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  1. Crap. My 15-year old coaster enabling kid was bounced from Green Lantern last year, also a 77-inch maximum height ride. Is this reliable? It isn't on the official website yet. If it bears out, I'll have to take Hershey off our east coast schedule. There's no way I'm going to subject Stretch to watching me ride (tempting... nah!). On the bright side, that means a visit to my overall #1, El Toro.
  2. Come on Chad, you could do better. Where's the POV of your ERT with the hot chicks? In seriousness, great report. The ride looks much improved. Did you count it as a credit?
  3. ^Get out there - it's a short drive. Bud's trains alone are worth the trip. I hear tickets are up for grabs - take pity and toss $10 to sponsor Chad's Give Kids the World entry. You'll have to get by me and my $20 donation.
  4. Chadster come on down! Here's $20, now get to work. The kids need cash. That's $40 total in Team TPR support. Go team!
  5. You've heard how some people make a good living off serial ADA lawsuit shakedown threats? Some environmental activist groups have used that strategy for years. (One is known derisively by its opponents in government circles and the private sector as "Steal the Bay"). It nets them cash and publicity. Let's see what the local authorities have to say before jumping to any conclusions.
  6. What are the odds USH will continue the soft openning over the weekend?
  7. ^The ride quality depends on the row and the train. We recently managed about 20 rides over the course of a week. Rows 5 and 6 rattled the most. The center of each train seemed to give the smoothest ride.
  8. F you Fountain Blue! What a waste. Parts of Vegas look like (name any random third world craphole). Ghost town. Ah, but the place will renew and reimagine its hedonistic, money churning vision (eventually). So long Speed, you lived to a ripe old age in accelerated Vegas time.
  9. ^Awesome, the Screamer's front seat was filled with people, not sandbags. That thing doesn't look like much but packs a wallop.
  10. Probably, maybe for both days for two people if I can change some work-related convention travel.
  11. ^Porn slapper cards, empty coin cups, and broken dreams are free on the strip. But it's for the kids. Dammit you got me.
  12. I just dropped a 20 spot on Chadster, hitting his $75 whore trigger. Let's see those shameful kiddie coasters!
  13. Someone just hit the $75 threshold. Let's see more whore!
  14. I wish I could say. The park preserved an aura of mystery over a number of elements. For instance, we didn't get near the show building and its 60 foot long screen. Reilly repeatedly described the water element in near-miss terms. Visually, I'm sure there will be some kind of splash. I'm also looking forward to the near misses with the lagoon walls and the rock spire. I took that extra special for you Chad. I know how you love a good up-skirt.
  15. ^You could do that at San Diego too, although your odds were much better if you queued up and dropped, what, $5 for a tray of fish? It remains to be seen how this will be different. It's no DIP, but should be something more than what they offered for decades. We'll see if food trays are a thing of the past.
  16. ^One train is on the track! Sea World San Diego invited ACE to join a media hardhat tour of Manta on Thursday. The site is looking great. It's big - five acres that redefine the heart of the park. Here's the new info: The first test runs are about a month out. One train is already in the maintenance bay. All four trains can operate at one time. Capacity is expected to be 1,400 riders an hour. Opening day is just over two months away, on May 26. Although Sea World doesn’t release attraction cost info, Reilly said “it is up there” in terms of the park’s most expensive capital improvement. One extra note. The park’s dolphin habitat is scheduled to reopen in a couple of days following a lengthy refurbishment. Guests will now have the opportunity to interact with the dolphins without paying an upcharge. Reilly said San Diego is the first park to try this approach. Let's look at some photos: What's that I spy? A train! A train! They weren't kidding about the hard hats. Duck, it'll be worth it. Yes! Smooth, smooth wheels. I must caress them. We begged, but Reilly said there'll be no opening of presents until May 26. Here's the whole, plastic wrapped beauty. Must. Push. The. Button. A twisty coming out of the second LSM launch. Splash zone? The word I heard here was "skim." Sea World park President John Reilly doing his media thing. Last one - the signature swoop. Manta is deliciously curvaceous.
  17. Sad, sad photos leading up to the TIV meet and greet. During the first two seasons I thought there was a disturbing disconnect between the excitement of the storm chasers and the devastating potentially killer nature of the storms. The past two seasons the chasers seem to have developed a conscience, but it feels forced. Only the academic team in their thin skinned trucks comes across as likable. Sean comes across as whiny and mercurial,but I'm sure that's the producers' doing. In real life, no one could be as much a jerk as Reed, could they? Whatever, it takes steel to deliberately run down those twisters. I'm sure Sean is an interesting character. It's cool you got to meet him.
  18. Did you wheedle a ride in the TIV? That would take some real whoring.
  19. ^That's not how I saw it. The staff let nothing out of the bag other than confirming, as we probably all suspect, that they've considered many alternatives concerning Ghostrider and the incessant dark ride question. They just framed their "we have nothing to announce at this time" in more interesting terms.
