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  1. ^ I actually enjoyed Gwazi, if that's the worst GCI, I really need to get on another one.
  2. Awesome update. Oh man those coasters look painful! Those hamster balls look pretty fun though! Can't wait for the next update!
  3. From what I have read about Shwarzkopf, Intamin AG was their American "connection" of sorts. So many rides were credited to Intamin. These new Vekoma trains look promising! I really don't care if they look like B&M, as long as they get rid of that Hang 'n' Bang.
  4. Fixed that for ya. I think he might of meant to say that. After all, it seems Marineland takes a good decade to actually finish something.
  5. I bow down to the almighty brakes! Nice job on those shots by the way, thanks man!
  6. ^ What is the advantage of having a mag brake before the friction brakes? Is it a safety thing?
  7. I've always wanted to ride ROS, more reason to try and get down to DL this fall.
  8. ^ That is most definitely "Lol Worthy"! I can't wait to get to Darien Lake so I can truly say I prefer one brand of hyper over another.
  9. Behemoth Bash! On August 4th, TPR held Behemoth Bash. Was awesome if I do say so myself. This my photo/video trip report. By the way, so for the crappy introduction. I'm feeling a bit slow today. Also, if anybody notices any missing "m"s in this TR, please quote the sentence it's in and I will fix it. My "m" key is a little bit broken. Anyways, on to the TR! First of all, my Behemoth Bash video! Ahh Canada's Wonderland, so magnificent! Behemoth was nice and ready waiting for us this morning! I wanna be, your Sledgehammer! The crowd just flocks in! Top Deck! The all you can eat Breakfast Canada's Wonderland would never do this for ACE, they'd go broke. I refuse to meet your demands delicious chocolate milk! Dragon Fire, the coaster that Arrow-Huss designed in 5 minutes! Too phallic for my liking. That's almost artistic. Multi-faith ERT!! The colors make me feel like I could eat it, however, the stains from the hydraulic fluid most definitely do not. Nothing like rockin' the boat on Vortex! Jahan is stalking Nat! "...Hi." "Gee wiz Max, you sure are wet!" "Sure am Neil!" I see your there Dragon Fire! Foot long and Pasta? Ftw now? Forks are good. I've always wondered, what does Elissa use to skin her hot dogs? CWMania.com mod Coasterboy! Swag! The famous Spinebuster, apparently this ride used to be good, before it was modified. According to Robb, on this ride his testicles clanked together like a Newton Cradle Novelty. Beware of this almighty sign! Aww Jahan is tired! Not even going to bother posting my walkback shots. I have 40, let's not waste time on that. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my photo TR!
  10. ^ Your completely right. La Ronde is even neglected as a Six Flags park by the GP. Because of it's name, no-one even knows it's SF.
  11. ^^ In Quebec they think no-one has ever eaten it outside of the province.
  12. ^ That still doesn't unmake the ride ops being jerks, the park being unkept, or people cutting in line. Sure, people cut in line elsewhere, but from what I hear, not nearly as bad as at La Ronde.
  13. ^^ 512 MB is not nearly enough to store a movie. ^ Very well put!
  14. ^ It's logical that you can't download movies if you have no hard drive. I mean, there would be no where to store it! And yes your right, the 360 cannot run original xbox games without a hard drive. No gaming on that, I'm not so sure about.
  15. ^ On Xbox Live, there are SO many noobs! Also, I'm 13 if you would look to the left of this post. I have a paper route, and my paycheck is $40 a month.. I'd rather not spend 8% of my pay each year on something I don't have to. Also, I personally like the games for the PS3 so much more.
  16. ^ La Ronde? A FAMILY park? I don't think so. It may be your home park, but my sister went to La Ronde in 9th grade.. and apparently, people cut in line.. the park is NOT well kept at all, and the Ride ops are jerks. And over the years, I have heard this not just from my sister, but from friends, people online, etc. That is most definitely not the environment a family wants to be in. La Ronde is after all, the forgotten park of the Six Flags chain.
  17. Sounds like it'll be an awesome coaster. I'm a big fan of GCI, hope to get to WOF after it opens.
  18. ^Agreed, your right. It is a little bit more of a family park. But it still has awesome rides.. Also.. get the Express Pass if you want to get on several rides in a short time.. they honestly only stamped two of my Rides, both the Dueling Dragons, that's it!
  19. ^ Here at CW it lasted a couple couple of months actually. I was surprised.
  20. Actually, it's here at my home park. Good ol' Canada's Wonderland.
  21. ^ Yeah I was gonna say.. I've been on Nightmares at CW, so I was really confused why it was special.
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