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  1. Personally, I would love to see these restraints on Maverick. I experience some serious neck chopping last fall. I really hope I can get down to Virginia soon!
  2. RFII is absolutely amazing, so amazing that I'm trying to justify driving three hours in each direction (from Rochester) for a day at Waldameer sometime this summer.
  3. Years ago, my church used to have a carnival every year, and there would always be a mini himilaya.
  4. I've ridden the Predator many times; the most air time I have ever experiences was just a little bit of floater in the third seat. As long as you sit in the front seat of any given car, your experience won't be too painful. I do remember riding with a friend in the back seat for two circuits in a row without getting out. The op thought we were insane! Her assumption was probably true.
  5. Seriously, the Beast after the second lift hill in the back row in the morning was the most painful experience I have had on a coaster, I thought my ribcage was going to be crushed. I just rode it tis past October (in the back seat), and it was noticeably smoother than it was in the past several years. On a side note, the do operate it trim-free after heavy rain storms (when there is a one train operation).
  6. I would have to agree. However, I have only ridden 26 wood coasters; so, ranking the Beast at number 2 douen't really mean much. Also, many of the people who are huge fans of the Beast are not very well traveled.
  7. I made a trip down to KI for the Haunt a few weeks ago. My night ride on DB (3rd from back row, outside seat) was absolutely stunning. The ride definitely exceded my expections, which were quite high after riding Behemoth the previous summer. I know where you are coming from when you say it is better in the front. That seems to be the case with B&M hypers.
  8. I totally agree. King Kahuna ran the mildest program I've ever experienced on a top spin. (I do hear that the Crypt at KI is even worse, though.)
  9. Worse than Vortex? not by any stretch of the imagination! That transition actually hurt. Maybe that was just because the OTSRs cut me off at the neck. Idk.
  10. I rode Phantom's Revenge just a week ago. The only reason I even noticed the slight jerk was the trip report that was posted to the index soon after the park opened this year. Having never ridden the Phantom before the reprofiling, I really don't even find it worth draw attention to.
  11. That was an amazing trip report, the best I have read! It really got me excited for my trip there on Aug. 10. Thanks.
  12. "She's gone from suck to blow!" I love Spaceballs!!!
  13. I highly recommend Kings Island. I've been there three times and love the park. Diamondback looks amazing! Also, I am a huge fan of the beast. If you ever have the chance, ride it at night and after a major rain storm. Due to the use of skid brakes, only one train can be run after a large amount of rain. This means they turn the mid-course trim brakes off! SoB is still very rough but not nearly as painful as it used to be. Canada's Wonderland is fun too, but it has a somewhat questionable coaster line up, other than Behemoth, of course. By the way, Behemoth is amazing! Loading times are mu
  14. I wonder if they run fewer busses in the winter months. I was down there for spring break last year and they were running busses between the parks, leaving every 15 minutes.
  15. I live in Rochester, NY, and there are actually two drive-ins within an hour of my house. (one in Avon and one in Perry) There aren't any rides, just movies, mini-golf, and food.
  16. Cedar Point has previously announced that they will never add a flyer to their coaster collection. Personally, I believe a coaster from The Gravity Group would serve as a much better replacement.
  17. Keep in mind, the launch itself will only pull about 2.5 gs. Since the hill doesn't appear to get very steep very fast, this coaster will not come all that close to the "g-force" limit. The "g-force" limit for a roller coaster is just under 5 gs; this is the point at which the average person blacks out.
  18. This coaster is going to accelerate at over 24 m/s^2. Kingda Ka accelerates at only 16.3 m/s^2. This launch will be significantly more intense.
  19. does anyone know if SFMM has announced the location of its future GCI woodie?
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