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  1. 1) El Toro-Six Flags Great Adventure 2) Magnum XL 200-Cedar Point 3) Millennium Force-Cedar Point 4) Storm Runner-HersheyPark 5) Alpengeist-Busch Gardens 6) Top Thrill Dragster-Cedar Point 7) Wildcat-HersheyPark 8) Nitro-Six Flags Great Adventure 9) Apollo's Chariot-Busch Gardens 10) Vortex-Canada's Wonderland
  2. I like Skull Mountain 10x better, seriously. Don't get me wrong, I think Great Adventure has been making great strides as of late, but this thing just doesn't cut it. A lot of people will inevitably make the argument that this is a family ride. You have to realize though, there is no time other than when you're actually on the ride when you'd think this is a family ride. It's just not advertised this way. Of course I knew it was going to be a wild mouse, but other's didn't. I heard so many people in the queue saying that it was going to be like Rockin Roller Coaster or ROTM, and why the hell can't it be, especially when all you can see is a huge box. I just feel like the overwhelming majority was tricked. Oh, and 9/10 people coming out told us to get off line, so I guess that would mean that Great Adventure ultimately failed with this. I do find it funny that nobody complains after riding Hershey's mouse or Dorney's mouse--because they know what they're getting. That's just not the case here, so people are going to be dissappointed. If it's any consolation, there's deffinitely room for improvement here. For starters, make the building darker. You could see everything. Add some strobes or something; it did wonders for Skull Mountain. And why not sop the car for a few seconds at the top of the hill and try to explain to riders what the whole story is via some intaeractive scene or something. The lack of story really hurt the ride, and the riders' virtual inability to take in the scenes (which were pretty mediocre) didn't help. I'll give it a 4/10 for now. I think Six Flags isn't done with this yet, though.
  3. Did you just make this up? Oh, and Mantis Man is awesome. Sure he's unemployed and psychotic, but he is over 60. At least he's doing something, I guess.
  4. I actually find this thread fairly interesting, as I've also decided to write my senior research paper on Amusement Parks. First of all, when you pick a topic like this, you're treading on thin ice already. It's just such a vast topic that can be taken in so many different directions. Unfortunately, your paper has no clear thesis, lacks direction, and is full of such blatant redundancies that I thought my head was going to explode. If I may, I'd suggest narrowing down your topic to a smaller aspect of the amusement industry. Right now, you seem to be just offering a really half-assed summary of whatever you came up with off the top of your head. Perhaps trying something like "The Evolution of the Amusement Park Industry" or "The Impact of the Amusement Park Industry upon Society (and/or Economy)." Basically what I'm getting at here is that you've taken a subject that is primarily elementary in nature, and you've gone about it in the most basic, unintelligent way which, in all seriousness, could have been done the same justice by a third grader who's telling his friend about how much he loves roller coasters. You've got an idea that's really fun to work with. That doesn't mean that you can use your love of roller coasters as an excuse for writing a poor paper. Do the topic some justice. Sorry. Keep at it though. EDIT: Did you just make up your own rules of grammar here? You can't just throw question marks into a sentence at random.
  5. On the Rise: Six Flags Great Adventure Man, what great park this is. Although I miss some of the "magic" I'll always associate with the Times Warner ownership of the park, the park was pretty much a dump back then. This last trip I took over the summer was fantastic. The security was busting skulls everywhere, the ride ops were amazingly friendly, and most rides were running two or even three trains. The park is clean, well-run, and best of all, seems to be constantly expanding. On the Downfall: HersheyPark Yes, I just said HersheyPark is on the downfall. As my home park and a place that I've been visiting since I was four, I've really been there to see the growth of this place from a park with four coasters to one with eleven. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the park started to lose everything that I used to love about it. Actually, I have no problems with Storm Runner, Great Bear, or even Farhenheit. For me, the Boardwalk is what kills the place. I miss the days where my family and I would hang out on the front lawn in front of Decades and enjoy the park's atmosphere. Now, there's just a big slab of concrete and a bunch of losers in bathing suits running around. If they take out Canyon River Rapids for Boardwalk expansion, I'm disowning the park.
