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  1. It honestly doesn't really interest me despite me being a long time and avid fan of the first two games. The 3D graphics just look like a cartoon and lack the grit and timeless appeal of the original isometric style. Plus, the customization and infrastructure that exists for RCT2 and to an extent RCT3 when it comes to user generated content and mods will probably trump any new features this game can present. Oh well, maybe this game will increase the popularity of the older games and their communities.
  2. Based on the POV it looks like it would make a really fun (though unorthodox) floorless. I still think they need to leave the Carowinds Vortex alone though and that's the only standup I'll say that about. The layout is way too boring without the standup gimmick and it's actually an enjoyable coaster. Agreed, I would like to see CF renocmvate all the old stand-upd and give them floorless trains. Maybe we will see more of that in the future once they can get a full years worth of data from Rougaru.
  3. I'm going to assume that the next big attraction KI adds will include an entrance renovation like Carowinds and CP, Kings Island might have the ugliest entrance for any park in the United States and desperately needs updating. Personally I'd prefer an Intamin giga over a B&M, but a B&M is probably much more likely.
  4. Mako is going to make Valravn look like a joke. Love the colors and renderings, hopefully the final product will be as good.
  5. Not to derail the topic, but personally I disagree with that last part. I loved KK's animation, 3DVIP did an amazing job with it. The physics are perfect, the music is exciting, and overall it was done really well. TTD's animation was done subpar in terms of animating technique. You can tell the guy used keyframes to make the train move, which makes it unrealistic. I had to do a lot of digging to find this, but Keith (3DVIP) developed his own program within 3ds Max in Maxcode that calculates the physics just like No Limits would and the result is real coaster physics. Instead of manually changing the speed for each portion of the track, which doesn't usually yield great results, he just places the train and the program calculates the rest with precision. Interestingly, after doing a ton of digging on old websites that no longer exist and recovering corrupted files, I found out that he actually submitted an animation for TTD which used real physics and was far superior and light years more realistic than the official one, but for some reason CP chose the other one over his. I prefer it to the official one. Animation aside, which I know is important but really it's not something I care about that much. The Kingda Ka video seems like it was made in Windows Movie Maker by highschoolers. At least TTDs has some cool transition and titles and a sick song and commentary. If I were trying to promote a ride I'd emulate the TTD promo over the Kingda Ka one, simply because of its energy and commentary.
  6. Going simply by theme as I haven't ridden Kingda Ka, TTD wins by a landslide. The Top Fuel Dragster themeing is literally the most perfect theme for a this type of coaster, plus the promo video for TTD is much better...
  7. The color of the track looks almost exactly the same as Rougaru to be honest. Maybe slightly darker but its still very similar. Looking at the logo a dark purple or yellow would have seemed to match much better. Odd, guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  8. Station looks great so far, any estimation on when this will be completed? Its bound to be pretty close.
  9. I saw two pieces of Orange B&M track heading north on I-71 right by Kings Island at like 6:00 today.
  10. Definitely, the video is so perfect for 1999-2000. Combine that with the music, mmmmmmm.
  11. No No No!!! I really hope the rumor is false. Those new restraints should be for wing coasters and wing coasters only. To maximise the feeling of airtime you must minimize restraint contact with a rider. having those big vest like restraints on a DM would completely remove the amazing B and M airtime from the drops. Just my opinion. That would explain the layout though, as the 8 across would have lower capacity than the 10 across and therefor require a shorter layout and ride time. Seems odd that they would make that sacrifice for a system that doesn't really improve the experience in anyway.
  12. In my opinion must rides are: Millennium Force, TTD, Maverick, Raptor, Magnum, Rougaru, Gatekeeper (left side) in that order. I've never been a huge fan of flats, but Skyhawk is probably the best along with MaxAir. Personally I would avoid Mean Streak and probably Wind Seeker as its always down. All of the restaurants are about what you'd expect, nothing really ever had stood out to me in that respect. Personally my favorites are Chickie's & Pete's, and Famous Daves (located in the Marina). I've really had a good experience at Johnny Rockets, always seems a little overpriced (like 12$ for a small burger), at least compared to anything else. All the big chain restaurants in the park are usually well run, but that's probably not what you're looking for. It's usually pretty busy on Sunday, and especially Saturdays. Fast Pass is available, so if your really looking to get a lot of rides in, its a decent investment for someone who only visits every decade or so. I would only go for the Fast Pass Plus, which gives you fast pass on TTD, Millennium, Maverick, Raptor and Gatekeeper I think. usually the queues are somewhat short for fast pass, but it all depends on the day and the ride ops. Hope that helps a little, and good luck on your trip.
  13. The layout looks cool enough to me, the element after the second Immelman seems interesting. A height of only 223ft is kind of disappointing, although it still will be the highest dive coaster in the world, which is nothing to complain about. Someone should check the footprint of the renderings and see if they match up with the clearing at CP.
  14. I'll take the speed of MF over the inversions and quick transitions of Maverick. Both are top attractions though, can't go wrong with either. Also, MF is much better at night and is in a much cooler location of the park.
  15. Some amazing earl rides dont export with saved games, your going to have to re download the ride from his website or another source and place it in your ObjectData folder located in the RCT2 program files.
  16. That transfer track is out of control, maybe try to make it more realistic by looking at real pictures of transfer tracks for similar types of coasters.
  17. Two things, make sure your 8cars.exe has the correct compatibility settings. Set it to Windows XP service pack 2 and reduced color mode. Also, use 8cars 1.302 whenever your doing something other than editing rides or making invisible huts. You can find these downloads on NewElement. If you have other issue you can probabably find answers with google searches.
  18. Thank you. It was definitely a challenge, and it took SO much longer than I thought it would. But its not my best mainstreet/entrance plaza. Any tips on scenery? Maybe give your buildings more depth, rather than just one tile maybe make it two or three tiles.
  19. Good for you for attempting those diagonal buildings and path, definitely makes it more interesting.
  20. I like what you have so far, maybe add a little more variety in the roofs though.
  21. Some pretty cool stuff here, I like how you kept the rides close to the land and layered them like you did.
  22. Not going to say anything about the game until we see actual game play. Frontier is a decent developer though, and the competition in the market only benefits us.
  23. On an average day you can probably ride between 5-7 Coasters at CP if you stay for the whole day. I would imagine that Kings Island would be about the same in terms of Queue, possibly more depending on the weather etc... You really cant go wrong either way, both are the two best parks in the Midwest.
  24. I like the first screen, the building is nice. See if you can work with the foliage though, right now the rocky ground just looks bare. I would refrain from using normal trees and such though, as they would look out of place, experiment, maybe you'll come up with something great.
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