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  1. ^ Me too, "And then when you go up the thingy..." nuff said.
  2. It would be a pretty awesome park if SF would be to sell it to a new responsible owner.
  3. I love how you all make fun of french Canadians like that. Yeah, La Ronde isn't the greatest park. Thank god we have CW!
  4. ^ I've only once gotten soaked on a Flume typed ride. I wear ponchos most of the time!
  5. ^ I don't get it, I know so many people who love either one or the other, but when it comes to getting on the other, they get sick. I don't get sick on either, maybe it's just me but, but I think it's just weird!
  6. ^ The higher the drop, the more likely the water will go over your heads. The lower the drop.. well, you can pretty much guess what happens there!
  7. ^ To me the orange train always had a rattle, but I have been noticing the other trains are starting to get it too.
  8. ^^ That would be great! ^ I've heard that, I have a lot of friends going to Darien Lake these days. They all have claimed of being confused in one way or another in terms of the layout.
  9. Ehh, I've seen worse trust me. Although you are right.
  10. ^ That is totally a clone of Silver Streak! Sorry for the crappy photo, it's surprisingly hard to find a photo of Silver Streak!
  11. ^ ^ Not at La Ronde! ^ Yeah we should probably get back on topic. It was just another coaster show, what can I say?
  12. If those ACErs are bragging about being there opening day on the 4th of may? That's not something to brag about considering I was on the ride on the 26th of April at a bank day. 15 minute line! I haven't found it to get any less smooth, the orange train however has always had a little bit of the case of the B&M rattle.
  13. ^It's the same for me with DragonFire at Canada's Wonderland.. its rough but I love it for it's classic charm. Flight Deck though, erm, not so much!
  14. ^ I always thought CP would be a good 4 hour drive from the GTA, boy was I wrong. It was definitely bigger than I thought.
  15. ^ I've always wondered what coaster that was!
  16. ^^ That's really interesting! I originally thought it was just an un-announced new ride!
  17. ^ Actually I have played on Xbox Live before, to tell you the truth. I didn't like it. I thought it was okay, but the fact its $60 a year, meh. Wouldn't purchase a 360 anytime soon.
  18. ^ The trains are longer on Behemoth because of the stadium seating, so the speed that you are whipped over the drop in the back seats is greater. This is actually hard to experience because this never usually happens with a full train. I've only experienced it during ERT. ^^ That's an awesome idea, I agree, I could barely tell Maverick was beyond vertical when I saw a picture of the drop, probably because the drop was so short.
  19. ^^ My stupid room doesn't have cable, being in between two bathrooms and all. Therefore I have to use over-the-air, and honest to god, this has ACTUALLY happend to me before. I'm watching the news and there about to say something and then BOOM! "Technical difficulties, please stand by."
  20. I didn't know X2 was beyond vertical? I thought it was just 90 degrees?
  21. ^ Cheers to that. Hope to meet up with both you guys at another event as well.
  22. OHMYGOD, your right. It does! That Alex Trebek thing though, uh, not so much.
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