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  1. Hey Atem, it was cool to run into another TPR'er at the park. Thanks for the shout-out. X was running great yesterday. Would you believe "smooth" in the back? Really! And it didn't hurt that the line was as short as I've ever seen it (we only make it to MM a couple times a year), only about 15 minutes when we hit it again at 3 pm. What a super day for re-rides. We walked onto Terminator (5 laps on the day), saw Deja Vu cycling nearly empty trains at 11:30, went straight into the seats on Goliath and could have stayed on long past our 3 laps. Even Batman with its slow ops was a 1 cycle wait, and that was for the front. We finally burned out with our ride count at 20 total, but it easily could have been 30 or more if we hadn't taken long cool-down breaks and stuck it out for the final two hours. These final few weekdays of summer 09 are a super time to hit the park.
  2. At the park now. Pretty empty, 3 runs on Termy without changing seats. Hot too! The free water is flowing. So far we've hit the wharf-like place near Goldrusher and a couple stands at the food court near Goliath. Sushi guy was nice - Ben and Jerry's girl didn't exactly smile but we got our H2O (if sans ice).
  3. I've never thought to ask for free ice water. I can understand why the park wouldn't advertise it, but this should be easy to deal with park-wide using designated courtesy cups. The only 'hard' part should be keeping them stocked at every food venue. How have peak hour crowds been on Tues and Thurs? Going to make the trip from SD this week.
  4. How is Superman running? Just wondering. I've heard this one isn't as smooth as the one at SFNE.
  5. Labor Day weekend? Should be crowded. A Flashpass Qbot could save your day. Don't get too hot, and have a great time. Otherwise, there are plenty of great suggestions for how to start your day in the SFMM thread. Things like the opening bell X2 rush, or skipping it and heading to Terminator and then proceeding counter-clockwise around the park. For a while, lines should be rare for Riddler's, Batman, Scream and Colossus.
  6. Then its a good thing I've gone with the gold flashpass. I'd rather have gone another day, but crowds or not, we can't pass up a shot at El Toro and Nitro, maybe Kingda Ka (crosses fingers).
  7. How about the Saturday of Labor Day weekend? It's the only time we can go. I usually avoid holiday periods, so I've already purchased Flashpasses. Since we may never get back (coming from the west coast) i'd like to pile on rerides.
  8. Batman's crew was stacking on Tues night. In fact, we sat on the brakes in the dark so long, I thought the ride had gone down. Goliath's crew was motoring, Terminator's was fast too, Scream was operating smoothly. Of course, these were momentary observations - who knows how the rides are operating now.
  9. Terminator was running 2 trains at 9:45 tonight, but runnng the last car empty on one train for some reason. Kicking ride!
  10. After a rough all day business meeting in Santa Monica, I raced over to MM for a bit of stress releif. After battling through rush hour, I hit the park about 7:30. Close was 10. I managed 8 coasters: Revolution, Viper, Ninja, Riddler's Revenge, Batman, Scream, Goliath and a fantastic spin on Terminator (don't hold on - there are plenty of air pops on this intense twister). I was 5 minutes shy of squeezing in Tatsu too. Only X2 was out of the question. On a summer Tuesday night you can get a lot done in about 2 and a half hours, and feel a lot better for it.
  11. Corkscrew at Knotts Berry Farm the year it debuted. Blink and it was over. The ride was all about those two brief inversions, I remember the odd feeling of twisting head over heels. I also rode the Great American Revolution at Magic Mountain its first year. Unlike Corkscrew, this was a damn good ride even before that tall vertical loop made it into the equation. It was my first coaster love, and even though the old girl's not aged well, I still like her moves. PLEASE Magic Mt, rip out those horrid over the shoulder head-bangers.
  12. Visited Sin City over the Easter holiday (I'm definitely doomed), figured might as well visit a couple coasters. Speed had recently reopened at the Sahara. Good ride, with two launch zones, an interesting overbanked turn right out of the station, nice and smooth. Passed on The Coaster at NY NY - been there, done that several times, most recently about 5 years back. At that time, it hadn't aged well, and its pricey. If you've got wheels and can stand a 30-40 minute drive south on I-15, a former world leader waits at Primm. Desperado is a hyper, nowhere near as smooth as it used to be, still 225 ft high with decent air time. Its a thrilling spin. Enjoy!
  13. We're blasting through next Sunday and Monday, planning quick trips to both parks for their coasters. We should hit CGA around 3 or 4 pm (they close at 10). Any tips for an afternoon / evening visit? Same question for DK, but from open at 10:30 to about 4 or 5? To maximize rerides, I think we'll get a Flashpass.
  14. I'm visiting from down south on Monday July 16. Coasters are a priority! We don't have a full day, probably open to 4 or 5 pm. On a mid-summer weekday, would we be better off with Flashpasses? Thanks!
  15. That pretzel loop makes the ride for me! There's nothing like it. Could be that unfamiliarity and strangeness plays a role for those who dislike it.
  16. We splurged on a Gold Flashpass this past Tues - my wife was along, and I wanted to make sure she had the best possible experience as she's not much of a park-goer. The pass may have been overkill given the crowd level (moderate in my estimation), but it was literally golden during the mid-afternoon. We tallied 27 rides, all but 3 on the coasters. After 7 pm, we didn't need it any longer. I think next time I'll try the regular Flashpass and do the first-thing X-2 run. It would probably have done just as well.
  17. I don't blame you. I haven't made it on there myself, but feel much the same.
  18. Dear OP. I enjoyed some of your camera angles. If you'd like to reduce some of that blur, maybe you can set your camera to the sporting event mode - that'll force a fast shutter speed. But maybe you like blur. What, no Pony Express?
  19. I didn't have any issues with the crew working Superman - on the contrary, I thought they were fun, and not in a mean way. That ride always cycles slowly. It didn't seem any worse than normal to me. Except for the failure of the LIMs to stop us as we came back down the hill, I have no complaints. The crew was very good especially the guy wearing the tie. He kept his captive audience (us) up to date and mildly entertained as maintenance winched us out of the clutches of the rare earth magnets and back into the station.
  20. Thank-you TPR, Ride World and especially Magic Mt for an amazing experience. What an adventure, with showery skies parting to blue right at park opening, that lunchtime hail storm, and rides, rides, rides. We nearly ended our day stuck on Superman. We flew up the hill, rolled back down and blew right through the station at full speed. Thank-you rare earth magnets, the e-brakes that can't break down. That was fun. Otherwise, so much more. Terminator looks like it'll be a beast, plus those plans for better theming. To have park executives put themselves out there for some of their most demanding fans was... well, unprecedented in my experience. I can't imagine too many others doing it. I'm happy and relieved to see that someone with a long history at the park is at the helm. I see it getting better and better. The best days of this park may be right around the corner. Night time ERT on every coaster in the park, with the lights turned out! What a blast. Ok, X2 was down from the wind, but otherwise they were all going. So many other impressions. Thanks again to those who made it possible, and for sharing it with such a large and happy group. This was our first TPR trip experience; I hope it won't be the last.
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