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  1. Have you ever sat on an ostrich that is running 200mph?...neither have i.
  2. Zest sounds like something you would name a mustard company...Therefore, i love it.
  3. I kicked a turtle and it made me sad because i thought i killed it, but then i realized it was a rock, so then i was happy.
  4. She had a frontal wedgie, a camel toe. I could not believe my eyes, i had to take a second glance. Is your crotch hungry girl? Cuz its eating your pants.
  5. I once kicked a bird and called it a fatty biscuit... I regret nothing.
  6. Dip your toe in the herpe infested waters of lake Iwannafeelafattystummy. Dykes on bikes.
  7. i had a dream me and Trevor drove to some cliff at the beach, and he told me to climb don to the bottom to get something.
  8. Last edited by YO HEAVY-ASSED MAMA on Sun Jan 07, 2007 4:42 pm
  9. I really like soup, but everytime i make it a man comes and feeds it to his dog, i can't keep making it because he just steals it.
  10. Right now, i'm pretty grey on the idea of religion. I was brought up catholic, but at the moment, i guess you could classify me as Athiest.
  11. Cheap Motel Room :: Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
  12. My mad moves make ya tight in the pants.
  13. I have school tomorrow, and Johnnie hates me and Alyssa (yup, again).
  14. My year was....eventful. It had its good times, and its bad times, and then its REALLY REALLY bad times.
  15. I'm addicted to pillows. edit: The unborn chicken noises in my head told me to post more pics. nibblets i'm hardcore gigglepoofs
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