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  1. What i want: DARKRIDE SETTINGS - Darkness inside buildings. - Controlled lighting - Different clored lighting. - Speakers on coaster seats. - Interactive scenery. - Playlists for speakers. - Synchronized music with rides. SCENERY/ SCENERY TYPES - Midway Theming. - Old New York Theming. - More Egyptian Theming. - Old Rusty Warehouse Theming. - Old American Theming (kinda like Main Street). - Additional ride theming (track warehouse, catwalk, extra trains, etc). - 3D Shapes Theming. - More Realistic Scary Theming. - Roman/Greek Theming. - Darkride Theming (See first section). - Diagonal Building Options. - Holiday Theming. - Construction Theming. - Modern Theming (similar to Cty Walk). - Actual working doors on walls instead of people walking through them like ghosts. - Walls on same square without cheat. PATHS - Cement paved lines (honestly, how often do you see tiled lines?). - Skinnier paths and lines (like, half square). - Diagonal/Curved paths. - Different path textures. - Path borders. - Line Breaks up into lines per row in station. ROLLERCOASTER OPTIONS - Customizable rollercoaster cars (seats, shell color, front logo, restraints, etc). - Coaster building similar to NoLimits (Its not that hard, all you'd have to do is limit the station to the grid). - If that isn't possible, then at least a LOT more track elements, and more realistic ones. - Customizable supports. - More advanced launching options. - More realistic stations. OTHER RIDES - Customizable haunted mazes. - Skytower-type ride. - Tower Of Terror-type ride. - Freefall-type ride. - Large Carousel. - Double Decker Carousel. - Sun Wheel. - Spiderman-like ride. MISC. - Mexican Food. - Actors (people take pictures with roaving actors). - Scary actors (roaving actors that scare people). - Arcade Games.
  2. An old problem that i thought i had buried a looooong time ago, just came back and bit me in the ass.
  3. ^ gets fat off of eating reeses peaces because they have reese witherspoon's first name in them. < hates anyone who's name starts with a number V name starts with a number
  4. Lets celebrate with. TEA. and. CRUMPETS..HUZZAH!
  5. Black Betty :: Spiderbait (my new myspace song)
  6. "Dear Darla, You make me sick. You're like scummmmmm between my toes" Little Rascals
  7. frijoles frescos Bad headache the morning after at Coffee Bean At the Roxy Stadium last night. That was a fun night.
  8. Well since 300 looked sorta gay, we whent and saw Premonition. It was pretty good, it was REALLY confusing in the first half.
  9. i bought it when it came out, i was throwing up and pissing myself laughing at the same time.
  10. Miscellaneous pics. this pic just never gets old and neither does this one
  11. I've been stabbed in the back by another plastic f*ckface of a friend for the last time, and i'm f*cking going on a rampage! I am seriously pissed off beyone words and i'm done pretending everything is perfect! I forgive and forget the first time this happens to me, but for that sh*thead to have the audacity to do it a second time!!! After all I've done this...THIS is how the sh*tbird repays me!?
  12. GAH! Man, that was fast. I'm really going to miss that ride, I thought it was really fun.
  13. My rant: Oversensitive, politically correct people.
  14. ^Yup. Anyways, I was feeling generous, so here's a few more pics. the western section new pic of the entrance the station with the lights on before the scond launch Inside Some work has been done on the exterior of the Mummy building
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