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  1. Haha I thought one of the funniest things i saw when I traveled down there watching people when they just got into their riddler seats on the train thinking it was so cool how you could adjust the seat. They kept messing around, and continued to bounce up and down and then all of the sudden. . . LOCK!!! They're all stuck in a really uncomfortable position. I saw this one girl who was probably 5 feet even and got stock with the seat in a position for someone who would be 6 5 haha. It was priceless
  2. Yeah, I agree the pretzel loop would probably be pretty problematic with batman's trains . I think it would be interesting though to have riddler trains on scream's track. Are there any B&M Stand Up's that have either a Cobra roll or a zero g roll, let alone both? It could be very interesting . It would also be interesting to see how a floorless train goes through all of the loops on Riddler.
  3. Wow I wont say that Riddler's is a bullet compared to Scream! but Its certainly has a little give up if not less than Scream! They're both very fast paced rides and only have 1 spot in the ride where they give you a chance to catch yourself if you haven't been on them 100 times. I just have a hard time agreeing with Riddler's a slow paced ride. You know what would be cool, even though its impossible, if they switched Riddler's trains with Scream's trains. Not going to happen but its a fun idea to brainstorm. You could also mess around with the idea of switching Tatsu's trains with Batman's trains. Again its impossible but its a fun idea to mess around with.
  4. Ya Goliath kind of casts a shadow over Scream! Going to Scream! is certainly a commitment too because of how its tucked back in the corner. Its the only thing there and thats a long walk to go onto the ride. One thing the park could do though is take better care of the que line and the ride exit. When i was there at night, I literally saw 5 rats and 3 giant spider webs. Doesn't really make me want to make the pilgrimage to Scream!
  5. Scream! certainly wont be in the debate anytime soon for best coaster in Magic Mountain, but lets not forget that there's 15 other roller coasters in the park. Would we like it to be smoother? Of course we would, but its a good ride if you don't let the roughness bother you too much, even though sometimes that seems impossible. I liked Scream! for as rough as it was. Its the parks only floorless coaster and we'd probably appreciate it more if it was at a smaller park than Magic Mountain. I certainly wouldn't mind having Scream! at my home park. Its not that its a bad ride, its just not up to par with a lot of the other rides there so it seems a lot worse than it is.
  6. Thats strange. I thought it was one of the top 4 rides there and there were much longer lines in rides that weren't nearly as good as it.
  7. Are the lines on Goliath always short from opening until around 5 pm or did my Dad and I just get lucky?
  8. It sure looks fun. I hope I'll be able to get there this summer because my family spent most of our trip money on Magic Mountain. Tremors and Terminator Salvation are too close for me to call for best wooden coaster in the west (at least in my opinion) so getting on Tremors would be nice. Great photos by the way. These overhead shots are great. I've heard that Silverwood is filled to capacity everyday. Aftershock runs great (at least it did last summer) and their wooden roller coasters are still running strong. Great Great photos.
  9. I just got back from a 3 day trip at Magic Mountain and it was unbelievable. I couldn't belive how short the lines on Goliath, Terminator, Deja Vu, Batman, Riddler and Superman were in the morning. The line for Goliath was 5 min all day until about 8 at night and at most it was 15 min. Thats probably because X2 and Tatsu had 2 hour lines. I only got to go on X2 once. I had to do the run for the ride when the park opens thing to get to a 15 min wait for X2 but I'm very glad I did that because X2 was probably my favorite. Tatsu I got on about 5 times. It was frustrating because whenever they opened two stations the line would go from 2 hours to 15 minutes. The line was pretty short at night too. What my question was is that is it like a tradition for park guests to spit gum out wherever they can at the top of the lifthill or is that just people being bums because I saw about 200 pieces of gum at the top of each lift hill except terminator, deja vu and x2. They even managed to cover one of the support beams on Tatsu with gum.
  10. On a scale of 1 to 10 what would guys rate the ride and what are the best and worst elements of the ride. I'm just curious because I'm going to be riding it in a little more than 3 weeks.
  11. This might be a little on the random side, but i've been watching all of these rides being re-painted and i'm wondering if a new paint job or a new layer of paint makes the ride a little bit smoother. For example has the new paint job on Bizzaro made it smoother at all?
  12. For me I go to Silverwood at most twice a year because its so far away for a local park and I have to stay overnight. A Silverwood trip for me costs about 300 bucks.
  13. That snow wont be there much longer. The seasons around there change so quickly. Before you know it, it will be 75 and clear .
  14. Depending on the intensity of the ride I'm either a cusser/whooper, or just a whooper. The first time I was going up the first lift of Aftershock I was cussing the whole way up and back down. Now I just yell a bunch.
  15. I'll probably get made fun of for this but whatever. Of the rides I've been on Timber Terror at Silverwood has the best airtime. After its first drop it goes over a bunny hill instead of a larger hill. After the first bunny hill it goes up a larger camel back looking hill witch gives you airtime and you get alot of airtime and before you know it, you're out of your seat and trying to duck because there's a great head chopper.
  16. That park has so much room for more expansion. Their property goes all the way to the railroad tracks in the woods. Aftershock and Timber Terror are the farthest south point that the park owns.
  17. When the owner founded the park over 25 years ago he lived really close there and the land was very cheap at the time. Thats probably the biggest reason the park's there.
  18. Very nice photos . The season starts May 2nd. I can't wait .
  19. Ya it was better when it got dark. The problem for me was that I rode it about 10 times before it got dark so nothing was a suprise to me if you know what I mean. The first drop is always entertaining though.
  20. My last coaster was exactly the same. It was also at Fright Fest as well. It was soooooo cold!
  21. The western washington Mazda dealers have a drop on Twister from Elitch Gardens in Denver as a symbol of the economy.
  22. Of the one's I've been on (which isn't that many) I think Aftershock is great. There are a few reasons for this. One is that its a big drop so it allows you to get that sinking stomach feeling which is always great. Another reason is that you're haging face down at a 90 degree angle with all of your weight on the restraint so when you get released it feels like you get a little air time because you are dropped so quickly.
  23. I think they'll file for chapter 11 and then they will get a little protection. This will give them a chance to re-organize. After that I think we will start to see some parks closing. The park that will probably go first is Six Flags America. The park that's probably in the best shape is Magic Mountain because they're expanding right now which is a clear sign that that park is ok.
  24. At silverwood there are many funny signs. One for example is on an old little fence and it says please respect this little fence so that we wont have to put up a bigger one. Another is in the Tremors que line where they're saying not to stand up and its a painting of a guy who's holding his de-capitated head.
  25. Hello Everyone! How's everybody doing? This one is simple. Out of all of the coasters, Which one has the best first drop?
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