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  1. I just said that Boomerang was rough, I didn't say a large majority of them are rough. As a matter of fact Vekoma made my favorite ride Aftershock which is a Giant Inverted Boomerang My mistake I said most of their rides are rough and I take that back. ADMIN EDIT: Please do not double post. If you want to add information to a thread in which you were the last poster, please edit your previous post.
  2. Disney's California Adventure is more than willing to have an affiliation with Intamin AG and their making of California Screamin', but thats probably because people will know that if it's made by Intamin chances are its a pretty good ride, and that it is.
  3. Hey most of their rides aren't to enjoyable I will give you that, but I will defend Aftershock and their other two Giant Inverted Boomerangs because when they're running well and aren't breaking down all the time they're amazing, but I will agree that most of their rides aren't great. I went on Boomerang at Knotts because Xcelerator was closed that day and it ruined my coaster day till I went on an Intamin AG ride later that day.
  4. Hey everyone! A few days ago I was looking at random roller coasters on rcdb and I ran across Rock'N'Roller Coaster and I looked at the manufacturer and saw that it was vekoma. I continued to scroll down the page and noticed this statement "This roller coaster is absent from Vekoma's reference lists, nor will Vekoma acknowledge they had any involvement with this ride. The ride is however clearly a product (less theming) of Vekoma." Can you guys fill me in on why vekoma would refuse to acknowledge that they made this ride?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm Bobby. I joined TPR a few weeks ago and I haven't introduced myself yet so I think it's time for me to do that. I'm a junior in high school. I'm 17 years old. I live in the Seattle, Washington area. The theme park for the Seattle area is Wild Waves Enchanted Village but I don't go there too often because it's not a very good theme park. The theme park I go to the most often around Seattle is Silverwood Theme Park in Northern Idaho and that park just keeps getting better and better every year. My coaster count is only 20 sadly enough but I haven't been to many theme parks and this summer i'm hoping that I can double my coaster count. Outside of coasters I play alot of baseball and am very busy with all of the SAT, ACT and all of the college prep stuff since i'm about to go to college in less than 2 years. I'm very happy to be apparat of TPR
  6. bhslhs


    Oh yeah. Its beautiful up here. When the parks are open during the summer its 70-90 degrees with no humidity which is a huge plus. The people here are also very friendly.
  7. bhslhs


    Earlier today I had read an article on Wikipedia about Diamondback. I noticed on the list of events for the construction that on February 26th King's Island had their first test run of the ride. I would usually believe something like that if I read it but Wikipedia has a reputation for false information because many articles on Wikipedia can be edited so I thought I would try and figure out if this is true. Diamondback looks like it could be the best new ride of 2009 because of its layout and that its a B&M giga coaster. It looks like it has a similar layout to Nitro so I'm looking forward to its opening.
  8. bhslhs

    Scary Ride

    After watching a few of your dvd's, i've noticed that you guys don't get to scared on a ride or going up a chain lift. So was wondering what's the most terrifying ride experience you guys have had? I'm just curious to see what your answers would be because you guys got quite a few coaster rides under your belts. I'm not talking about a mechanical problem causing a terrifying experience. I'm referring to the intensity of the ride or the size of the ride ect.
  9. For the western states I chose Washington, Idaho, California, and Utah. I didn't have Nevada, Arizona or Oregon because those states dont have any wooden coasters. Tell me what you guys think
  10. Thank You all very much for all of your help. I can't thank all of you enough for the help that you've given me
  11. Haha you were right. I'm fairly tall. I'm 6'2 155 so that would probably be part of the reason arrow rides kill me so much. I've some stuff about some gang activity in the park. I've heard that I shouldn't be worried about it but I just wanted to hear what you guys would say. Have you guys noticed anything sketchy or is that just the media blowing things out of proportion?
  12. I've got another question haha. I've heard about how Mantis at Cedar Point is painful to a specific area on a males body. I'm not trying to be a perv or anything i'm just curious if thats the same case on Riddler's Revenge because i don't wanna spend the whole day with a bag of ice between my legs
  13. Well we all have grown to love at least some ride that both of these companies have made. The question is who makes the better rides. Intamin has alot more variety than B&M, but B&M is so good at the steel rides that they make. This is up for debate for anyone who is interested
  14. Haha thanks again. I'll be sure to get on Batman a few times when I go down there. Now whether that will be with my dad or not that will depend on how affective his dramamine is haha. I already know i'm going on X2 by myself but its all good. Is Aftershock/Deja Vu as intense as anything as anything they have there (not that i'm worried about that) because i actually prefer the intensety.
  15. I've never been on a B&M but I've heard nothing but good about their rides. I've been on a couple of Custom Coaster rides, a few arrow rides, one Intamin AG ride (California Screamin) and 2 vekoma rides. One of which is my favorite ride so far (Aftershock). But anyways I was very suprised that Scream wasn't one of the top choices because of all the good things i've heard about B&M looping rides. Especially their floorless coasters. What is it about that ride that makes it so unsatisfying? Is it the number of inversions, or is it really rough? -Thanks Bobby
  16. Didn't a bunch of people predict that the same thing would happen at the turn of the millenium?
  17. Hey everyone, I've been on a few arrow rides with the same types of trains and track as viper and the corkscrews on them are horrendous, i was wondering since i'm headed to magic mountain this summer is viper as rough as it looks because if its just like the other arrow rides it looks really rough because its much faster, or is it in a lot better shape than other arrow rides?
  18. bhslhs


    thanks for the reply , that would be very cool if there was a tpr pacific northwest trip, could you possibly keep my posted about this cuz i would for sure be appart of that if you guys made that happen
  19. bhslhs


    my mistake, the best woody in the west
  20. bhslhs


    I'm from the seattle area and i <3 silverwood cuz its the best thing we have around here, i saw that on your first 2 dvds you went there on trips, i was wondering if you've been there since, the reason being is because they've done alot of expanding since then, this summer i'm sure you're aware that they added aftershock and a couple of summers ago they added a freefall ride, so i was just wondering if you've been there since 2002? Again, The Nerd with the thumbs up The nerd with the thumbs up would be me OMG! ITS WORKING!!! The two best rides in the park
  21. i'm going there on the 21st and 22nd so i'm sure the crowds will be fairly sizeable, but its a monday and tuesday, and maybe even sunday evening if we have enough time. Thanks for all of your input, how long are the lines, cuz i've waited an hour for a ride and i can do that pretty easily but i saw on one of the dvds when x opened people would wait up to 7 hours to get on it, are some of the lines up to 7 hours or was the just a bizzare thing
  22. Hey guys, i'm kinda new at the website stuff so i'm still trying to figure everything out, but i do enjoy the dvd's i've gotten so far from you guys so kudos to you. My question is about Magic Mountain. My dad and i are gonna go there this june for the first time for 2 days and i was wondering what are the most important or best rides there that we would need to get on over the other rides, if that makes any sense
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