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  1. Well, after a LOT of work, I have decided to post a large update. Ok, well it may be only 4 pics, but thats more than your used to. Here they are... Here is Olde Town Stadium, home of the famous Paramount's Xtreme Divers. This place took me forever to do. And here you can see Ricochet, which is a standard Wild Mouse. The supports took me forever (zeroin and restoring clearences), but I think it was worth it. Here is a screen of a portion of the main midway that I really like. You can see Gino's Italian Restaurant, Paramount's Star Theater, and Paramount Trolly Co. Fianlly, here is a shot of The Paramount's Trolly Co. south station, designed to look like a classic train station. Also you can see McMurray's Hotel Bar and Grille, which is one of my favorite buildings so far. Thats all for now. The midway is finally nearing completion. Its really boring to build because I have to fill it up with so many buildings and stuff, but its worth it to see the finished product. So enjoy, and feel free to comment and critisize!
  2. Ok, I have a few screens after a week of work on and off. There is a lot of stuff I've been working on that you wont see here, so expect that sometime soon. Here is The Dragon's Brick Oven Pizza restaurant, located on the main midway. I'm about 60% done with the Action Zone, and I like how its coming so far. And another view... Thats all for now. Feel free to comment and critisize. Thanks! Park Status-20% (year 30)
  3. Im a runner. I do 60 miles a week on average to train for track an xc, even during the off season. Other things I ike to do outside are hiking, playing basketball, or...tennis court baseball (best game ever!).
  4. ^My apologies. I didn't realize that this had been brought back from the dead, so here I am commenting on it like an idiot lol. Thats why I hate when people ressurect topics. It screws all of us who don't look at dates up!
  5. Nice park, however there are some noticible things I would change... 1) Superman has nothing to do with Cedar Fair, and I don't know why a man who can fly would be using a parachute lol. 2) Enferno should be Inerno 3) The first drop of the invert really takes away from the realism of the rest of that screen. The custom supports are awsome though! Nic job overall.
  6. Hey guys. I've been doing some work on the park, including a new coaster, various shops, games, and restaurants. Also, just like a real park, the paths will be flooded with endless amounts of garbage cans. Here are some pics, of what I think is some of my best work... The new wooden coaster you see is "Racer," a John Allen and PTC classic Another view of essentially the same thing. Thats all for now. More next week hopefully. Enjoy. Comments and critisism are appreciated.
  7. ^Don't worry, I will have an update eventually. A lot of work has been done, and the entrance plaza is almost complete. I would bet on an update next weekend probably. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Hey eveyone. I have decided that it is a lot of pressure to gather enough stuff for a full update, and I'd rather not rush anything. So, rather than show unfinished pics, I will just show teaser pics from now on. This should keep everyone interested in the park and make the final download much more exciting. So, anyway, here are the teaser screens for this week... My best station yet in my opinion. Some B&M madness. Thats all for now. Enjoy.
  9. Honestly, I think that it would be pointless. Look at RCT2, which incorporated Six Flags. First of all, how many people actually make Six Flags parks and recreations on a regular basis? I myself have only done one Six Flags in my life. Then, you have the issue of custom scenery. The game came with some pretty crappy stuff, which left the door open for custom scenery makers to create better Six Flags scenery packs. So overall, if they came out with a Disney RCT2 it would be pointless because 25% of people wouldn't build Disney parks, the ones who did would quickly get bored, and custom object makers have already been, and will continue to make Disney objects that will most likely be better than anything that comes with the game. And, any new "Unique to Disney" features that come with the game will quickly get old. Sorry for sounding like a downer, but its just my honest opinion, and this is coming from a very active RCT player.
  10. ^Woh! I think you might have gone a little overboard with the mowed grass. Try using handy men to get in the areas you want mowed, rather than just mowing the whole park with 8cars.
  11. Your archy is a bit boxy, but it shows potential. I really like the fountain area though. One other thing to fix is the food stands. You should cover up the ones that look unrealistic (anything that doesnt look like a real building: info kiosk, restroom, first aid), because they're just naked like that lol. Still, not bad. Im interested to see how you can improve for next update!
  12. I think that this is very nice, but... The layout looks like it has been made for a smaller space, but instead of being small and compact, its more like a large half layout. It looks really cool though.
