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  1. The widget probably let go of the train too early, not giving it enough momentum to make it through the cobra roll.
  2. Because we all know there is no way the public can go and edit Wiki articles...
  3. ^Must be Edward Markey. *Reads article* HAHA! I was right. This guy's and idiot.
  4. Why? Because out of the 3 people (at least) working on the ride didn't look at this guy and say "Gee, he has no lap, so a lap bar wont hold him in?" Not to mention it's on the warning sign, which I hope the ride operators would know fairly well who is/isn't fit to ride.
  5. It is the responsibility of the ride ops to ensure that each rider is properly secured by the restraint, and that the rider meets the physical requirements for the ride, including the minimum height. He did NOT meet the "must have two legs to ride" requirement, and because he had no legs, was UNDER the height requirement. All this was obvious to the ride ops, yet they still let him ride.
  6. Robb, I just wanted to thank you for ruining my computer screen, and wasting a root beer.
  7. This. Yes it's a routine operation which gets very repetitive, and yes it can get boring and drone on. But it comes down to one fact: It's machinery that can kill you/others, and you're the one operating it. I drive forklifts and the like at my job every day. Yes it's routine, second nature even. But I'm always alert, and following safety protocols. I learned the hard way that complex machinery can kill you or cause injury. I had an accident in which I could have lost my foot had the fail safes not worked.
  8. It was 2005 or 06 Happened in 2003. http://rideaccidents.com/2003.html#sep5
  9. I imagine the reason you wouldn't want to wear prosthetic limbs on Montu is in case it were to fall off mid ride, causing injury to anybody below.
  10. Loefet, just to let you know, I get a "Can not load track" error.
  11. I think the ride ops are totally to blame for this incident. The rules state that riders need TWO LEGS to ride! It is the responsibility of the crew to enforce this. Before they dispatch the train, they are responsible for making sure that the riders are secure. That's why they check restraints! It's really obvious: He had no legs, a lap bar will be able to secure him. As I said before, there is no way in hell I would have dispatched that train with him on it.
  12. Now I'm really starting to wonder what is wrong with these ride ops. There is no way in hell I would have cleared the train for dispatch with him on it.
  13. Sad news indeed. Here's my outlook on this. The ride has a lap bar restraint. This guy had no lap, therefore he should not have been let on the ride. I doubt the sign has changed. The part where it mentions that you need two legs to ride is probably safety standards from Intamin. It makes total sense as well. If you don't have any legs, what is restraining you against the -G forces on the ride? OTSR would likely be a different story though. Just my two cents.
  14. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54188
  15. ^ I think he means when the train starts moving before it completely finishes. "Now get ready, here we (train begins moving) go! Love it!
  16. Indeed. Beast has always had trims. The only difference is that the magnetic brakes slow the train down faster than the skid brakes did.
  17. Confirmed: I will be at Herhseypark tomorrow. Any ideas on where this guy might be?
  18. I know, I caught that too! I thought that was a Disney design. It would make sense though. Disney wouldn't design a low capacity dark ride. But it makes perfect sense if the ride system was already designed and they bought it. EDIT: Holy Crap! It is just like TSMM!
  19. Depending on how things go, I may make a spontaneous trip up to Hershey on Saturday.
  20. You're not the only one who posted something similar to that- as I did the same. If anything, HW is a family park- with family attractions (Save 'Voyage') where building a 'ginormous 29 inversion floorless launched woodie' would be a HUGE mistake- but rather: K.I.S.S.- Keep it simple and smart. (There's another acronym for that- I know). Loch Ness Monster, Tennessee Tornado (Scaled down, of course) and HersheyPark's sdL were at the top of my 'list' as well as some of the better small to medium class coasters out there. I keep seeing Intamin pop up- and as much as I like Intamin rides, I think they would have to scale back the intensity on them to truly create a smaller-scale ride. (If Arrow were still around, and this was 1979, I'd have put them at the TOP of the list to do it!) Of course, now that I think about it, I agree with Chuck as well. An S&S launch coaster like powder keg would fit perfectly. It seems thrilling but not too intense. Sometimes I wish Arrow was still around...
  21. This is what I said: "Okay. Holiday World has it's own twist on things, it's own "style" if you will. For example. HW's take on wooden coasters = VOYAGE! It's unique and a pretty awesome ride. I think a ride like Sooperdooperlooper (SDL) at HersheyPark would best suit Holiday World. Why do I say this? It's a simple concept, but unique. I think HW should have something no more than 100 feet tall, with a basic drop and loop. After the loop, I would like to see the remainder of the ride filled with medium-intense airtime and a finale helix. It would fit the "classic" personality that HW has, and I think it would honestly be something that a lot of families could go on."
  22. Yes! Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to (drumroll) Cool5! He's really a genius...
  23. From what I've heard on various boards, it seems that some of the HD projectors are already installed, and are just playing the old animation in digital format.
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