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  1. This is so surreal. Just the other day, a friend and I were discussing what the Yanks would do with Lidle during the off-season. One thing I remember him saying, maybe not word for word, but a general idea, was "I just hope he's gone somehow by next year." Be careful what you wish for. R.I.P Cory Lidle
  2. Damn that looks nice. Clean, nice foliage, great fountains. Nice work.
  3. This is some of the best work I've seen outside of NE or RCT2.com in a while. You seem to have a great deal of skill when it comes to larger buildings, something I'm not very good at, so I envy anyone who can do it lol. Anyway, I think that in a way though, the size of the archy detracts from realism, and the "little" things that can make a park realistic. I would like to see this in game though to see if I can pick up on anything I'm missing in the screens. I can't say I love the coaster you're showing, but it's surroundings are very good, so I don't care all that much. Nice work. Deffinitely keep us up to date on this. Looks like your putting in a nice amount of effort. P.S. Just being picky, but there is something weird about how "The United Kingdom of Chaos," sounds. Doesn't sound too family oriented. Just my two cents. Happy building.
  4. ^Yeah, it's for the J&V contest. I'm not sure I'll make the three month dead-line, but I'd say it will be close. I'm just psyched to really get into this one because my hacking has been getting a lot better, and I've deffinitely developed a greater sense of realism.
  5. Sorry to dissapoint anybody, but I'm going to be pretty busy over the next three months working on a contest entry, so don't be expecting any new updates here. If it makes you happier, my park is going to blow Paramount from the water, and I'll be sure to release it here when I'm done. P.S. You won't need Wacky Worlds to view it either.
  6. Hey, I was looking at this at NE a few minutes ago. Anyway, certainly looks like some unique LL work. A lot different from the stuff I'm used to seeing. I do think that the large wall could use some trackitecture possibly? Anything to break it up. Nice work though.
  7. Not bad. I'd work on the foliage under the B&M, because it looks a little too random. I'd also spruce up the station for the accelerator (I think that's what it is). It's good, but maybe a little too simple. Excellent support work and path work though. Keep it up.
  8. After a pretty long period of no construction, I've restarted again, and I wanted to post a screen to get things rolling. Days of Thunder-an intense motion simulation ride Feel free to comment and critisize.
  9. I don't see anything wrong with what Super Looper posted. It was constructive and helpful, at least the way I see it.
  10. Are you sure your not from New Element? That's exactly what was said over there. As for the grey paths, most parks are only concrete. But, I suppose I could work in some cobblestone and red tarmac here and there. The brick texture will stay, simply because most parks have random buildings. If this was a theme park, I would agree with you 100%, but in an amusement park, anything goes lol. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Now how the hell will that do any good? People only get better through criticism (constructive criticism of course) and a lot of people feel like they always need to put on a fake smile and say "great job!" Don't feel pressured to. If you really hate something, don't post about it, but if you see something you personally would change for the better, bring it up. Its really the only way people can improve. I know my weaknesses as a parkmaker from hearing them from the experts. I work off their comments and it helps me. If no one ever critiqued my work, I'd suck. That's just the way things work.
  12. I sketch out a park layout with all themed areas, the names of the areas, and the rides I plan to have within them. The strategy has worked for me so far.
  13. After quite some time, I finally got the chance to get back to this park and do some work. Here's a screen I felt showed off some of the park's atmosphere... What you see here is a mixture of things. The building in the center houses "Stunt Man Cafe," "Outta This World," a photo pick up spot, and "Beat Box Records" recording studio. Part of the sky-coaster and Huss Frisbee can also be seen. Feel free to comment and critisize. Thanks.
  14. Damn I love these parks. I've been following them for a little over a year now. Great to see a new one. Your building style is so simple, almost LL inspired, and I like that. Great stuff.
  15. Thanks! I love when people say that I spend hours theming rides. I do spend hours, but I'm not theming anything. I just like to add touches that make a ride seem like it could really exist. That's the fun of the game for me.
  16. Gotta love the stories here. Makes it more fun to view the thread. However, why couldn't you just take pics from the parking lot, rather than have to wait to vally on Boomerang ?
  17. To make up for the fact that updates will be non existant for the next few weeks, I decided to post an overview shot of some recent progress. Many people asked to see an overview of Italian Job: Stunt Track, so you will see that, along with other rides featured in the LakeShore Heights area of the park... Enjoy...
  18. Heres to not letting this topic die! Doesn't this picture make you want to punch a baby? No Caption Needed
  19. Well, its impossible to master the art of hacking, becuase really there are an infinite amount of things that can be done with trainers or the win hack program. There are numerous tutorials on various web sites that will show you different hacks. Some of the most common... -invisible rides -change train type -merge track -stand alone cars -ghost cars And don't even ask about win hack. As far as I know it's a complicated system of coding that allows you to do some really complicated hacks, such as vertical lift hills.
  20. I remember I built this park right after I got all this custom scenery from the group park we did here. I believe it was called "The Park that TPR Built." Download that and you should be set.
  21. It looks good, but I would have taken it in a different direction. Please, don't change what you're doing because of me, but here's what I think. This should have been 50x50. You should have started with the visitor's center in the first screen and built from there. Some jungle paths, random paddock areas, electric fences made from coaster track, and to top it off, a kick ass coaster that takes up a lot of space. Almost make like a design out of it you know. Now, I'm not saying this because I don't like what you've done, because I do like it. However, I do know that there's not enough Jurassic Park stuff to fill up a map this large without getting bored. But, I'd love to see you prove me wrong. Keep at it. This deffinitely has caught my attention.
  22. Hey guys. Let me tell ya, at first I thought a water park was a bad idea, but seeing just one small area completed made me second guess myself. I'm actually really happy with this so far... Here is the finished "Billabong Blasters," a slide tower complex consisting of three individual enclosed tube slides: Sub-Equator Splash (aqua), Marsupial Madness (orange), Outbacker (yellow). Riders can choose to ride on single or double tubes on "Billabong Blasters." Here is Kookaburra Bay, a place for guests to hang out, cool off, get a tan, or stake out a spot to put their stuff. That's all for now. Please, feel free to comment and critisize.
  23. Awesome! Jurassic Park is my #1 movie, so this better be damn good. Just kidding around . Really though, it looks great. Maybe work on some of the foliage in front of the building though. A few less palm trees and some more tropical bushes would be great.
  24. ^How about you ride it before you judge it. I thought Dragon Mountain was pretty cool, a bit rough, but nonetheless, a fun (not stupid) terrain coaster. I think by largest they mean that it takes up the most square acres than any other coaster, which could be true. It's a damn big ride, I'll say that.
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