  13. Hey everyone. I've been working on the park for about an hour each night so I've been getting a lot done (its sloooooow work). Mostly, I've been doing a lot of archy. Its not fun to do, but the reward is to look at it when it's done. What you see below are two teaser screens for a large update to come either this weekend or next week... Enjoy!
  14. Ok, time for an update.The park entrance plaza is complete, and work has started on "The Boardwalk" area of the park. I had to satisfy my urge to build a coaster right away, so I skipped over the main midway, and will come back to it when I finish "The Boardwalk" area. The coaster you see is called "To the Max," which is an Intamin Impulse coaster. I had to redo the supports twice to change the colors, but it was worth it. Oh, and the station should look pretty familliar.**Cough*v2*Cough**. Anyway, here are some pics. Here is an overview of "The Boardwalk" area so far. Still MUCH more work to do. "To the Max" provides for some cool parking lot views. This is a view I particulary like. You can see the coasters proximity to the entrance road. And finally, here is the park entrance. Thats all for now. I hope to have more next week. Feel free to comment and critisize! Thanks.
  15. Very nice! I have always been impressed with your work Sören. You have a way of creating an excellent atmosphere using only scenery included with the game. Keep it up!
  16. Hey. I saw this on NE, and I totally agree with everything they said over there. Your work is great for a first park. You could benefit from some custom scenery (just download A LOT of parks) to improve your archy, but what you have done here is great, and I really look forward to seeing what you can do in the future.
  17. Well, Its time for an update. With a week of work completed, Hotel Monique is done! In these shots you can see the hotel and parking lot, however I have not started working on the golf course, so that will be next update. In this screen shot you can see the back portion of the hotel. This is where the pool, volly ball courts, and a basketball court are located. Here is the front of the hotel, complete with a large parking lot. In an overview shot, the hotel looks massive. And finally, here is an overview from the back of the hotel. As you can see, I spent some more time on the hot tub on the roof, and added glass enclosed stair cases on the ends of both wings. That's all for now. I worked really hard on this one, and I am mentally drained from working hours and hours. It will be so nice to start building coasters. Still, that's pretty far off in the distance as well. Oh, and as usual, comments and criticism are appreciated!
  18. The road on the right hand side of the park is complete, so it is now time to start with the resort/golf course on the left hand side of the park. I worked on the Hotel for over three hours, and it is NOT fun, but it must be done . Here is a screen shot of my progress... This will take a LONG time! (the thing on the roof is a hot tub, which is not complete)
  19. Ok. This really isnt an update. Its just an overview screen so you know how I am progressing. Its tedious work, but I hope that it will pay off in the long run. I hope to have the road leading to the park, the resort, and the golf course completed within the next 2-3 weeks. DO NOT expect an update anytime soon
  20. Since I'm not planning on posting an update for a while, I'm going to ask for some feed back in a different way. Below is the predicted coaster line-up. If there is anything you would like to see, that I did not list, just post back. -Delerium: Schwarzkopf terrain looper -The Brink of Insanity-B&M hyper -Outer Limits-Flight of Fear: indoor LIM -Grizzly:wooden -Racer:wooden out and back racer -Entropy:B&M floorless -Top Gun: B&M inverted -Taxi Jam: junior coaster -Italian Job Stunt Track: mini coaster, possibly with launch -Hurler: wooden -Thunder Run: steel arrow mine train -To the Max: Impulse -Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster: Vekoma Junior Suspended -Ricochet: Wild Mouse -Vortex: Togo Stand Up Anything else? __________________
  21. I was home sick today, so I finally got to see Phil on live TV! He looked terrified.
  22. Thanks for the critique Homer. .about Carrabba's, I know it's misspelled, because it wont fit on the sign otherwise. .and about Monique Xpress, I do agree its a bit small. I would make it bigger, but I just don't want to ruin it. But, at least I know not to make that mistake again. Thanks for pointing it out! Also, thanks to everyone else for posting. Keep the comments, AND critisism coming everyone. It really helps.
  23. Ok, I said I wouldn't post too many updates, but I can't help myself. Everytime I build something, I always want to post it. Anyway, here are some pics... Here is the small, yet classy Monique Xpress, (a Hotel Breakers-Breakers Xpress ripoff). The Monique Resort will be on the other side of the map. There is an entrance to the park from behind the Hotel. Here is the RV campground, complete with a pool that you can see in the screen above. Thats all for now (and hopefully for a while). As always, feel free to comment and critisize!
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