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  1. Thanks for the screw job. No head banging? Nice! Don't know about Silverwood's GIB, but I find Deja Vu a Jekyl / Hyde experience. Head- hurting rough or smooth yet intense. If you'd managed another ride, I wonder what you would've found.
  2. "Reply" Are you happy now? Bring on Corkscrew! I rode it in it's first year, after waiting through an endless shuffle of people. I was nine at the time. Mom encouraged me to go, but sat on the sidelines with dad. They didn't trust their own necks to a coaster that goes upside down. Send the kid!
  3. California Screamin through the single rider line. Ops here are incredible. If only Six Flags had the resources to staff to Disney levels!
  4. I remember! It was even promoted at the park via a mock up in a window of the Main Street Emporium (or nearby). Do you know why it got the axe?
  5. In my limited experience of woodies, Rattler is worst by far. Yes, worse than Grizzly at CGA. Jackwagon!
  6. ^OHHH SNAP! I'll take your word on the Scrambler.
  7. Busch Gardens also has Quick Queue, to avoid long lines. Even with just one day I'd be tempted to go for the best of both. The two parks are only about an hour apart. Hit KD (it's free right, you said you have a pass), get a few quick coaster laps when the park opens, then hustle over to BGE, grab a Quick Queue and enjoy the rest of the day at a relaxing pace.
  8. ^They definitely seem aware of the park's rich heritage. The Knott's Preserved project was a labor of love that is already inspiring positive changes in the park. Remember, the management that works for big bad Cedar Faire provided author Christopher Merritt the access and assistance necessary to complete the project. Or so I've heard...
  9. Looking for a little help. Teach me to appreciate Maverick please. I've only managed a couple of laps, so I haven't learned when and where to lean to avoid that painful neck slap. On i305 the twisties are easy to see coming. Riding defensively is tougher (for me) on this one. I'll only get one more chance to show my 6-4 son this thing's potential. As of now, he'd prefer to skip it and he's not shy of intensity. Just neck and ear chops.
  10. Am I supposed to comment on the length of your pole? Not gonna touch that! You could put together a tribute to wildly run old school flat rides. I'm looking forward to video of that Rock o Plane and super-fast Scrambler. And the bumper cars, those look like they could be the real deal. DO NOT underestimate the time you'll need for Knoebels. That place is right up your alley, a treasure trove of classic flats run right.
  11. You should try it before judging it. The Impulses are fun rides, but don't produce a fraction of the g force of a ZacSpin. Has anything changed this season as far as the gates? I'm hoping the Marina Gate still offers a quickest route to Millie for early entry. I've yet to visit a park where re-rides are harder to come by than CP for MF, Maverick and TTD.
  12. I'm looking at a visit between Aug 16 (a Tues) and Aug 18 (Thurs). It's the last week of 10-10 hours, and spans the entirety of the Wheels of Thunder special event (stock car racers will be at the park). Does Wheels of Thunder impact attendance? We plan to arrive in plenty of time for Platinum Pass early entry, stay through close on day one, then come back a second day for early entry before leaving in the early afternoon. This is our second visit, so I don't feel we have to hit every coaster, just our favorites.
  13. ^I'm interested in tips for efficiently hitting the park too. We should be visiting on Fri Aug 19, coming from Cedar Pt. Any thoughts on how to avoid slow traffic through Chicago?
  14. While plenty of people feel Silver Bullet is an assault on Ghost Town, I believe it was a good addition. It brings movement to the front of the park, where it fits in with the park's "coaster core" interacting with Montezuma, Sierra Sidewinder, and Jaguar. That tangle of track is the beating heart of the park. It isn't exactly in the center of Ghost Town but off to the side. There's plenty of Ghost Town left. In my view the real insult is Pointless Express. Silver Bullet might be the quietest B&M out there, so silent it's uncanny. It is far from a horrible ride even if it's no Batman clone on the intensity scale. It's unique, with that inverted turn, the cobra roll's dives right into the entry plaza, and the alternating directions of the rolls leading into the helix. Don't take that to mean Silver Bullet wouldn't have been a better fit elsewhere in the park. The Roaring Twenties / Boardwalk area has looked rather empty the past few years. I'm hopeful Knott's will work on that area soon, giga or no giga. The time had come to move the church and displace the dilapidated mission dioramas. The church is a better fit outside the amusement park. As for the missions, with some people they have as unsavory reputation as the concentration camps at Treblinka or Dachau. Attitudes change with the times. The amusement park side is so landlocked, some things have to go to make way for the present.
