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  1. ^I agree. That's one of the things that makes me like TTD. I like how not only can you see TTD launch, but you also walk behind the top-hat. Also, there is the creek in the middle of the park which sits next to the far side. Overall, TTD just seems like it fits into the park better.
  2. The Huss Breakdance at Coney Island is perhaps the most insane flat ride I have ever been on. The x-con ride ops made sure we got an extra long ride, which made it even better.
  3. Haha. My brother friend says to him on Nitro's lift, "Oh, it's a clink-up, I thought it would be a launcher." It's better if GP's just ride, and not try to sound smart. Zack "I guess I know three languages!?!" Burns
  4. Ok, since the site when down, a lot of scores and stuff were lost. Oh well. The Yankees are now tied for the wild card in the AL. They beat the Jays last night, and hopefully they can take this series.
  5. I have a question. I want to enter the contest, but I don't know how to get RCT3 screen shots. I know it has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. Thanks.
  6. 5'10" I guess thats a little above average on the "growth chart."
  7. I wonder if Stunt Man's Freefall at Great Adventure is next on the list. It's like an extermination of a certain kind of ride, kind of like the parachute drops I guess.
  8. ^You are 100% right. What kind of idiot sues a park 5 years after an incident. I really hope this guy does not win his case, and if he does, it is certainly a bad time for amusement parks.
  9. This is a joke. I love how the article says, "It's not just about the failure to warn about the ride, but the failure to maintain the ride," said co-counsel George Dent. "The industry has ignored this risk and wants it to go away." I refuse to believe there are no warning sign outside Blazing Fury as there is with most coasters. Oh well, this will most likely end with another pointless park inspection and added restraints.
  10. I gotta go for the Yankees. I've been a Yankees fan since before the 98' season, and the way they have been in the middle of the playoff race, rather than way above it makes it more exciting. However, I don't know what is more likely; for them to win the division or for them to clinch thee wild card. I hope they win the division though because I hate the Sox.
  11. On one of those "u" shaped pillows you put on your neck when you travel: ...Warning...Do not microwave... Yep, I always microwave my pillows.
  12. Its been an interesting season so far. What are your thoughts on certain teams, divisions, etc. Also, feel free to post scores and winners of certain games. I hope this thread will last up to the World Series.
  13. 1. Jurrassic Park 2. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 3. Indiana Jones 1-3 4. Batman Begins 5. Signs
  14. Crazy Taxi. It's a classic, and was my first video game ever. It will NEVER get old.
  15. I had to sign this, although I feel that it is useless. Demon Drop is better than Power Tower in my opinion, and yes, Cedar Point would not be the same without it. Intamin 1'st generation free falls are the best.
  16. Looks very nice. The custom scenery looks great. I look forward to seeing more.
  17. Hey. My name is Zack Burns, and I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm usually over on the RCPro forums, but I need something to keep me busy untill the forums are back. Now that I'm here though, I plan to stick around. My coaster count is much lower than most (I think in the low 80s) but that just makes my few coasters a year that much more fun. I am a distance runner for my school by the Delaware River, and to improve I must run anywhere from 7-12 miles a day, which gets rather annoying, but it needs to be done. Anyway, this is a great site and I'm happy to be here.
  18. 7/12/05-Sooperdooperlooper. It was my mom's first "bigger" coaster, so it was fun hearing her laugh and scream along with my aunt.
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