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  1. Did I hear it wrong or did they say that they have 1 month to pay of 300 million dollars that they don't have!
  2. Timberhawk: Ride of Prey at Wild Waves Enchanted Village near Seattle. For a ride that is 80 feet tall, and has a first drop like it does... IT'S HORRIBLE!!!! All of your momentum is killed after you go up the hill after the first drop and the rest of the ride is a crawl. It has no airtime. No disrespect to S&S but I think they should just stick to making Launched Coasters because Timberhawk is a waste of space in my opinion.
  3. Any of the Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerangs are rides that are under the shadows. Deja Vu at Magic Mountain is just another ride there because of all of the other insane rides that are at Magic Mountain. Stunt Fall get's a good amount of respect. Aftershock is in an out of the way park so it will be hard for it to get much pub. Even though they've had alot of problems in the past, they're great rides when they're running. The first lift up the first tower and 178 foot, 90 degree drop is pretty great.
  4. Tremors at Silverwood. There's 2 reasons why I'm saying this. One is because I've been on it and I haven't been on too many coasters. Two is that I never hear about it anywhere. The reason probably being that it's in Idaho. I think it's one of the best if not the best wooden coaster on the west coast. It has great airtime, great head choppers, and it keeps a good pace throughout the whole ride. For those reasons I think it deserves a little more respect.
  5. Hello Everyone. How's Everybody doing? I was watching the travel channel the other day and I could tell it was a fairly old coaster program because they were showcasing X-Flight, Superman Ultimate Escape, Batman Knight Flight and Hypersonic XLC but it was still pretty entertaining to watch, but enough with my short story. As I was watching I wondered if some of those rides are really alot less fun than they are said too be. For example I've heard alot of complaints about how horrible Son of Beast is and it was one of their showcased rides. Also I thought that there are alot of rides that are great rides that you never see anywhere in the mainstream media, like on Travel Channel or Discovery Channel. So I thought I would ask a daring question. What rides do you think are overrated and which rides are underrated?
  6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland is my clear cut favorite. For Coaster theming It's California Screamin. The extra supports for the track give it the old beach boardwalk wooden coaster look which is great.
  7. Hey everyone! How's everyone doing? I don't have too many coaster rides under my belt so I thought I would ask a burning question i've had about different types of coasters. What would be your personal favorite type of coaster. Some examples would be Intamin wooden plug and play, B&M dive coasters, Intamin Giga Coaster, B&M floorless ect. you get the idea. I'm very interested to see what people say because I haven't been on many roller coasters. If you don't have a clear favorite you can just list your favorites. I hope everyone can enjoy this thread.
  8. I'm starting off my season at Magic Mountain which will be by far the best coaster park i've ever been too so I'm weighing my options between either X2, Tatsu, Goliath or Terminator because I wanna see if Terminator is better than Tremors. Great question , Great Thread
  9. Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? I've been having a burning question to put up for the last week or so. So I'd thought I might as well ask. Since 2001 Intamin AG has been making unbelievable wooden coasters. Yes all 4 of them I've heard nothing but good about. These rides are not like the traditional wooden coasters in terms of how the track is laid out. So I'd thought I'd put up the poll. Which of the 4 is truly the best?
  10. I watch the second disc just as much as the first disc if not more than the first disc, but I also only own coaster expeditions 1, 3 and 4. My opinion is that it's important to keep putting coaster footage on the second disc's because there's a chance for more coaster's to be showcased whether its on the expedition's or if it's on the Raw dvd's. Unless of course the same ride's are going to be on the second disc's of the expeditions that are on the Raw dvd's. I hope you find my input helpful.
