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  1. ^ The way he describes it, it's for people to pray in. Thats weird. :S
  2. ^ Lmao, WIN! That IS true, not everyone was involved in the hyping of a ride. So how could everyone know?
  3. ^ I agree, however, it's like Flight Deck in a sense. Us enthusiasts may not enjoy them, but they are generally a hit with the GP.
  4. ^ I actually kind of like Time Warp, it slowly is starting to suck as I get bigger, it seems more rough every second time I ride now. However, I still think it's kinda fun and unique. ... Also, CW is in the most coasters race, demolishing the ride would put them out or put them in danger in that race. I don't think they want that.
  5. Absolutely can't wait! At the Q&A I plan to ask what kind of ride they are getting next year, family flat, family coaster, thrill flat, etc.
  6. ^ It's the whole protection thing like you said. I know people who are afraid of giant drops (haha me =3) because of a couple of certain incidents which make them feel unsafe. I know people who are fine with heights on coasters but freak out on the glass floored elevator of the CN Tower. I even know a person who hates being high with only lapbars. It's all human nature, until you survive something like them, you're scared of them.
  7. ^ I personally am fine with heights, unlike the rest of my family. Anyways, I'm also afraid of the Intamin Giant Drop at my local park too. Not because of the heights though. (If you know what I mean, email Dan, kay? )
  8. I hope you have a great time in California, haha, you should go and bug Robb and Elissa (if they're home at the time)!
  9. ^ I was wondering this also, thank god for search. =3
  10. It was a drug joke, grow a sense of humor.
  11. ^ I wasn't talking to you. I meant that in a general sense.
  12. Parks will do anything to make their new ride seem special.
  13. Does anyone know what Dan's job is? If you do.. EMAIL DAN!
  14. ^ TPR should make "Rubber Donkeys" bath time toys and sell them as merchandise, I know I would buy one.
  15. Now these are rules I think anyone can abide by. I'm glad to see you guys actually have a rule about "l33t speak" and spell check. Seriously, no sites seem to care anymore. For spell check I use Firefox, it has a spell checker in it that will point out any spelling errors in real time. Comes in handy.
  16. ^ It should be fine, just avoid long weekends down there. I'm not sure what they are in the US, but there is Martin Luther King Jr. long weekend. Stay away from that. The first time I went to CW in 05, it was a long weekend in May, BIG mistake.
  17. The title fairy should have a sidekick pet named "Ted". Gee, any ideas what KIND of animal this sidekick should be?
  18. Something tells me you may be able to do this. But it WOULD be hectic, and maybe even stressful. Maybe it's not worth it?
  19. Ask permission, or get stock footage from the park. Winners don't do POV!
  20. Seriously Robb, that place looks awesome. How old do I have to be to go on one of these trips? They look awesome. I need to save up, fo sure. Btw, see you at Behemoth Bash monday
  21. Hey my name is Ryan Weatherby, my home park is Canada's Wonderland, I live about 30 minutes away. My favorite coasters (globally) are Dueling Dragons (both tracks), Behemoth, Gwazi and Incredible Hulk Coaster. (In no particular order). I like to post on ThrillNetwork and CWMania. In my free time I animate, but I'm a student. I also like to play videogames. I hope to get to Behemoth Bash, I just need to find a friend who wants to go.
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