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  1. I was in some really big scyscraper and someone was chasing after me.
  2. Haha, i have neither the time, or the patience to even learn how to put custom scenery on the game. Plus, its more fun without it.
  3. No custom scenery (believe it or not), but yeah, this is the result of having all your friends either grounded or not home. Anyways, I started the the Europe section. ROTM's exit blah, blah, blah, Europe
  4. On HBO, they had some documentary, and they showed 5 homophobic people gay porn, and then they showed 5 people who have no problem with gay people gay porn. The homophobic people were stimulated (even though they denyed it) by the porn, and the people who had no problem with gay people had no reaction. I thought that was funny.
  5. I was bored to death today, so i decided to play RCT3, and kill some time. I'm not hardcore about RCT or anything, so I'm not going to update it every week or probably even finish the park (I'll probably post more pics tomrrow morning if i don't do anything). But I thought i might as well show some pics. Anyways, back to the park itself. Its basically a Universal park, and I just finished Revenge Of The Mummy. The entrance at night the entrance through a window (no idea why i had the urge to take or even post that pic) Another pic from inside the line The line after going through the entrance Brake Run The Mummy (launch chamber) The Mummy building. (now with the coaster itself in there) The exit is in the pink building. The beginning stages of The Mummy (Only the line and station in the building) Old pic of the front plaza, the entrance, and the beginning stages of the New York section of the park Other side of the New York section (pre mummy) New York section (With 3D Cinema) Another pic (with the new york section) The entrance plaza to the park
  6. Life Is A Song :: Patrick Park Build God, Then We'll Talk :: Panic! At The Disco
  7. Tristan and Isolde :: 9 1/2 out of 10 Oh my god! I started the movie with pretty low expectations, because I've never been a huge fan of romance movies (ie: The Notebook bored me to tears), but this movie was actually REALLY good. The ending was really good/sad too.
  8. Today I puked in public for the first time (...at least the first time in a while).
  9. Fat Bump. (pics from Disneyland today) deja vu
  10. When i was at Disnelyland today, i puked in the middle of main street. It was an odd mix of relief/embarrasment/and f*cking funny.
  11. Erotic Pancakes. Don't be silly, wrap your willy
  12. Miss Neon Pee herself, and the king of the armadillows.
  13. I just bought a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. http://unitedshades.com/showpic.asp?file=/glasses/d-n-g/sun/pics/dd6008.jpg and here's what they look like on me
  14. Glass Breaker :: The Crystal Method Zany Sky High :: DJ Agron
  15. I saw a very serious looking man in a suit riding a moped when i was walking to VONS.
  16. "I bought you for 300 dollars from a disreputable breeder in Coasta Mesa California. Shame one me Mr. President, shame on ME!" ...*snorting pug noises* ..."Sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too mutch."
  17. Las Vegas. Hands down, my favorite place to go on vacation.
  18. White Adio T shirt Dark maroon Planet Earth shorts White Billabong belt Blue/white plaid boxers
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