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  1. Pardon me if this has been discussed before, but I'm seeing inconsistencies with Olympia Looping's train configuration. I see older pictures that show 7 car trains, then I see pictures with a 5 car train, then I see recent pictures with 7 car trains again. Do they run different length trains on that ride at the same time???
  2. TPR Quest was epic. I can't wait for another event down the road.
  3. Great report Quazi. That was one heck of a day. We met at the parking lot entrance (I was in the silver truck on your right, wearing the blue shirt. I also helped start the applause and honking mess at the gate.) Anyways, fun was had by all! --Matt
  4. ^Perhaps it will be one with several cars (Second generation, I think), and have a few standing, tilting, and sitdown. Like Hurakan Condor at Port Aventura.
  5. Hey everyone! My most recent theme park adventure takes me to Six Flags America, where I met up my friend Rob and his gang from Illinois. After a few hours at SFA, they decided to head to Six Flags New England to ride Bizarro that night. From what I was told, they succeeded. Overall, the park has improved since my last visit, however, it still has a long way to go. Gotham City needs a lot of work though, in my opinion. There are a lot of empty areas. For example, Batwing, is in the middle of nowhere at the end of a long path. Penguin's Blizzard River is also on top of a little hill kinda in the middle of a field. Speaking of Gotham City, the Batman stunt show stadium has been turned into a concert arena. While I can honestly say that our Batman show wasn't that great, it was something, and fitting for families as well. I'm sure they could have built an amphitheatre within the terrain somewhere. The main gripe is that the park layout is about three quarters of a circle. Meaning that if you are at one end, you have to walk all the way around the park to get to the other. The little gap would have been the perfect place to put Thomas Town, but it seems they opted to put it in the middle of Gotham City. There are several good things about this park though. The employees seemed happy to be there and where interacting with guests. Most of the rides started with one train op, but where running at maximum capacity with two trains later in the day. Roar was down most of the day, but opened up within the last three hours. The park is definitely on the right track for improvement, and I can't wait to see what will happen over the next few years. But enough talk. Time for pics! The parking tram? Hurricane Harbor Chainlink fence to close off the waterpark? Construction walls would look a little bit better, but it works. Superman awaits... The gang. Unfortunately, I was denied the Intamin credit. But seriously, this season's mission is to lose weight. Happy riders... Noted. Joker's Jinx is a great ride. But where is the pink train??? I haven't seen it on the track in years! Are they using it for spare parts? Must... document... ...Everything! Random Nerd Shot! Mind Eraser. A.K.A. A$$ Kicking: The Ride. You can actually see the cars shuffling back and forth through the entire course! This reminds me how bad this park needs a B&M. For the paranoid folks... Theming. Loading... I'll give SF credit, this was a pretty good ride, besides ripping the theme song from Disneyland's POTC. I love the turn table ending though. Too bad I nver got to ride it when it went backwards. There were a few of these areas around that park. Clever... Such a "cute" little drop tower. *cough* Dead End *cough* The former Batman stadium. Looks like a barn now... Unfortunately, Gotham City isn't much more than games and... ...a food court... ...and Thomas Town. Personally, I don't think they are going to finish by June 5th. It's a nice sign, but in a bad place there, behind the queue cover. Penguin's Blizzard River. Splashdown. Some plants/ trees would make the area more appealing. Perhaps a shop, or a nice flat ride? More Thomas Town. The crane drop tower thingy. The path to Batwing, and the dead end. Batwing. Pro- Area appropriate music is always a plus. Con- Could be concealed a little bit, ie: low to the ground. Fluffy Bunnies... Thomas Town stuff. Walking back through Gotham... Wild One is one awesome coaster. Lots of airtime! The original ROAR! Happy riders. Decent theming, but please do something with the fast food style doors and windows... Decided to trek back over to Batwing, only to find out it was closed due to technical difficulties. These guys were blocking the path, it was hilarious. After finding out Batwing was closed, I called it a day and headed out. Thanks for reading!
