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  1. Front on rough steel coasters, back on smooth steel coasters/woodies/generally coasters designed for airtime.
  2. ^^ It's a great park, overall above average. But it lacks in the ride department a little bit. Many of the rides are kind of "blah", un-original and/or painful rides dominate the park, but things have been looking up since CF took over. You should definitely come visit, it's a great visitor friendly park, and Behemoth is more than worth it, but when you've been there and done that around the park it gets a little boring.
  3. My local park is Canada's Wonderland... therefore, I am desperate to get to some different parks. ... At least we have Behemoth.
  4. ^ Really? You've never had a woodie before? But in all seriousness, me too. The big concrete foundation is going to make the view ugly as hell though.
  5. I can't wait to see the ride! Not really super-excited about it, from the videos I've seen it seems kind of short, and a little bit un-original. But hey, could be a top ten worth woody. - Basil
  6. Behemoth, those few minutes at Behemoth Bash when the weight at the front of the train absolutely whipped us over especially.
  7. Possibly the cars are uncomfortable? Or maybe the restraints. - Basil (Thanks Eric and Facebook, I nearly forgot, happy birthday Robb!) Weatherby
  8. Really? I thought they just had severe money troubles after that lawsuit, and then they faded out in the 90's. My mistake!
  9. God I love japan! Honestly, I would love it if Wonderland could contract togo to do a simple mod of the station for SkyRider, I think they could honestly pull an X2 if they give it a nice paint job.
  10. Freaking photo bucket! I also really wanted to see those photos as well.
  11. Those are some awesome photos! I absolutely love the conformity in all the Kumba photos, it's funny because it's true!
  12. I'm not surprised no-one would buy anything, maybe Led Zepplin, but that's about it. I knew from day one this park was screwed, ever since I read the reviews. I mean, the rides are crap!
  13. The ride is looking great so far! Oh man, I really want to get back to Florida. Two new coasters? Nuff said.
  14. ^ Just for future reference, a vertical loop is one that goes straight up and down like that one. Now picture that loop on its side and you've got a horizontal one (I believe). Man, I'm super excited for Maverick right now, as I may be going to Cedar Point in May or June. But Maverick doesn't look like its going to live up to even the impression I've got from this beauty.
  15. ^ I don't think that's what she means. I think it has something to do with crane lifting ?
  16. It's my crackhead way of writing. I think I just peed myself I laughed so hard!
  17. ^ Piers does not approve! I recommend none of you get any coaster cuts if this turns out to be true, or you will face his wrath!
  18. Oh man! I got excited thinking this was Cameron's booth! Did you get a chance to check his out ?
  19. ^ Six Flags Convenience Stores, Six Flags Resteraunts, and Six Flags Grocery Stores.
  20. Great to hear it's getting some care! I really need to ride Phantom, the crappy arcade coaster simulator probably doesn't give it much justice.
  21. ^^ Well, it'll definitely attract more hardcore visitors. Not a lot of people are going to go somewhere just to ride one coaster.
  22. This will most likely be the first flyer I'm going to get a chance to ride, I hope it lives up or past Tatsu!
  23. ^ I personally think that on a wooden coaster, that would be absolutely useless. And I don't exactly know if it would make the lift smoother or not.
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