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  1. HAHAHAHA! I loved it! Thats my new myspace song now.
  2. "Honk, honk, Karen, the noob bus is here to take you to school."
  3. ^ There's already a backdraft ride. And I'm going to either start King Kong or The Mummy soon.
  4. ^^ HAHAHAHA! Thats when Johnnie...oh yeah, i'm not allowed to tell anyone.
  5. Alexander. Its sorta odd to me why I thought it was so good, but I did. I love the casting in it (Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson, and Jared Leto), and I love the story.
  6. Getting smacked in the back of the head, then having the person laugh like a retard and say "April Fools!" (When in reality, they did nothing to fool me in the first place.).
  7. Oh my God! I'm a farmer!!!....Ok, no i'm not. But it would be cool if I was.
  8. I did not know this about 10 year old girls. 10 year old girls have boners? QUOTE OF THE WEEK! Its a figure of speech.
  9. Hell yes, I got a picturegraph with Go-I mean the Easter Rabbit.
  10. You Belong To Me :: Jason Wade Piggly Wiggly :: Retard-O-Bot Time To Dance :: Panic! At The Disco
  11. Best song ever written: Piggly Wiggly :: Retard-O-Bot
  12. To be honest, I couldn't care less. The only reason he's still on is that 10 year old girls have a boner for him, and everyone else only keeps him on to sabotoge the show. It sorta sucks that he's gonna take away an opprotunity for the people who desserve it, but whatever, its just a singing contest.
  13. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! My favorite part was the old man balls. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
  14. ^^HAHAHAHA! You're a sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania! I love that movie! And Johnnie would LOVE you!
  15. You need fences around all the paths. That would make it more realistic, and put more effort into your paths rather than just making them to get from ride to ride. Add more detail to the buildings too, instead of just having a box in the middle of nowhere with track sticking out of its butt. Probably s'more good ideas would be paths close to a coaster track (with a fence, duh), and a few food stands and restaurants. I'm really not one to criticize, but whatever, just trying to help.
  16. I decided to start working on the park again. By work, of course, I mean I completely restarted it. The Parking Lots. Ghost Town Bird's Eye The new entrance New York St. Raul's Cantina T2: 3D
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