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  1. On that map it says that i live in left field in the softball field at my old High School!
  2. Haha yes! Marvin is awesome! That would be kind of hard to make your head that big.
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Halloween movies Jeepers Creepers I think thats it...
  4. My mini is still going strong. I have droped it a couple of times and it only dented the side a little. I was going to sell my mini to my cousin and then go buy the Nano... not anymore! lol!
  5. Yes that's it! They have different letter correct? H and B i believe.
  6. What kind of pencls did you use to get a rich dark color like that? I took Art a couple of years in high school and my teacher had some pencils that had different color depths like that.
  7. I am going to be Michael Myers. I have had the mask for about 2 years now, but i'm finally going to buy the mechanic jump suit to go along with it. My friend always decorated his yard every Halloween. He has everything! It's awesome! When it's done, and if i remember, i will take a picture and load it. He has big speakers and he plays the Halloween movie theme music and i chase kids around! mostly the little punks that i hate! haha!
  8. I viewed the show from the seats. It was at a football stadium. The stage was in the enzone. It was still a great view from up there. Yes Flogging Molly is with them. The pit was crazy! Some were like out of control and some were not that bad. Oh I so wish I was down there in them! It would of been so much fun! Haha!
  9. Hey guys! Somewhat new hear. Went to Six Flags this weekend and decided to write a TR since I'm really bored right now. Got to the park at 1pm and walked in. Somewhat of a crowded day first day of Fright Fest. First off we hit some rides before the haunted houses opened up. First ride as always was Superman: Ride of Steel. Great ride as always, sat in the last row. The rode Batman: The Dark Knight. Short line, loading times were really slow. The went on Cyclone sitting in the front seat for the first time. not as rough sitting in the front compared to sitting in the back row. Then it started to get dark and we went into the haunted houses. First was Terrorvision 3-D. It was $3 to get in and a total waste. it was not scary at all. there were people hiding in obvious places, and the only cool thing was the 3-D paintings. Then we watched Dead Man's Party. It is a musical show, all Halloween songs and its fun to watch all the older people try to dance haha! Then we went into Nightmare Island. It was better than last year. There was so much fog you could not see where you were going. not too scary but fun. You are on some voyage to find a missing doctor on some island and there are man eating creatures lurking in the darkness. It was fun to go through with my friends mom cause she gets scared so easily! After this we went to watch the Dead Legends show. These were live people singing as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and some other two people. Good show for the older people, I only knew like two songs haha! The it was time for my favorite haunted house. the Trail of Terror. This is in the picnic grove in the back of the park. It is a huge trail inside of the woods in a town called Happy Valley. There was some big accident and toxic waste was spilled throughout the whole town and everyone turned into zombies. A lot of theming, props, lighting, zombies, and fog in this one. You go through buildings, graveyards, farm houses, and such. It's also very long. It takes about 5 minutes or so to go through. After we got out the park was closing so we headed out. All in all a good day!
  10. i won't be here for opening day! I'm going to be down in Philly. But as soon as i get back i'm going to go see it!
  11. I can't wait to see this movie! About half way through the 6th book right now.
  12. The best concert for me was Green Day September 3, 2005. They put on an amazing show. From displays to special effects. They are really crowd related too which is a plus. They made the whole place do the wave! I love the wave! haha!
  13. Well since i'm Greek i voted for Dionysus. But the Shrek donkey is right behind him! Haha!
  14. A 2000 Audi A4 1.8T. I do not have a picture of it on my comp but i will try to get one.
  15. Yeah Billie Joe did the same at my concert. I too saw a lot of parents there. did you like all the fireworks and flames they had? I got a lot of it on my camera phone.
  16. Where are you seeing them? Jimmy Eat World also did very good. I'm beginning to like them more and more now.
  17. My concert was on the 3rd. This was the best concert of the summer! They were awesome! The set was awesome and the stuff that they had going on during the concert was awesome too! If i had the chance i would definately go see them again!
  18. The 40 Year Old Virgin I thought this was one of the funniest movies of the summer. There are so many good lines in this movie that i was saying the whole way home after the movie. Steve Carell is one funny guy! 4 out of 4 stars
  19. I went on vacation for 3 weeks this summer so didn't get out to the movies that much. So far i've seen Star Wars III, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Island, Sin City, and The 40 Year Old Virgin.
  20. Yeah great video... When i first started to watch i was like hey it looks like that Blair Witch movie and then you busted out into it! I laughed so hard! Glad to see that everything is going good.
  21. I'm going to see them in a concert on September 13th. 95.5 WBRU in Providence RI puts on 3 concerts every summer. Last summer they were FREE which was awesome, but now it's like $10. Still not bad.
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