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  1. I'm very familiar with nightmares. Of course, I have to say the rollercoaster related one. The day before I went to Magic Mountain, I had a dream I was riding X, and my shoe was falling off on the lift, so i unbuckle the strap to put the sandle straps in the belt. Before I could buckle it, I was going down the drop and all the harnesses opened, and my strap thing wasn't buckled so mine was wide open, and i was falling out. So I have my ams wrapped around the harness and my body is dangling. Then on the top of the first raven turn, i fell out and hit a support then right as I hit the ground, I woke up. Another one was from when I was a few years younger, I had a dream that I was walking though a corn field with a rusted, abandoned truck with a black bird on it. Then I fall into a hole thats above my head and I can't get out. So I scream and scream but nobody can hear me because there's nobody around for miles. Another interesting one was that I was in a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean. So i'm swimming and I'm getting really tired and there's nothing floating for me to hold on to. Those are a few I could think of right now.
  2. I only have to go to school 25 more times until its summer. *Says "yesss" with a very evident lisp and brings fist down like Kip."
  3. ^^^If you're wearing eyeliner, I have so mutch respect for you, because that stuff is a bitch to put on. Watchin' TV this morning.
  4. A Hot Pocket in the cafeteria on Friday for $1.00.
  5. Shirt :: Black Hugo Boss T-Shirt. Shorts :: Diesel Cargo Shorts. Underwear :: Calvin Klein. (Just Put On) Sweatshirt :: Grey Theory hoodie with rolled sleeves.
  6. Yesterday, Johnnie, Alyssa and I walked 6 miles into the middle of nowhere. It was so mutch fun.
  7. Me being a tard at Kmart because I wanted that balloon so badly.
  8. Bring The Pain :: Mindless Self Indulgance. Haunted :: Evanescence.
  9. Ugh, I'm getting sick right now. *snort, cough* Do you believe you are your own person?
  10. Freedom Writers :: 8/10. I watched it in my english class, and it was surprizingly good.
  11. Before I Got Home. Shirt :: Abercrombie & Fitch olive green/white striped polo. Shorts :: Abercrombie & Fitch beige cargo shorts. Shoes :: DVS black/white special editions. Sunglasses :: Dolce & Gabbana black. Underwear :: Calvin Klein boxers. After Changing. Shirt :: Hugo Boss black T-Shirt. Shorts :: Modern Amusement light blue board shorts.
  12. Wow, I've been called many things, but thats a first..Good Job. (At least I'm not as slutty as them)
  13. Shirt:: Hollister Red/White striped polo. Shorts:: Ralph Lauren. Boxers:: Calvin Klein.
  14. I've been with people of both genders, and I still refuse to decide which one I preffer.
  15. I'm about 80 pages into Hannibal by Thomas Harris. Its pretty good.
  16. Harold And Kumar Go To Whitecastle :: 10/10. So what if it didn't have a deep plot? It made me laugh harder than I thought I could.
  17. -Shirt:: New Religion plaid, button-down shirt with rolled sleeves. -Shorts:: Abercrombie And Fitch -Underwear:: Ralph Lauren -Shoes:: Converse (white)
  18. My parents are pretty cool. My mom is probably the most psycho person alive, but in a good(ish) way. She's really funny and doesn't act like she's some old lady who was never my age. She can be really understanding but also very opinionated which leads to when me and her tend to clash. My dad on the other hand is very mellow. He means well, and likes to be more involved in my life now, so thats pretty cool. Where we clash is that we are both exactly the same personality wise, and that means we are both very stubborn and refuse to admit that we're wrong, so if we're in an argument, it just escalates. When my parents are together they are like they are kids, most of my friends like them, others can't handle them, haha.
  19. F*ck no! Only f*gs hate spiderman. Are you a f*g who hates Spiderman?
  20. Perfect Lie :: The Engine Room. (My current myspace song, which isn't really saying anything because I change my song more than I change my underwear)
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