  20. ^Enough with the misinformation. I attended Coaster Solace yesterday, and why not? After West Coast Bash, I was ready for another heaping helpful of wonderful Knott's hospitality. I wasn't the only TPR member who felt that way. For me, it was a second chance at the fantastic backstage tours, a couple of which I missed at WCB. The park put on a great show for their 60+ event guests, and I give them great credit for doing so despite the smaller number and a day that started off with a nearly empty park due to the weather. Morning ERT included Xcel, Windseeker, Log Ride and Supreme Scream. Maybe Ghostrider too; it was scheduled but I chose to pass. Lunch was the typical amazingly tasty fried chicken, plus burgers, hot dogs, corn of the cob and other good stuff. The Q&A reprised TPR's haunt preview, and then got most interesting. With no park president in the house, the staff wasn't quite as closed-mouthed. We learned that Knott's has in fact investigated the possibility of lavishing Ghostrider with the Rocky Mt treatment. On the other hand, we also heard several reasons why they haven't made any decision to this point. They aren't sure of the long-term viability for one, and also cited the need to shutter Ghostrider for many months to make the changeover. Dark rides came up, and again the answer was inconclusive but at least a bit more forthright. The staff said they'd love to bring one back to the park. Again, they've investigated the possibilities but nothing more at this point. I have no idea if the evening PM went off as scheduled. I'd had my fill of rides by 4:30 pm. Although it never rained while I was at the park, attendance was so light at 10 am, it was as if ERT continued uninterrupted until noon. Ghostrider, Monte, Sierra Sidewider and Silver Bullet were scheduled for 7-9 pm. Again, Knott's did an amazing job of customer service by going forward with Coaster Solace despite lower numbers and challenging weather. Those who travelled were no doubt appreciative considering the prior day's debacle. For me, it highlights the upsurge at Knott's, as well as the fundamentally different approach between the two operations. Knott's cares, and they go the extra mile to show it.
  21. Chad, your photo report is pure win! And you, sir, are a whore. Just sayin. I hear you're thinking about a return to Cali. If you fail to visit Santa Cruz on your bounce back, I will hunt you down and make you iron and fold towels. I mean it!
  22. Hey, hey! All the customary gushy thanks to the TPR crew for the tremendous job. WCB is a true highlight of the year, something like the kick-off to another stupendous season. Knott's. Epic. Sensational. The ultimate in welcoming and warm - they seemed to enjoy having us as their guests. It was a wonderful experience, and the pride they show in the park (which is looking F I N E fine and getting better)... It was a joy to be there. Amazing food, over the top tours, excellent presentation, and they tolerate TPR insanity (best TPR quest ever!). I can't thank them enough. The day was so much fun, next year we'll probably skip Magic Mt. I don't want anything getting in the way of the premiere, unquestioned, simply the best event in Southern California. Magic Mt. What can I say? I love the park. It's still making progress. Apocalyspse is in great form, and Tatsu and X-2 are the top thrills in the state. But for my small group, we're coming to the point where we'd be better off visiting on a regular operational day, springing for a QuikQueue, and eating our meals out of the park or at Mooseburger Lodge. For us, Magic is hitting the point where the WCB day isn't a great value. I know - heresy! Let me explain. We loved two things most at prior Magic Mt bashes: TPR craziness and all you can stand X-2, Tatsu, and Apoc. Other than the cool people, TPR wasn't in full force at Magic this year. Maybe we just missed it, but I don't think so. Some of it has to do with the ERT setup. I've always thought it foolish of the park to offer night ERT on every coaster. The ridership didn't merit it. On the other hand, the new setup with the right side of the park open in the AM left us hungry for more. Those rides are easy to get when the park opens. Other than GL, they don't need ERT. Before anyone flames on, we understand the priority on Green Lantern, and wouldn't have done it any differently if the choice had been ours to make. However, with that side of the park done before opening, there wasn't much left to do but wait for night ERT. 'Cause I'm not sticking out long lines if I can walk on later. Speaking of... the ERT on Tatsu and X-2 didn't get cranking until roughly 9 for Tatsu and 9:20 or so for X-2. It was the same last year (if not worse). So, to get what we most value about the day, we stuck it out to the end - and that means we weren't exactly minty fresh the next morning for Knott's. This is already a novel, but there's more to say and I wouldn't say it if I didn't care. I sorely missed Apoc ERT. We made the best of it, opening and closing the park at GCI's sexy beast. It left us hungry. Apoc was destroying in the dark! Lunch was mediocre. My picky kid ate corn, chips and cheap fake ice cream and that's it. McDonalds could do better. As always, Tim and Neal were entertaining, but otherwise, it might as well have been a standard park day: no photo walks or backstage tours, no TPR games, just a nice Q&A. With Lex Luthor opening soon, I'd guess the morning ERT is likely set for the right side of the park next year. If that's the case, we'll probably pass and save ourselves for Knott's - unless we hear TPR will be in full force and the park is offering tours. Now if they open some kind of mega monster world beater - ERT on that will get us back. Did I mention how much we loved Knott's?
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