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  1. I couldn't believe how many loose articles there were on X2. There were things from Wonder woman basketballs, to water bottles. It was pretty interesting.
  2. Ah yes bringing the cell phone on the ride. I almost lost mine on Riddlers Revenge going through the bunny hill between the two corkscrews. I learned the best way to keep it safe is either to keep it between your leg and the restraint, or if you have big pockets, slide the pocket so that you can sit on your phone. My dad lost his glasses on Tatsu because he didn't feel comfortable putting them in the cubbies. Well its a good thing he had insurance for them.
  3. I had a ride op at the Puyallup fair on Coaster Thrill Ride who brought his girlfriend and he was getting some sugar so he forgot to stop my train in the station but whatever its a free ride.
  4. They didn't have cubbies on Scream! or Goliath when I went. The only rides with cubbies on them were Deja Vu, Tatsu and I guess you could say superman because they only had one train running so they had you put stuff on your exit path. The problems we had with the 1 dollar lockers is that we had a time limit on them. So we couldn't go ride for 2 hours and keep our stuff in one spot.
  5. Why haven't any of guys mentioned tremors? Its 65 mph and goes underground 4 times. That was what matched terminator. Goliath used to have cubbies?
  6. On my trip there, once my dad and I found out that we could reach samurai summit by going the route that starts by Tatsu, we did that every time during the day instead of going up the hill by Riddler's Revenge. Its so much easier and it saves alot of energy. But once you get in line for superman it sure is rewarding because that que line felt like it was almost 65 degrees. We didn't care how long the line was because it was so comfortable inside supermans line. As for the water. My dad and I never drank tap water because southern california water makes us sick because we're used to seattle water which is supposed to be the cleanest in the country so we just bought a bunch of bottles and chugged them in lines. It would be nice though when you get pop from a fountain if they would put on lids so they wouldn't spill so easily and they could be able to top them off. Despite all of these things I think the park could improve on it was easily the best trip of my life . X2 was incredible. Goliath's first drop and helix never got old. Deja Vu's first drop never gets old. The momentum of Scream never got old. Tatsu was an amazing ride. The pretzel loop was unbelievable. Riddler's Revenge is a great ride. Terminator is one of the top 2 wooden coasters on the west coast. Great park, and can't wait to go again. Kudos to Six Flags.
  7. When I was there about a month ago they had these large orange water bottles that you could buy for like 10 bucks and once you had one you could get refills with them for as long as you had them. I wonder if that deal is still good now. Also when I was there during the hottest hours of the day (1:00 PM till 5:00 PM) My dad and I either went back to the hotel to recharge which probably isn't an option for those who don't have a home close, or go to the movie theater for a long time. That way by the time we got back, the sun started to set and the temp was dropping very quickly and we weren't burning out by the end of the day.
  8. Xcelerator was broken down . Boomerang got the best of me earlier in the day so I didn't go on Ghostrider. I didn't go on Revolution, and Viper at Magic Mountain. Viper just looked too painful.
  9. For the amount of room that they had to build Tatsu, its a pretty incredible ride. They had to design a ride that could some how be put in the middle of the park and still make a good ride. The height of the ride is probably one way they conquered it. There's really only two parts of the ride you get really close to the ground. The pretzel loop obviously and the bottom of the first drop. Its a pretty impressive piece of engineering for how much space they had to work with. As for it being slow, I think almost all flyers go slowly through the barrel rolls because of the position your body is in is alot more venerable to g-forces so I'm sure if they could have it go faster through the barrel rolls they would. You guys correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there's any flying roller coaster out there where the train's go through the barrel rolls with too much smoke.
  10. I couldn't agree with you more there. The GP loves the rides the way they are. As much as we would love these rides to have improvements on them all the time, we aren't the largest group of people going to the parks. Also if these rides were at smaller parks with fewer coasters such as Discovery Kingdom, or Great America, I don't think people would be asking for improvements on the rides. I bet even Cedar Point would love to have Tatsu. They don't even have a flying coaster. For those who think Tatsu's too short. Isn't it still the longest flying roller coaster in the world? As well as the tallest and fastest?
  11. I can't speak for Bizarro's audio but I do know that the only time I could hear the audio tracks very clearly on the rides at Magic Mountain was when they were going up the lift hills. I heard some glimpses of audio in parts of the rides but it wasn't very clear and it was very brief. I think the ride with the best on ride audio is California Screamin'. You can hear it very clearly and if its working properly it flows with the ride very well. Its not people yelling, or gunfire like Terminator, it's just music. Granted the audio on x2 can be humorous if you haven't heard it before. X2's audio does a good job getting you antsy for the drop but once the ride starts you can't hear it that well. California Screamin' has the best on ride audio in my opinion.
  12. The fact that Intamin is going to be building a hyper coaster at Kings Dominion leads me to believe that Magic Mountain wont be getting a hyper but I could be wrong. I'm going to stick with a smaller ride like Maverick that can pack a lot of excitement and speed with a small design for what I think is going to be built. Can't wait to see what the new coaster is going to be!