  6. Bump This has been de-WW-ized by New Element Member Emergo if anyone's interested... http://rapidshare.com/files/96559446/Paramount_Xtreme_d-ww-ized.SV6.html
  7. And, finally, the download. Eighteen pages is a pretty huge topic, so I'm more than greatful for the support you guys have given me here at TPR. http://forums.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=17942&pid=391159&st=0entry391159 Click on the link in the text under the Paramount's Xtreme logo and the download should be on the bottom of the page. The zip includes a read-me document and a park photo gallery for those of you who don't have the Wacky Worlds expansion. Thanks again for all the support.
  8. Thanks for the interest guys. I thought you might like to know that I finished the park last night (after 188 RCT years). I am currently doing the write-up and will hopefully send it in to New Element so they can release it officially in the near future.
  9. Wow. So I just realised that I havn't posted an update here in ages. Time to make up for lost time... Logo by hpg from New Element. This guy is seriously awesome. Paramount Studios Here's the entrance plaza to Paramount Studios with The Racer in the background. MI:III Stunt Show. Damn this took a long time. I really like how it turned out...just wish I had picked some better quarter tile blocks so the textures wouldn't clash. It's not that big of a deal though. Class 6! At Skeleton Peak Pass The final drop, the dinosaur research center, an employee access path, and of course, Bat's lift hill/turn around. Grizzly The SoB inspired layout. The lift height and drop are nearly 200 feet. The train is really booking when it enters the loop shown here, but the pacing is fine:) Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay The Gold Coast Flowrider, located in Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay. Hannah Barberra Land Scooby Doo's Midnight Manor Maze The Olde Timers let peeps drive around a fake looking farm on a dirt roadway. The best part about the ride is that in real life the peeps would get dripped on by the LightHouse Falls boats directly overhead. Whew. That's everything. Feel free to comment and critisize.
  10. Woah. As cool as that is, the close-up shot really shows what a lot of the NE guys were saying about the incorporation of other parkamker's styles. Still though, really nice job on this Faceman. From what I can tell, your starting to develop your own style--one that is clean and organized, which I like. By the way, you should post that kick ass logo for the coaster haha.
  11. Here's a teaser I posted a few days ago on RCPro. I almost forgot to post it here.
  12. Thanks man. I think I'm gonna leave the layout, just because I really love it how it is, but I appreciate the comment.
  13. Since the back of the park is currently undergoing some guest work, I decided to work on the front of the park for the first time in about 10 months. I've been really looking forward to doing Top Gun since I first started this project, and although I had to change some of my original plans around, I'm still really pleased with the end result. Here's the station, queue entance, and the 90 degree turn to the lift. Here, the trains fly through a barrel roll directly over the bulk of the queue. Better hope everyone has their loose objects secured. The swooping helix before the final corkscrew over the water offers some good foot choppers. (and I already know the transfer device is screwed up, so don't tell me that haha) And here's the full layout. I wanted to make it simple, like I figured an early B&M would be. The layout resembles Top Gun at PGA, but it's still pretty different. That's all for now. Progress on this is moving around faster than ever, so I hope to have it complete by early summer. Please feel free to comment and critisize. Thanks.
  14. -Snakes on a Plane -Borat -SawIII -V for Vendetta -16 Bocks -Pirates of the Carribbean:DMC I know there were more but whatever
  15. Thanks everyone for the comments. I really do read and consider all of them. On another note though, I believe it's time for an update. Here's a screen of Skeleton Peak Pass, an area themed after a rocky mountain village out west. The area is home to one of the two stations for the train, Ol' 49er, The Giant Wheel, and the Intamin River Rapids, Class 6! at Skeleton Peak (shown below). It's a peacful little area with some nice shops and restaurants. And here's what I've been spending most of my time on lately...Class 6! at Skeleton Peak. There used to be group rafting tours up on Skeleton Peak, but after the storm, nothing's left but sunken buildings, unearthed dinosaur skeletons, and an array of rapids so intense that they have been said to be classified as class 6! [/end cheesy background story]. Seriously though, it's a pretty huge rapids ride taking up a large portion of the back of the map. I'm still working on the lift hills, but it's coming along nicely. That's all for now. Please feel free to comment and critisize as always
  16. Really nice work man. You've deffinitely got a lot of little details going on there that could easily keep anybody busy. The only complaint I have is that there'es not enough definition between the mountain and the village. Also, it would be nice to see one nice bigger building. Besides for that, this is one kick ass project so far.