  15. ^^^We had the chance to watch a single rider (a cameraman) flip and roll repeatedly over the course of several rides. The revolutions were too fast to count. Green Lantern is capable of delivering a nutty ride (although under conditions the GP isn't likely to experience now). I wonder how much the lack of spin is a result of loading policies. As I mentioned earlier, the ride ops were directing the two heaviest riders to the outboard seats. One time out of three they didn't do it. With two 200 lb+ guys on one side, we were definitely unbalanced - my side of the car was hanging low on the lift hill. We spun twice, nothing like Robb is describing, not more thrilling exactly but more satisfying. Personally, I'll take a wait and see approach. The park may loosen up (or not) once they've run the ride a few weeks or months. Even under the current conditions, the ride is a unique and worthwhile experience. I rode I305 while the first drop was trimmed. While it wasn't the best it could be, it was still excellent. So is this. Robb pointed out just how much better GL can be. There's potential for Insanity.
  16. Any guesses when Xcellerator will be back to 2 train ops? On Thurs the second train was on the transfer with the shell off the front car. Still steamed some fool stole my kid's shoes at Soak City. No, I don't blame the park one bit. Some people.
  17. Silver Bullet at Knott's on the way home from Magic Mt. Much better than sitting in rush hour traffic on I-5.
  18. ^Motorbike Racers for the win! (At least I think that was the name)
  19. ^I may not have noticed the tight arm clearances between the track and the station, but I did note the lack of space in the boarding area. They better be smaller cubbies, but yes, something is needed.
  20. I heard that horn repeatedly during both ERT sessions and rides during regular hours. It could be up to the operator to sound it. I didn't pay it that much attention, but the number of horn blasts seemed to vary. Did you hear the clucking from the chicken coop? A friend who posts here says three train operation causes constant stacking. I'm just offering an alternative theory for two train operation.
  21. Good news eyeglass wearers! Xcelerator's no-glasses tyranny has ended. Yesterday my son and I were allowed to actually see where we were going. I spoke with one of the ops (I know) who said the operations manual had been made consistent with the other Intamin Accelerators. BUT - straps are mandatory. Enjoy! In other news, some scummy lowlife swiped my son's size 13 water shoes practically out from under my nose over at Soak City a mere 15 minutes before close, only two chairs over from where I was sitting browsing TPR on my phone. What kind of creep steals shoes? Really! If you have the scratch to fool around in a waterpark you're not desperate for footwear. I hope your feet rot. May you someday walk home barefoot through a mile of broken glass and dog crap you jerk. That was the first incident of its kind in 44 years of park visits.
  22. Brady McDonald of the LA Times Funland blog reported the ride should spin better in the few weeks: His review: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-six-flags-magic-mountain-green-lantern-06201129,0,6205789.story Now for mine. Don't be fooled by Green Lantern's gentle look. This thing has fangs, sharp ones. A day after three laps twin spots on my shoulders are sore (in a good way). The Lantern dishes out incredible downward G forces unlike any other coaster I've experienced. The feel is swoopy, abrupt and forceful. Each of those sharp transitions is a sudden downward yank that'll get you gasping in (delighted) surprise. It's a worthy addition to "The Extreme Park!" It fits right in with the Helix of Death, the adrenalized take-charge chaos of X-2, and the flat on your back crush of Tatsu's mighty pretzel loop. The GP will love the "death-defying" challenge. My first trip didn't spin, but the ride was still unique and intense. The next time out we had two bigger guys on one side and two slender reeds on the other. That one gave us two revolutions, with a leg-whip coming off the final element as a rough kiss goodbye. My final trip was carefully balanced by the op, with a lady each inboard and the apes on the outer seats. That one gave us one 360 over the ending hop. Watch out for that - the grouper may instruct the heaviest riders to take the outward seats. I don't know why. Any thoughts? I agree - this isn't a hands up ride. I forgot the arm guard the moment we headed up the smooth and speedy lift (the views different from the norm, the view is something to savor). The backwards seats are rich in anticipation. The front-facing roll you up to a cliff and fling you over the edge. I didn't notice the tight clearances in the station - I was too preoccupied with the ride. Shorter people should expect quite a hop up into the seat. Watch out guys - the groin guard could get you good (bad) if you don't hop high enough. Also as others have said, there aren't preshows per se, but there is welcome diversion in the likely to be slow queue. No one is going to hold you back from the front of the line. Finally, the entire newly refreshed DC area was lavished with fun, extra details. I wasn't free to take much of it in, but I'm looking forward to coming back and spending some time to find the hidden and not so hidden tributes. The two flats could be brand new.
  23. What clearance issue? Quick tip, if you're 6-3 or over, wear low-heeled shoes or you may be too tall to ride. My 6-4 son couldn't ride today at media day. My take on the ride to come later. I'll say this much - intense!
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