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  1. ^I thought the movie was entertaining but no where near as good as the first one. From what I hear, Will Smith should have been in this movie and not Suicide Squad. That one looks like it is going to bomb according to critics.
  2. Lately I have been coming in the Winter. Need to change that so I can visit the water parks when it is a little warmer. Nice to see they are getting a new slide.
  3. Just don't go on Sunday! I think they are a good addition to the park. I know as coaster enthusiasts we get a little jaded when it is not a ground braking roller coaster. I think the general public will like them.
  4. Next season filming is going to be delayed because of weather! Because Winter has come finally they want it to be a bit gloomier when filming so they are waiting for ..... Winter. No word yet on if it will bump the season from its usual start in March
  5. So who is John Snow's father? Rhaegar Targaryen ? That would make him Dany's nephew. Ned Stark claiming him from as his son when his sister died would keep Robert Baratheon from killing him because he is a Targaryen. Wouldn't that also make John the heir to the throne? Rhaeger would have been next in line after the Mad King was killed making John in line.
  6. Some satisfaction last night and I can't believe that next week is the last for the season.
  7. So what do you think of your theory now?
  8. Awesome news for Jack and family! Finally get to sleep in his own bed!
  9. In my opinion it doesn't fit really well for the park. I think Robb posted pictures a few years ago and the park was pretty empty. The visitors to the park are mostly tourists. I don't think very many would want to stay up all night on vacation.To me it seems like something more for the local crowd.
  10. Yesterday it was in the upper 90's and tomorrow it will be in the low 70"s.
  11. They still deliver milk? I haven't seen that in 40 years. Maybe it's a Canadian thing still. My rant is the word "Game Changer" It rarely ever is when used.
  12. There are so many story lines going it is hard to keep track of them all.
  13. Nice first post. Thanks for sharing. The weather looked a little iffy. Was it cold and rainy?
  14. The place looks awesome. Love the pics of the food. Can't wait to try some of them.
  15. They will just find something else to complain about!
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