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  1. I go 50/50 on the spit or swallow debate... If I feel like spitting I'll spit and if there is not a trash can around, I'll swallow!
  2. Yea they are ugly as crap on the outside, talking about the FJ Cruiser I assume, but they look good on the inside! The Sky totally owns in Midnight Blue, Forest Green, or Black Onyx, which I think would look good with the red leather interior!
  3. Let's see, the first person who comes to mind I would like to have dinner with (before Alzheimer's) would be Ronald Reagan, In my opinion, even though I never lived during the time he was president, he was the best. Also Will Ferrell would be awesome to have dinner with!
  4. No offense, but I would try some other way of getting the money before asking for donations for the Blue Streak Challenge. FLIPDUDE is right, very few, if any people, will be willing to give you money, especially people who don't know you. Try getting a job to get money, it is more rewarding and its what most people do, including me, to get their money instead of bumming off of people. Please take my post as advice, and good luck!
  5. HAHA Gotta love it when people who make things for kids totally make it perverted! Like in the Little Mermaid during the wedding, when the priest got "excited!" Haha its great!
  6. I am pretty sure its heel-ix. And thanks niiicolaaah!
  7. Yea the Anna Nicole parody with Smurfette is one of my favorites, as well as the Charlie Brown one where they go around fixing everything with their "magic powers".
  8. You were closer^ From www.AllRefer.com "Geauga County, Ohio (OH), United States Facts & Statistics Place Name Geauga County Pronunciation jee-O-guh"
  9. I still can't say that^ as I don't know how it is truly pronounced either... I have been saying GE-OW-GA. That and Tusenfryd, I don't know how to say that, but thanks to Elissa I now know how to pronounce Bobbejaanland!
  10. The song that we usually play during the slideshow at the end of the year is... "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan Our class song is "Let's Get it Started" by the Black Eyed Peas! Yea, tell me about it!
  11. I just got finished drinking a small glass of Juicy Juice! Yum!
  12. Umm... that was a commercial for Cedar Point saying how riding the real thing is better than a POV on a rollercoaster simulation game. Just clearing some stuff up... Daniel
  13. ^ I agree, SNL has gotten very "un-funny" since all the good un's left. Although I admit that it looks as though it is starting to make a comeback as they are slowly adding more and more funny people to the show.
  14. Haha^ It already looks like his thumbs up is caressing her "croob." (boob crack)
  15. Awesome! Am totally going to try this out in July when I'm there, since I first saw it I thought of how awesome it would be to do it, I'm totally doing the one with water in the bottom too!
  16. Well still, its not very noticeable!! Haha, good times...
  17. Whats that supposed to mean? They are great!
  18. ELO is awesome, I like Chicago too, good albums though...
  19. Man that plaid blazer is awesome! Unless... you don't want to totally stand out... then go with the light blue...
  20. OK, I've changed since August, Queen is still awesome, but Reel Big Fish has taken the lead, how great are they??
  21. What is up with Mr. Clean, he is supposed to have an earring too... image was from mrcleanforum.com so its authentic, I knew something was missing... PHONY!! He's just a big fat phony!!
  22. Yea, the Sorcher is very intense to me, much more so than Vortex (the only other Stand-up I've been on), and there are a few spots on Top Gun at Carowinds that are cool, but for the coaster I would say Batman: The Ride, its fairly non-stop once you come off of the lift.
  23. Definitely has to be Snickers as a candy bar, Caramello in 2nd place. For non-chocolate candy... Strawberry Pocky (it has to have some drug in it, its awesome!) and Warheads or TooTart Sour Spray in 2nd
  24. I have my mom and dad's old records, and a new record player I got for Christmas one year, I grew up on oldies, so I like to play them every once in a while. #800
  25. Can't wait to get on Goliath, it looks good and all, but how much better does Ninja look with those black supports! Ha, awesome pics!
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