  13. The entire layout of the ride depends on the weight of the trains, from the heights of the hills, to the banks of the turns. I also don't think fitting a wide B&M train into Goliath's dixie cup sized tunnel is a very good idea. Goliath is fine without the B&M or Intamin trains. Lets just see what the new ride has in store for us, maybe we'll get lucky and have one of those trains on the new ride.
  14. Maybe something like Maverick could be built. That would be a great addition. Maybe they'll use the gravel parking lot thats north of the other parking lots. I never saw anyone use it, and its a huge piece of land. What do you guys think?
  15. Intamin would have been my first guess because they've skyrocketed the last few years and Magic Mountain only has 1 Intamin coaster. My question is, where would they build a new ride? The last three rides that have been built weren't exactly in new expanded parts of the park. Terminator was on old Psyclone ground. Tatsu was built over the middle of the park so its very high (excluding the pretzel loop) and Scream! was built over a parking lot.
  16. I'm glad to know that it wasn't just me . I agree that the pretzel loop on Tatsu is the most intense element in the park. The helix on Goliath isn't that far behind though. So is it too early for anyone to make a prediction on what type of coaster the new coaster is going to be?
  17. Seriously, when I got off the ride, I couldn't walk in a straight line and there was a little bit of sense like "what just happened?" The only thing that was clear at that point was why almost every Six Flags park has a Batman the Ride.
  18. I think I'll get a little backlash for asking this but I certainly stand by what my opinion is. I don't know about you guys but when I went down to visit Magic Mountain, my opinion on the most intense ride there was not Goliath, not Riddler's Revenge, not Scream!, not Deja Vu, not Tatsu, not even X2, but Batman the Ride. Yes i said it, Batman The Ride. Between the extremely compact layout, the frequency of the inversions, the really tight fit on the trains, and the no braking points in the ride, Batman the Ride is certainly the most relentless ride there. I was stunned after I got off of it. Even the 2nd time I rode it about 30 minutes after I rode X2 it was still the ride that I thought was the most intense in the park. It just has absolutely no give up whatsoever. I wonder what the average speed of the ride is (excluding the chain lift). Do you guys think its one of the most intense rides at Magic Mountain if not THE most intense ride at Magic Mountain?
  19. Is Six Flags still bankrupt? Because if they are, I don't think we'll see any large investments like benches, until they've formulated their plan for paying off their debt.
  20. When I went to Magic Mountain, I did the running of the bull's to X2, had a 20 minute wait, and could still go to terminator and Deja Vu. We went on Terminator first and the line was about 5 minutes. Then we went to Deja Vu and the line was about 5-10 minutes. After you get you're Deja Vu rides in, head over to Goliath, the line will probably be about 5 minutes. On the way you could stop by Riddler and Batman with 5-15 minute lines. You can also take the climb up to Superman if it gets too hot. The line early in the day can range from 3 to 15 minutes and the que line is about 65 degrees. Also, keep an eye on Tatsu to see if both stations are operating. If they are, head over to Tatsu. Tatsu is a good ride to ride around 7 pm and later. The line seemed to shrink around that time. I hope you find this helpful.
  21. You guys have a flash pass? That seems like it's the only way to get on without racing to it when the park opens. Thats the way I got my one ride for the trip. It was amazing but I wish I could've gotten more rides oh well. Tatsu, Terminator and Goliath probably made up for lost X2 rides. Oh and by the way thank you very much for you're advice a few months back on the park. It was very helpful. I was so excited to get there the first night though I bit off more than I could chew and Riddler had a line where you could stay on the train if you asked the worker. I went on it 4 times in a row after riding coasters for 5 hours for the first time in probably 8 months. I took dramamine the next two days and I was fine. Thanks again for the advice.
  22. I have a question for the experienced magic mountain goer's. On the left side of X2 I got the scariest element on the ride in my opinion. Not the first drop, not the flames, not the flips, but at the very end of the ride when you turn back over, I thought i was going to hit my head on a support beam. I was on the left, outside car. I felt like I could kiss the bar from where I was. I'm sure it's an illusion but have you guys noticed how close the bar looks.
  23. I'm sure this isn't that bad compared to some other rides out there. You guys can let me know if it is one is as bad as it gets. Colossus at Magic Mountain. I know its a classic but I've been on quite a few wooden roller coasters and its easily the roughest i've been on. It was anything but pleasant. You guys can tell me if its not as bad as others, please do if it isn't, but its certainly the roughest ride i've been on
  24. Goliath at Magic Mountain. My dad's clear cut favorite and one of my favorites. I was so depressed going up the lift hill for the last time Ahhhhh. The classic Goliath shot.
  25. I think you hit the nail on the head! . Scream is in one of the top 5 roller coaster parks in the world so if its not amazing like the other rides there its just another ride there. If it was at my home park Silverwood, it would be a huge hit. I would love having scream at silverwood. We just added aftershock last summer which is a former deja vu and it's a been a huge success. If Deja Vu is a huge success, I think its safe to say scream would be too.
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