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  1. Ok, not really an update, but I edited the first post of this topic to include complete park progress thus far.
  2. I think that this park is kind of getting out of hand. Just because this is the future doesn't mean that there would be nothing but path and coasters. Seriuosly, what is there, 20+ coasters already? Slow down.
  3. ^It was funny for the first two pics made/edited, because the thread had been untouched for a while at that point. Now its getting really old, and none of them have been remotely funny since, as I said, the first two or three in my opinion. Expedition Everest has even asked that his thread not be spammed, so yeah, the pics are getting old. EDIT: I said that only the first two or three were funny, but then I saw the "Eat my Afro," one. That was good.
  4. Uhmmm, I think its about time to stop with the random pictures guys. I mean, I don't think you would want people spamming your thread when your trying to get comments on your work. Sorry to be the mom here, but its true.
  5. Sounds like an excuse to avoid landscaping Anyway, I'd like to see some pictures. Sounds cool.
  6. Nice. I was wondering when you would start a new park. This is looking very good, especially that entrance. The only thing I don't like is how from an overview, the area outside of the park looks too colorful. Keep it up though, because this park has potential to be great.
  7. ^Sorry, I'm not putting up a download untill the park is 100% done. I'll keep you in suspense
  8. Dude, what the hell? Is it necessary to come into a thread and start posting screens to show everyone that his work isn't the best? And to answer your question, I vote for Mr. Six.
  9. Considering the lack of custom scenery, that Hotel is very nice actually. Sometimes all you need is some creativity to make things look good. Nice job.
  10. Next time, spend more time on fewer coasters. I think you'll be happier with how things work out. Gotta love WARRIOR though. That was one sick coaster.
  11. Time for an update. The funny thing is, I worked on the park just as much as usual, but was only able to create one ride. So, here are some screens of LightHouse Falls, a one of a kind B&M water coaster experience... Here is the queue entrance, station, and splash pool for the ride. Magnetic brakes stop the boats incredibly fast at the bottom of the 90 foot drop. A brick wall in front of the path is used to create a splash soaking riders waiting in the Wet Zone, which is the red path at the bottom. Here is a shot of the ultra strong support structure and turn-around at the top of the lift. And finally what was supposed to be a teaser pic. Oh well. That's all for this week. Please feel free to comment and critisize!
  12. ^No you don't. You were supposed to download some sort of demo version from the contest site, hence the reason there is no scenery.
  13. Obviously, I like RCT2 the most out of the three games, for the following reasons... -Unlike in RCT3 and RCT1, there is basically an infinite amount of little details that you can put into parks. Granted you need to have some custom scenery to have really small details, but even without any, its just the most detailed game of the three -RCT2 trainers are better than those in RCT1 and MUCH better than the little cheat code guest names in RCT3. Track merging, zero clearences, fast staff, reliable rides, and no park boundaries are all possible through use of the trainers -To be able to build a good RCT2 park, you really need to be creative. One thing I hate is when RCT3 players use all this pre-made scenery and buildings in their parks. What's the fun in that? The fun of RCT2 is using odd scenery pieces/ creative ideas to create things. For instance, through use of those stupid path signs in RCT2, I've seen top notch park makers create things such as the Budweiser logo, the AOL logo, and Japanese signs using nothing but what you see on the key board. Most people will think that RCT3 is the better game, and play it just because you can ride your rides and it's 3D, but the fact is that when it came time for RCT3 to be released, only a miniscule percentage of experct RCT players made the switch. RCT2 is the best of the series, enough said 8)
  14. I agree 100%. This "coaster" had three lift hills, 4 vertical loops, a single corkscrew followed by a barrel roll (on an Arrow looper mind you), about 10 boring 180 degree turns, and no break run. The best part is that this kid was praised as being "a potential coaster designer," for the practicality and originality of his design. I will forever live in fear of the other entries sent in, knowing that this was declared the winner.
  15. Alright, its time for a quick update, this time of progress from the "Lakeshore Heights" area of the park. Here is most of the layout of Demon, the park's signature Arrow custom looper, featuring back to back reverse corkscrews. Look close at the mouth of the cave and you can see the park's sad attempt at theming. Here is the station and much of the queue area for Demon. An array of shops and restaurants line the streets of Lakeshore Heights. And finally, "Hurricane Force," a motion simulator 4-D experience sits off the path. I love how its so nice in the front but a big grey box in the back:) Well, that's all for now. Please feel free to comment and critisize!
  16. Yep, it is Demon, and thanks for the comments guys. I'll try to have an update some time over the long weekend.
  17. Well, most of you know about the Cedar Fair purchase of Paramount Parks, but I don't care. Paramount's Xtreme will forever remaina Paramount park. Anyway, here is a quick teaser. A prize goes to the one who guesses which paramount coaster this is:)... Disclaimer: Obviously there will be no prize;)
  18. Ok, here is the finished Italian Job Stunt Track. I'm very pleased with how it came out. The ride itself is just over a minute long, but covers a lot of space. Here are some pics of what took me nearly 10 RCT2 years to make... Here, the four passenger car exits the dilapidated storage facility and launches from 0-60 in three seconds down an overpass. Next, the car takes a quick accent towards "Beverly Hills" and heads into the mansion, just like in the movie. After the car blasts through the mansion, it flies down some rocky terrain and around two of the signature Italian Job trucks. The car then rises back to the mansion, thunders through it a second time after encountering the second launch zone, and makes a quick turn, this time descending down a road into the downtown area, where the car breaks through a gate and continues on into the drainage system. Here, the car exits an underground tunnel and emerges into the drainage area featured in the movie. Riders will get wet in this portion of the ride. Finally, it's time for the car to make its signature manouver, straight through the "Italian Job" bilboard. And at last, the car returns to the old storage area where a helicopter (when timed right) flies overhead of the returning car. Well, now what will be the largest ride in the park is complete, so I'm happy. It took a lot of time, but I'm happy with the result. So, please, feel free to comment and critisize!
  19. Just use 8 cars and check off the "own all land option." It gets rid of the perimeter fence so you own everything on the screen.
  20. Ok, time for a small update. I'm so close to being done with the main midway. Just a small area is left in between Action Zone and the part of the Midway that I'm currently on. So, here ya go... Here is my shot at a Screamin Swing. I could have hacked stand-alone seats onto it, but from what I've heard, it's a dangerous hack so I figured I better leave it alone. Just like most bigger parks, Paramount's Xtreme has a water tower. And, finally, a rare overview shot. Comment, critisize, and enjoy!
  21. ^I've been trying to upload at a new source, but I'm still having problems. I'll do my best to get it to work.
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