  6. I was there today as well. Roar finally did open at around 4:00 with both trains, and they put a second train on Mind Eraser and Superman. Batwing went down towards the end of the evening. And where is the pink train on Joker's Jinx these days? Are they using it for parts or something? Just some thoughts for now, more to come in my PTR.
  7. Incredible! Disney has just opened up the door to the next generation characters meet and greet.
  8. I hope not while the train is moving... That can be very dangerous for the ride ops.
  9. Those trains are sexy! Just one thing though: It looks like you can touch the track from sitting in the car? I hope I'm wrong...
  10. Maybe they don't *want* to mention them for one reason or another. Ahem...
  11. I think it's mostly for lockout. For example, when working with the electrical stuff, they can lock the button so that there is no power to the cabinet.
  12. I would like to see a Powder Keg type of ride. I haven't been to SDC yet, but it looks like an incredible ride that interacts with the landscape. Wouldn't mind an Intmain Prefab terrain coaster either...
  13. ^I think they just want to wait and see how successful/iconic it will be before they invest in it. Now I know that doesn't explain Fear Factor (I have no idea what they were thinking!). While the Simpsons may not be so popular in recent years, they are iconic, and pretty much everybody knows who they are. Even though Shrek is starting to get old, I think it's pretty cool.
  14. rollercoaster2428, If the wheels on the new trains are coated in a polyurethane material, then I think that this could very well be the final track. There is a nice and neat little slot of which the wheels could run through. Plus it wouldn't make any sense to prefab the track, install, and add material on top. As it is right now, the thickness of the lip appears to be the same dimensions as the wood track. Old track. You can see the "lip" on the inside of the rail. The "lip" on the new rail (the rail on the inside of the curve). Just my two cents, but we won't know for sure.
  15. I bet this eliminates people asking those pesky questions over and over again... Okay maybe not, but I love it!
  16. Something I've been working on and off for the past year or so. I'm debating a release eventually. Your thoughts? Should I release it? Incredible Hulk zerg fix-100407231936002.bmp Incredible Hulk zerg fix-100407231949003 (2).bmp Incredible Hulk zerg fix-100407232037006 (2).bmp Incredible Hulk zerg fix-100407232109010 (2).bmp Incredible Hulk zerg fix-100407232351017 (2).bmp Incredible Hulk zerg fix-100407232446021 (2).bmp
  17. ^As sophisticated as it is, it's bound to have a bit of downtime. Remember, they are combining the most state of the art technologies into one experience. Spider-man used to go down all the time the first few years. I'd say give them a year or two to work everything out.
  18. ^My question is: Was it actually closed due to safety issues? Or was it more of a technical adjustment they were making? Closures for adjustments in ride/show timing is expected during a soft opening, after all.
  19. I think it's just a marina. It doesn't look like it was big enough to be an entrance for anything. It just looks like a fancy billboard to me. Or I could be dead wrong. Maybe it was purchased from a defunct park?
  20. ^Just noticed that too. I was only two at the time, so I don't remember this game. Graphics aren't bad for 17 years ago!
  21. This is from ROTM. The charger is the little dohicky above the wheel assembly. It's basically a small bus bar, with the contacts being in the station. I think this is Hyyyper's pic, so all credit goes to him.
  22. ^I didn't take notice, but I haven't seen any in pictures either. I assume it's just on the PLC display. I'm not even sure how far down the lap bars need to be either.
  23. Club TPR sounds great. I can't wait to sign up! I think this is really going to put TPR out there.
  24. The woodies at Holiday World actually have a system built in. You can see the display on the control panel (specifically on Raven, since it's right next to the back row) show messages like "Lap bars not secured, car 4." This would also explain the metal contacts on the bottom of the car frame seen here: http://rcdb.com/3231.htm?p=15974. Also while I was waiting for Voyage one time, it would not let the operators dispatch because there was an issue with the sensor on one of the cars.
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