  11. Hello everyone. How's everyone doing? I looked up to see if there's a similar poll to this and I couldn't find anything but if I did miss something I apologize. I noticed that when ride manufacturers are talked about in terms of who makes the best for example Intamin or B&M the topic is about who makes the best steel rides. Well I thought I would dare ask the question... Who makes the best wooden coasters. It's hard to find alot of large companies that make wooden coasters so if I forgot a few of the smaller companies I apologize. So I hope everyone can enjoy the poll
  12. I think that if the ride's good enough like Superman Ride of Steel and Six Flags is the one in position to sell it, I bet that they could get alot for it because so many of the smaller parks that are in a position to expand would pay alot for that ride. Again this is all assuming that Six Flags has the selling rights to rides and that Six Flags America goes under. Again I'm just throwing these out there and they're probably doubtful possibilites.
  13. Are recycled rides like Aftershock, Dominator, Voodoo ect. owned by the parks or do the manufactures own the rights to the ride because what Six Flags could do is sell the most popular rides at those parks that aren't key parks or aren't in great shape irregardless of the economy to smaller parks that are in a position to expand. For example Six Flags America appears to have a bleak future, think about how many parks would want to purchase Superman: Ride of Steel. Maybe Six Flags could sell their best rides at those parks and then sell the parks after that. Sorry if I'm completely wrong about how things work or if thats not possible at all. I was just curious to see if thats a possibility.
  14. When I stated that they aren't in trouble of going out of business I wasn't saying that it would automatically cause them to buy the parks. I was just trying to say that because they are a beer company they're in better shape than the other theme park companies and they're in better position to buy the parks than almost anyone else. Now I do agree that that is extremely unlikely and probably not going to happen.
  15. Xcelerator because it was brand new and they were having trouble with the hydraulic system and Ghostrider because I was killed by Boomerang earlier that day.
  16. What about Budweiser buying them out and making new Busch Gardens because its pretty hard to imagine Budweiser going out of business... ever because they are the biggest beer company in the country. I doubt that they're interested at all in expanding but I was just curious.
  17. Do you think that if they run out of business that Cedar Fair might buy the biggest parks like how when Paramount sold their parks they bought those parks. Is it a possibility that Cedar Fair might buy out Great Adventure and Magic Mountain and possibly even more parks or are they in financial trouble as well? Imagine if Cedar Fair had the 3 parks with the most roller coasters in the world as well as Great Adventure and possibly even more!
  18. Yeah sorry I'm going the 22nd of June not March. As much as I would love to go to WCB I can't. Reason 1 is that its the middle of my baseball season for my hs and this is our year to win state so I need to be there as much as possible because I'm the starting catcher. Reason 2 is I don't have the money for it. So sorry I can't go to WCB. If it was during June I would go in a hear beat but since its in March I can't go.
  19. The first time I went on Aftershock at Silverwood (which is Deja Vu from Six Flags Great America) I got very lightheaded and started loosing sense of color going backwards going through the Cobra roll backwards. The reason being that I'd never pulled 4.5 g's before that.
  20. Hey guys its me again. I just got another question about Magic Mountain for my trip. I've been looking at Magic Mountain's website and trying to figure out the flash pass system, and its safe to say that I'm more confused with the system now than I was before I knew about it. Could you guys help explain that?
  21. I think its just a matter of luck whether or not a Vekoma ride is smooth or not. Case in point the boomerang coaster at Astroworldfan's home park is very smooth and the one Knott's is rough as can be. The Giant Inverted Boomerang coasters are extremely smooth but the medium sized inverted boomerangs are a little rough so it just seems to be a matter of luck on how smooth Vekoma rides are.
  22. Oh really? Thats cool. That must be a pretty good ride then. The one I went on at Knott's just beat the snot out of me and I couldn't even go on Ghostrider because I was so sore. A couple of hours after that I went on California Screamin and it had never felt smoother haha but I think thats really cool that the one by where you live is smooth. It must be really fun
  23. Well its that time of year again, March Madness is approaching and one of the most fun that people have with that event is filling out brackets. Well I had an idea that you guys might like. How bout you guys make a bracket of the 64 best roller coasters and have people vote for each mach up that is made and eventually a winner of best coaster would be crowned. If you don't think this is a good idea I'm fine with that. I just thought I would throw that out there. By the way. I hope the Washington Huskies get killed in March Madness (I'm a Washington State Cougar Fan)
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