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  1. I'm going to guess it has something to do with the water main break yesterday. Probably causing some issues with the hotels.
  2. Didn't a water main break last summer as well? Not surprising though, the infrastructure around Sandusky is probably ancient.
  3. I'd guess that Kings Island (in 2017), Holiday World, and possibly Kennywood are near the top.
  4. Great logos, really nice presentation. Bottom of the lake should probably be a bit flatter though, right? Good work!
  5. Raptor in the back right is an insane ride, especially at night. I'd also recommend Mangum XL in the 3rd/4th to last row, or 4th row from front. Right side for sure on Gatekeeper, either front or back row. Rougaru is best in back row, left side.
  6. Probably has to do with the awkward FOV present in No Limits, give off that fish-eye effect a bit which distorts the real picture. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Basically, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa. Not really a small geographical location IMO, I mean there's what... 70-90 Coasters in those states but no GCI.
  8. The first one...besides Kentucky Rumbler, Thunderhead, and American Thunder. Ah, I don't really consider Kentucky or Tennessee Midwest. Most people probably wouldn't either. I guess you got me with Evil Knievil, so okay, 2nd GCI in the Midwest. I would not consider Tennessee of Kentucky Midwest either. Renegade was the second behind Evil Kneivil. Kansas City is DEFINITELY midwest. Also, Ozark Wildcat was in the Midwest too. Guess I should have specified EASTERN Midwest, oh well...
  9. The first one...besides Kentucky Rumbler, Thunderhead, and American Thunder. Ah, I don't really consider Kentucky or Tennessee Midwest. Most people probably wouldn't either. I guess you got me with Evil Knievil, so okay, 2nd GCI in the Midwest.
  10. Pretty happy with the announcement, basically what I expected after seeing the drawings and knowing the location of the ride. Plus, it will be my first GCI, and the first one in the Midwest as well (unless you count Worlds of Fun as Midwest). I can understand the disappointment its not a B&M Giga, but I think we already knew it wasn't going to be that. Honestly what did people expect from this?
  11. In the 3d renderings of the ride, they featured normal millennium flyer trains. However, in the screenshots there were trains that almost looked like New Texas Giant or Verbolten trains. However, to me it looks like a photoshop job more than anything. They likely don't have the trains they are actually using available in NL2 or whatever software they are using for the renderings, hence the millennium flyers rather than the true trains being used.
  12. Looks good, architecture looks nice and the colors are great.
  13. Fridays in my experience haven't been bad at all surprisingly.... but yes, Saturday Fast Lane + is an absolute must. We went ahead and ordered them. $400 right up the rear. Ouch. So with FP+, how long should we expect to wait on Saturday? I know Friday will be pretty good for us, but I'm just hoping we still don't have to wait in long lines after dumping a crap load of money. All FP lines should be under 15-20min. MF and Maverick could be a bit longer depending on the ride op team, but really you have nothing to worry about.
  14. I don't really notice roughness unless it really effects the ride. Kind of made myself ignore it as I got older. But these are some that have always been on the smoothest ride list: Millennium Force Raptor/Gatekeeper (Basically any B&M) Beast (for a Wooden Coaster) I would say Magnum is underrated in terms of smoothness, as is Blue Streak. Just have to know how to ride it.
  15. Awesome! Hi G. I never noticed you were on TPR. Yea. Never really posted in the park form much, mostly just the game forum. Plus most of my posts are like from 5 years ago.
  16. I agree completely. PS: Is this "G Force" of "This style of realism is getting old we only like people who directly copy Robbie" fame? Yes.
  17. People act like they are a lot closer to each other than they really are. Its a solid 4 1/2hr drive from CP to KI, maybe slightly more. Plus, both draw a ton from out of state attendance, so its not like they will fight over Ohio alone for attendance with their new rides.
  18. Ehh, KI might be better "park" wise, its definitely more unique and has better theming and architecture. But ride wise, CP is sill quite a ways in front. DB, Beast, Bashee and Firehawk are really the only big time attractions at KI. While CP has TTD, MF, Magnum, Valravn, Maverick, Raptor, Rougaru, and Gatekeeper. Still, both are top 5 amusement parks in the country no question, maybe even the world.
  19. Surprised they would put another coaster there. That corner of the park is already packed with two coasters. Plus, this seems quite similar to the Beast. Will be interesting to see though. Another coaster would obviously be great even if it's not a top tier ride.
  20. Maverick almost always has the longer line and is much less reliable. I'd try to get on that first, or Valravn obviously, MF would be a good 3rd choice for early entry riding.
  21. A friend of mine made this a few months back, would fit perfectly and require nothing to be removed.
  22. Only thing that bothers me about that bit is the tiny space of grass in front of the door on the corner building. Very cool though, super atmospheric.
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