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  1. Sea World San Diego's new 2011 ride Riptide Rescue. ea World San Diego's Riptide Rescue, opening June 17 The ride sign? There may be another. This one's at the entrance to the new area.
  2. Here's a brief Manta construction update for you. The occasion? Shamu has a new show; it was passholder preview day. I'll talk about it if there's any interest. It's fair to say the show appeared a work in progress. As long as the trainers are out of the water, it's far less compelling. The photos will do the rest of the talking. The Manta site: That's a lot of dirt. Insert PETA attack joke here. I thought better of it. I see the manta touch pool is still intact (although high and dry), as is its plumbing plant. Turtle Reef overview: I see you down there Riptide Rescue! Riptide Rescue was testing. Contrary to the billboards around town which proclaim "Turtle Reef, Now Open," the passholder preview day is June 17. GP jollies follow on the 18th. Surfy sign: The manatees never had it this flashy. What are they doing to those baby turtles? Don't look honey! Your bonus shot, a brief glimpse of the new One Ocean Shamu show. The less said the better.
  3. These straps are virtually loss-proof -get some! Only $12, cheap insurance. My family has gone to these Nexstraps for every glasses-risky activity, including playing in the surf, whitewater rafting, ziplines, and most of all coasters. http://www.nexstraps.com
  4. Does that mean Bert won some TPR fans? Personally I can separate the man from the show. As much as we detest the over-acting and girlish screaming, we think Bert's often funny.
  5. How can anyone forget what's under the garish pink dome at Circus Circus? There are good reasons it's still around: it's attached to a property that actively markets to families and it's indoors. Can we say as much for the new attraction (if built)?
  6. ^On an early June weekday at the very least you should be able to wait until you're at the park to decide. If you're there when the gates open, you may not find it worthwhile except at for a few rides such as Tatsu and Deja Vu, and that chiefly for speedy rerides.
  7. ^Some one's a little cranky. Jeff Johnson would have counted it as a credit. You could too.
  8. I took a load of trash to the dump - I wanted a clean house to end it all. Once in a lifetime good enough?
  9. I still want to hit that flier. It picked up and moved cross country before I could get to it at California's next new Great Asphalt lot. Intamidator is pretty even if you found it pretty boring.
  10. ^^Don't forget the frequent free meals on that flight to heaven for those who ride mouth-open. I think TTD is superior in almost every way to KK: smoothness, the setting, off-ride interactions, station loading, the view from the top, the restraints. The one exception: the bug factor. A night-time front row ride when the bugs are thick is an incredible windshield simulation: smack, splat, sploosh!
  11. ^There's no force field keeping you out of an attraction once the listed FP return time has passed. The employees really only care about the first time listed in the return. It really is that simple, if it says come back between 1 and 3, it's good from 1 until the end of the day. Occasionally you might find an employee that stops you, but hang onto the Fastpass and come back later and you'll probably get in. The time it takes to park hop depends on which parks are involved (some are farther apart) and whether you are driving or taking Disney transportation. And the crowd level, because sometimes you have to wait, for example, to enter or exit the Magic Kingdom via the parking lot, you're stuck taking the monorail or the ferry. Conservatively, you should budget 40 minutes or more. It isn't like Disneyland, where the gates face each other 70 yards apart.
  12. Is there a sign? Like the other in-building tram interactions, King Kong is dressed from the exterior like a sound stage. I've looked for one a couple of times. Perhaps I'm too distracted or stupid to find it. I really appreciate this resource, it's a big help in trip planning. Thanks Larry.
  13. I read that as sarcasm, beating the real haters to the punch. Look at the cited coasters. It has to be a joke. With the successful reprofile, will i305 top the list next year?
  14. Mike, let me be the first to apologize for our chronically underdevoped mass transit system. This is the land of the automobile. Hopefully you can find a ride with a fellow coaster lover. Your day will be much more enjoyable. If you do have to rely on transit, on the bright side you'll rub shoulders with many interesting people. I've already diverted this thread enough, but for those who question my drive times, I religiously avoid peak traffic hours, average an easy 70 mph (other traffic regularly blasts by), monitor traffic reports and use several alternate routes.
  15. On a Sunday morning it takes me 2 hours flat from San Diego. There are ways...
  16. A 3+ hour ride. In a car it's 60 minutes so long as it isn't rush hour.
  17. I enjoyed Wicked very much, particularly the second launch up the tophat. Great forces, I'd love a serving of that in California. If it is Zierer, it doesn't bother me. From the looks of it, BGW's new ride will be a wonderful addition.
  18. ^Lucky! I'm very much looking forward to the relaunch, although I despise the prequels. It was far past the time for an update.
  19. ^Bert will still scream like a preteen girl. There's a good drinking game in there somewhere, a shot for every so many shrieks.
  20. I'm not familiar with Orlando civic politics, but consider this. Staff recommended the neighborhood planning board approve the development. That's staff, the professionals, stating the development is in accordance with civic regulations. The planning board, local low-level appointees, made a political decision to vote it down. But the ultimate decision rests with the city council, where the politics may play out differently. A savvy developer will make an assessment of the likelihood for success prior bearing the costs of an appeal.
  21. Woohoo, made it to the end credits. "Made especially for..." I was relieved to escape your wrath.
  22. Holy herd of humanity! It was worth the wait. I hope you wore protection. Great choice of music. Is the vid still rendering at YouTube? It repeatedly hangs with 50 seconds left - so minty fresh.
  23. ^^^^Vegan power strikes ILoveRides! The title fairy approves of donkeys, but apparently frowns on eating the flesh, ovum and lactation of anything with a face. You never know what will catch the almighty fairy's fancy.
  24. Robb, did you get to sit back and watch the messages come across one by one? Kind of like a Twitter feed? Cool deal.
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