality, it got the rating it deserved (honestly a little high in my opinion). Sunset Vista looks to be a solid Silver or a low Gold however, Bill has improved tremendously while building this park, and its becoming one of my favorites.
  10. Here are 2 new woodies Ive made in the past few weeks. How do you guys like the layouts?
  11. Man you build fast! Though I dont like the hyper at all, the layout is not to great and neither are the supports. Try to make it look like real B&M hypers. Other than the hyper every thing is wonderful.
  12. The new section looks great, its very 1970's. The only thing you could work on is you foilage, there could be a bit more.
  13. Heres I've started a little no CS park, here's something I made in about 25 minutes that I actually really like.
  14. Here are some new Screens, their all unfinished... Comments.
  15. Ouch that would hurt, it made a cool sound though.
  16. Well its not Tago or GCI, maybe its on of those tilting drop tower things. It would be cool going over the water, and could be easy to theme with lightning. I'm probably wrong, but its just a guess.
  17. I like the Intimidator name as I am a Nascar fan, but the 305 is not so good. Maybe in the future they will shorten it to just Intimidator?
  18. All are from Geauga Lake Big Dipper Villain Dominator(Moved to KD) Raging Wolf Bobs Thunderhawk X-Flight Raging Wolf Bobs
  19. This is a Cedar Fair style park I've been working on over the summer. The park has 9 coasters so far, Its about 15% finished. I hope to have it done by the end of the year. Enjoy... Comments
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