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  1. Was never aware they had Terror Twister at SFA. That's awesome, and totally worth the 20 minute drive. If I had free tickets, I might consider going. It takes a lot for me to go to this park. Every time I have gone in the past, I just want to leave as soon as I get there. It's that depressing.
  2. Despite the decent haunt lineup, I still won't go back to this park. And I only live 20 minutes away!!! EDIT: Rereading that post, the rides are just named differently. I doubt they're going to have any extra theming. Really?! It's barely taller than Wild One. I mean, I understand that the idea of marketing is to make something sound awesome, but be a little realistic.
  3. Who makes the vehicles that will be used in the safari? I've seen them at Movieland Park in Italy. I'd be interested if anybody knows.
  4. Orlando Mummy, if you want to count them as launches. Other than the launches, loop and the top hat, this ride looks really lame. Oh wait! That's all there is to it...
  5. Great TR Chris, that trip was lots of fun. Love your photos. I want to say that the most embarrassing moment for me on this trip was in the Country Kitchen. I was still loopy from the beer at lunch and fell going up the stairs to the second floor. While I did manage to catch the tray, my soda spilled soaking my plate. Luckily they gave me another one, and no, I did not fall the second time going up! I can't wait for the Six Flags part...
  6. Intamin does have a train that is similar to a GCI running on one of their steel coasters. It's somewhere in Japan and is an indoor coaster. Since half of the engineering is already done, I wouldn't be surprised to see that design converted for wood and using El Toro type restraints.
  7. Hey everybody! Yesterday I decided to head up to Hershey. The place was PACKED! I was only able to get on 7 rides. I decided the day would be better spent taking pictures. Operations were decent, probably the best I've seen in a while. Pictures are posted in the order they were taken. Enjoy! And thanks for reading. Time for ChocolatPark! Uh oh, looks crowded. Probably just the lunch rush to Chocolate World... Crowds didn't look too bad for a weekend. How about some pictures of SkyRush? Attempting to be artsy... They really squeezed this ride in! The support goes right through Comet's structure! Can't even feel the trims on this thing. Comet... THROUGH THE TREES!!! Almost hairtime... Failed picture. The train flys through the course. SkyRush porn... Looks sort of like I'm watching it through a tube TV. Just the mid-day Sky-Rush crowd... The place can't be that packed. Right? It was. RUSH! Into the SKY! Riders return from being blown away. I really to like how Comet's station remodel turned out. But we all know the guy in the red and his manly pose make the pic. Looking back at the RCT section of the park. The park was so packed that I went over to ZooAmerica for a bit. I'm not sure what smelled worse: The animals or the dirty diapers by all the toddlers in there. Let's show Trailblazer some love... Or not... Never seen the line out there before! Hopefully the last picture I'll ever take of Roller Soaker. Please remove this ride Hershey. Things are starting to get hot over here... Very hot... Blazing hot... Let's cool it down. (Tidal Force doing its thang.) Thunder was running Great(!) as a Great Coaster should. Awesome German contraption doing awesome German stuff... Working hard. Line for the monorail was down to the entrance. Here you go RD. Nice B&M invert. Happy riders. Geeze... Looks like somebody bent a coat hanger, traced it, enlarged it, and bent steel to match the shape. Oh wait... Getting towards evening, The Hollow should be dea... OH MY DEAR LORD! Dinner time at Chocolate World. How about some more porn? Yes? Good. Ugh. Ignore the light pole. Going up... ..And coming down. THAT's what SHE said! Sadly I didn't get to ride Storm Runner. Shame. It's awesome. And to finish it off, Chris and I had the last train to ourselves. Awesome ride!
  8. Crapwing at SFA. Should have at least finished it off with Wild One.
  9. ^How high is the puke rating? I've always found that challenging with the suspended coaster in RCT2.
  10. ^ [Facepalm.] I would assume the Tigers, being that the O's lost 7-2. lol
  11. ^What?! One of the things that make Busch and Seaworld unique is the fact that they focus on animals and conservation.
  12. It's amazing how Disney World never gets anything this nice in the parks that need it... Seriously, AK and Studios are half day parks at best. Why can't they get nice things?
  13. Well, it certainly is colorful enough to fit into a certain water park in Utah...
  14. ^Nope. El Toro. I'm really Glad that we have two industry experts doing most of the talking instead of a narrator who is just reading the script. It gives better life to the show!
  15. Also for reference from Keystone Thrills: I retract my comment. They can park two trains by reverse jogging only. It doesn't look like it could park 2 trains in normal operation. The second train needs more space to stop than that.
  16. Skyrush scared the shit outta me when it tried to kill me over the first drop... And the second, and the third, etc...
  17. ^That whole brake run can park 2 trains, I've seen a picture. I think this would be a fantastic idea!
  18. I'll chime in too. I just rode Skyrush today. Going down the first hill, it tries to kill you, then you turn, then it tries to kill you again. Repeat a few more times and that's the ride. It's the most amazing, insane ride I've ever experienced. I even have a nice bruise on my thigh. Beast at KI was my #1 for most insane coaster, now Skyrush gets that title. I would not be surprised at all to see this ride take Bizarro's place as #1 steel coaster.
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