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  1. Sounds to me like this guy had a medical problem. The doctors probably told him that they don't know what caused it and things just happen. He decides to do what most people do, blame someone else. In steps a lawyer and tells him it must be the ride at Dollywood knowing that theme parks and coaster safety are a hot topic today. This suit wasn't filed 5 years ago because it wasn't a hot topic then. He really should be filing suit against the state or city that he is from because they failed to teach him in school how to read warning signs. This is a failure in the education system. I wonder what kind of proof he has that he actually rode the ride or he was even at the park?
  2. When I was in LA last year staying across from the DLR they had information on tours to all the sights in the LA area. I know uou could get a bus to pick you up at the motel, take you to Magic Mountain and then bring you back. The only problem is your on there schedule for leaving and returning. I did a search on LA TOURS and there are a number of sites to check out. Here is one that offers tours http://www.los-angeles-tours.us/ If you don't want to go that route, rent a car
  3. Great pics. Can't wait for each days update. I wonder how many people are going to get busted for looking at these pics at work? Bob "I'm glad I own the company" Hoffman
  4. My bet is that it will be a food court. That will please all the Acer's.
  5. The parks are open that time of year. Robb and Elissa's trip was the end of September last year to give you an idea of crowds. I will be there with the ECC/ACE trip Sept 3rd to the 18th and we will be doing pretty much the same parks as they did. One thing I have been doing to find out information on the parks is to translate them with Alta Vista's Babel fish. It's not perfect but you can kind of get an idea at least of what the parks have to offer and some price and time info also. When Robb and Elissa get back from their Europe trip I'm sure they can give you a lot more information.
  6. People have been declared dead at Disneyland. Go to the following link and you can read about this subject. http://urbanlegends.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.snopes2.com%2Fdisney%2Fparks%2Fparks.asp
  7. You don't see any one complaining because it is not allowed. A scoutmaster or adult is not alllowed to sleep in the same tent as the boys. The only exception is a scoutmaster/adult can sleep in the same tent as his/her son only. BSA policy. I like Jay Leno's comment "If he was balck the would have convicted him"
  8. I noticed the forums getting slow the same day you made people register to get the new video. Regestered users has exploded from 700 to over 1700, any connection?
  9. The pass is good for unlimited use over a 14 day period. The ticket may make sense when adding up the price of a 4 day ticket to Universal/IOA and 2 days in BGT. Check it out under tickets at any of the parks web sites. A side benifit of the ticket would be if your after coaster credits, you can run in and out at Seaworld to get Kraken and JTA either on your way to the space center or one of your days at Universal. I plan on doing this same trip next year. My only problem is I will have to do it in the summer because my kids are in school.
  10. Why don't you go to Cypress Gardens and Seaworld while your here? They have a 5 park pass for $225 that is good for unlimited use for 14 days. The parks are IOA, Universal, BGT, Seaworld and Wet N Wild. I
  11. Everybody seems thrilled with the roll back except the people in the front seat. They don't look to happy. I think it would be cool to be in the front on a roll back.
  12. I saw it this morning at 12:01. I thought it was a great movie for what it was, entertainment. The visuals were incredable but I thought the dialog and acting were sub par. Still, I liked it and plan on going to see it again this weekend. EP IV,V,VI are still the best!
  13. I go to DLR about once a year. I would go more often if I wasn't 5 hours away. I have been to WDW 3 times and I am planning a trip back next year. This fall I will be going to TDL. I'm sure at some point in a few years we will go to Paris. Probably my favorite ride is either Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountian because the whole family will ride it.
  14. 70 at the moment. Should be around 140 by the end of the year.
  15. I think theme parks were like airlines without first class. Everyone paid the same and waited in the same lines. Now the parks are adding first class services, the Q-Bots and Fastpasses and the ones who pay the extra get more ameneties just like you would in a plane. Pay for first class and you get more leg room and free booze. What would be the differance if the airlines removed first class and kept the number of seats on the plane the same? I think you would get more leg room. So should all airlines drop first class so we can all have more leg room and all have the same experiance?
  16. For those of you not living in California or out of the country, feel lucky. I just paid $2.93/gal
  17. Just downloaded it. I don't know why, I have the DVD at home. But what the heck, it beats working!! No problems here. Everything looked and sounded fine. I have an older Compaq P4 running damn slow, 1Ghz. I have no clue what the sound card is but i'm sure it was factory installed.
  18. I hate cats and I love this game! 1836!!!!!!!
  19. I had a chance to ride X for the first time earlier this year. It was the day after the Winter Solstice when we got in early and had ERT. The first 2 times I rode near the back. It was pretty rough. I rode both an inside and outside seat. I was about to call it quits because of the head banging but decided to try the front seat. It was a lot smoother and would be my choice for preferred seats. The view over the fist drop is awesome too. Feeling pretty good after the 2 rides up front, I decided to try the back seat outside. The back seat beat the crap out of me and I gave up after my 5th ride of the morning and went to Golia
  20. I like it, but what really counts IMO is going to be the ride itself. If the ride is good, I couldn't care less about the sign.
  21. So???? The whole East coast could all be under a wall of water hunreds of feet tall if part of the island in the Azores breaks off and slides. This is a possability and was reported after the Tsunami in December. It has happened in Hawaii thousands of years ago. Part of the Big Island broke off and slid into the water and sent a wave over the island of Lanai which is something like 1500 feet in elevation. The only differance between the East coast and Southern California is warning time. Hours for the East Coast and only a minute for SoCal. So since there is nothing that we can do if it happens and the chances are remote anyway in our lifetime, why worry? If it really worries anyone, move away from the water.
  22. The on again off again dating couple Ray and Deana are engaged and have set the wedding date for May.
  23. I have heard (translate: Rumor) that the Park plans to reopen it this year
  24. I've stayed at Dolphin and Boardwalk. Both are between Epcot and MGM. I highly recommend any hotel around that lake. Walking distance to both Epcot and MGM or water taxi. Makes it nice if you want to go into either park to just get lunch or catch a ride or two. Easy to get to the MK by either bus or catch the monorail at Epcot. The only other area I would stay would be on the monorail line by the MK, like the Polynesian.
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