  17. Well, I've been moving along at a steady pace sice last update (which is hard considering how busy I've been). I'm just about done with another one of the park's lightly themed areas, "Iron Forge Square," which is meant to be a small European town square, with a mixture of castles and tudor style architecture. This particular area of the park is home to one coaster and a few of the more intense flats. One of the park's largest restaurants is also located in this area... Here's the station for the park's Schwarzkopf terrain looper, simply named "Bat." The King's Court is a full-scale restaurant featuring an outdoor patio area. And finally, one of my personal favorites. What better way to advertise than to have a pair of Schwarzkopf double loops right in front of the park's bill board? That's all for now. Park completion is probably nearing 70-75%, and I'm finally less than 10 years away from the century mark. As always, please feel free to comment and critisize.
  18. Really nice. A trackless water ride would look really good there. I just hope you're able to keep up the same attention to detail throughout the whole park.
  19. What? You thought this park was dead? No. Not yet. Secretly, I restarted the project in the beginning of November, picking up exactly where I left off: Stunt City. After the addition of a scrambler and some shops, there was still this huge space left. I couldn't ignore it. But then the big choice. I didn't know whether to fill it with trees and take the easy way out, or go big. I decided to go big. What you see below it the World's only outdoor interactive laser adventure ride: Stuntman's Challenge. Surprisingly, making this city was a lot of fun, even though it took me almost seven hours;). Anyway, the ride idea is simple. It's the ultimate test as a "graduating" stuntman. Man your copter through a corrupted city, where the XCorp company is smuggling illegal cargo from a nearby port, using countless explosives as cover/distraction. Your goal: disarm as many explosives as possible by shooting them with your laser. Shooting actual XCorp employees is worth extra points. A leader board at the ride's entrance displays the name and point total of that particular day's leader. The leader at the end of the day is rewarded with a guest appearence in the MI:Stunt Spectacular. Here's a pic of the queue line weaving in and out of the crates being shipped into the city's port. And with that, "Stunt City-Presented by Labbat's Blue" is complete. Please, feel free to comment and critiscize as always. Thanks.
  20. AdventureWood Family Amusement Park Presents... The Iron Enforcer features -lightning fast drop over RedRock Rally go kart track -head over heels corkscrew -giant twisting drop over ride entrance -three pitch black tunnels -a disorienting barrel roll -a crazy air time hill -one force-filled helix finale -TWO trips around the twisted circuit of slick blue track Ok, just having a bit of fun with that one;) Anyway, this is a pic of the station and ending brakerun for "The Iron Enforcer," a B&M floorless coaster. Yeah, I got the name from Who Wants to be a Superhero, and I think it fit perfectly here. Please feel free to comment and critisize. Thanks.
  21. Looks pretty good. Foliage on the roof is a bit random, as are the rapids, but your building forms are nice. I do like how you almost made the wooden coaster look like a bridge. Good stuff.
  22. Well, I just pulled out of one of the biggest RCT slumps I've ever been in. I realized that I was trying to hard to mimic the styles of the best parkmakers on Earth, meanwhile neglecting everything I've ever learned on my own. Sometime last week, I got fed up with a project that was going nowhere fast, and decided to start a project just for fun. I spent an hour or so doing some concept art and planning, and began immediately after. It took no more than five minutes for me to realize that I was finally back. I went back to my old style, combined it with a nice amount of new stuff, and got some results I'm very pleased with so far... Anyway, the park is very small (50x50). No theme here, just a nice, well landscaped, open, park with some big thrills and some family rides mixed in. Most importantly, it will be 100% peep friendly. I don't want to give much away yet, but just to give you an idea of what's going on, her'es a few teaser shots...
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